19 Simple And Cute Easter Nail Art Designs

The annual Easter is coming quietly. Are you fully prepared to celebrate the holiday? For example: decorating holiday-themed homes, making Easter crafts, etc. Of course, please don’t forget that there are also the latest cute and simple Easter nails this year that are worth trying. Before the holiday, check these ideas, choose a favorite nail design and wear it to feel the festive atmosphere in advance.

The design of Easter nails is inspired by natural animals and plants, which seems to be the same as spring nails. However, this style of nails has its unique design elements, such as cute rabbits, mini Easter eggs, chicks and carrots, and so on. As the nail trend continues to change, this year’s Easter nails also have some creative designs that perfectly blend with other styles.

Easter nails are a good start to use bright nail colors throughout the year. So I think this is something everyone can’t miss. Let’s go ahead and check these nail designs and get inspiration from them.

Cute pink short Easter nails

Cute pink short Easter nailsPin

Regardless of the nail style, this color is one of the classic and most popular colors. The cute and simple bunnies and chickens look perfect. This Easter nail design is suitable for most people

Carrot Almond Easter Nails

Carrot Almond Easter NailsPin

Carrots are one of the classic Easter nail design elements, and the idea combines a modern and simple style to look cute and gorgeous.

Light yellow Easter nails

Light yellow Easter nailsPin

Light yellow is very suitable for spring nail design, while bright yellow belongs to summer. The accent nail is a classic matte nude color. And the design of the rabbit looks very unique whether it is color combination or texture.



The perfect short Easter nails, using almost all popular and classic design elements, make it look very fun and full of festive atmosphere.

Zigzag egg

Zigzag eggPin

There are usually two basic Easter egg nail designs, and the design of this idea is one of them. If you want to make your Easter egg nails more unique and look more “simple”, this design is worth considering because it is chosen by fewer people.



Easter is the best holiday in spring, so there is no problem wearing floral nails on the day of the holiday. The nail design is very simple, but the flower design is full of details, so it looks delicate.

Bunny accent nail

Bunny accent nailPin

Pink and purple are one of the most popular color combinations in spring nail design. The bright blue accent nail and the cute bunny prove that it is an Easter theme nail. What a classic and interesting design.

Two in one

Two in onePin

The design of the idea is subtle and perfectly combines two popular design styles.



This nail design is inspired by the classic Easter egg nails, which replaces dots with irregular design elements. If you look closely at the design, you will find that it looks like confetti used in celebration.



The curved lines make people relax and happy, and the purple color gives the nails a dreamy feel. The minimalist style of smiling faces and flowers makes it look both fun and unique.

Creative Easter Egg Nails

Creative Easter Egg NailsPin

If the classic Easter egg nails look boring, then this design might make you fall in love with it. This nail incorporates chocolate elements into the design, making it look very “delicious” and attractive.



It is difficult to make the design of ultra-short nails look rich and vibrant, but the design does it!

Midline Mini Easter Egg

Midline Mini Easter EggPin

The design is not only cute but also elegant, and the midline mini Easter egg design is very creative. Metal decorations make it more modern.



If you are looking for a nail that can be worn on Easter and can be used throughout the spring, then this design may satisfy you.

Laughing Flower

Laughing FlowerPin

The nail design seems to be magical, and it will convey happiness to people at any time.



Very interesting long Easter almond nails, it looks like a creative rainbow Easter egg.



The abstract nail design style will never go out of style, and because of the unique aesthetics, it is suitable for designing any nail type. You only need to pay attention to choosing the right color.

Colored dot outline

Colored dot outlinePin

Nail outline designs that look gorgeous and subtle are very hot this year.



The nail design is so amazing, the matching colors and irregular geometric shapes make it look like candy. The rose gold curve gives it a hint of gorgeousness.