16 Creative & Fun Fruit Nail Art Ideas

Although fruit nails are suitable for any time of the year, most of these nails are bright colors, so I think it is more suitable for summer nails. And looking fresh and lively fruit nails are a good choice to start a beautiful summer. Summer is usually the best season for women to try avant-garde and unique nail styles. Decorate nails with colorful and delicious fruits, which sounds exciting.

Some people think that this kind of nail is not a “mainstream” style, but the design of fruit nails is also rich and great. You can easily apply your favorite design to any nail shape and length, or mix more colors and other creative ideas, and it always looks awesome in the end.

Let’s “taste these delicious” fruit nail designs together, and find the one you think is the best among them, and try it this summer.

Amazing long fruit nails

Amazing long fruit nailsPin

This design is amazing, but please check carefully and you will find that it is simple. And this nail has three bright colors, they are perfectly combined together. The light yellow is the accent nail of this nail.

Creative fruit nails

Creative fruit nailsPin

What is the visual effect of combining the popular butterfly elements in nail art with fruits? This idea gives you the answer. Charming, elegant and unique.

Dragon Fruit Nails

Dragon Fruit NailsPin

If you are looking for a simple fruit nail design that you can complete at home, dragon fruit nails may be one of the best choices. The nails are really easy to make, and they look amazing and authentic.

Elegant fruit nails

Elegant fruit nailsPin

Fruit nails can also be elegant, although the main color of the nail is matte nude, but because of the addition of orange, it is also eye-catching.



Yes, that’s right! You are absolutely right! Although the main color of this nail is not bright, because of this, the color of the fruit looks brighter, so it is an eye-catching design.

Fruit Juice Nails

Fruit Juice NailsPin

Regardless of any nail shape and length, the juicy fruit nail design performs well, and the idea looks very “delicious”.

Fruit party

Fruit partyPin

Have a fruit party on your nails! Combine your favorite fruits together. The design is clever, and the clean and tidy background makes this short nail look not only cute but also charming.

Charm fruit nails

Glamour fruit nailsPin

For fruit nail design, the choice of the main color is very important. The bright blue color makes the design full of charm. I think that in design, color is one of the main factors that determine style and visual perception.

Lemon nails

Lemon nailsPin

If this nail is all designed with lemon elements, it may look boring and ordinary. It is precisely because of the design of this idea that it stands out, looks stylish and creative.

Perfect color matching

Perfect color matchingPin

Perfect color matching, bright yellow in trend and soft pink that women love. Make the design lively and elegant.

Pineapple nails

Pineapple nailsPin

Unique fruit nails, the design on each nail is different.

Shiny cherry short nails

Shiny cherry short nailsPin

When choosing short fruit nails, please consider choosing shiny nail polish and cute fruit patterns. The design is elegant and cute. It looks really good and is worth trying.

Pastel colors

Pastel colorsPin

Usually the watermelon nail design will choose bright red, the design using this color is new and unique.

Strawberry French nails

Strawberry French nailsPin

The perfect combination of French nails and fruit elements looks cute and clear. And the design is also simple, you can try to complete it yourself at home.

Super light blue

Super light bluePin

The color belongs to summer, and the style of fruit elements is very special. If you are looking for a distinctive design, then this idea will be a good choice.

Unique green

Unique greenPin

To be honest, the shape of this nail is the most eye-catching, and the green used in this design is also popular.