2021 Wedding Biggest Trends: Color, Decor And More

2021 will be a brighter and better year. In this year, we will usher in a significant wedding trend change. Which aspect is considered the best as the starting point of the biggest development trend? Everyone has unlimited reveries about the 2021 wedding. We will see more and more couples have and continue to break the boundaries of traditional weddings. In the past year, the wedding industry has quietly undergone earth-shaking changes. This year, couples believe that quality is far more important than quantity. Backyard weddings or outdoor weddings are still the most popular choices. 

We must consider environmental protection and safety and a series of feasible solutions that hinder wedding planning. At the same time, we put more energy into creating impressive wedding experiences and decor for family and friends. In 2021, holding a wedding is still more “adventurous” and “difficult” than before. But love really conquered everything. We will continue. Let us look at these wedding trends about colors, decorations, and unique styles.

Personalized bridal jewelry

Personalized bridal jewelryPin

Want to make sure your hairstyle is simple while showing your charm and personalization? Then customized hair accessories are your ideal choice. Not only that, collocation with bold or unique style earrings will provide you with the greatest influence. A simple bridal look can be completed with these alone. Isn’t it simple? This is exactly the trend in 2021. Everything starts with simplicity. On the premise of ensuring the style, we try our best to maximize the effect of decoration.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly

Sustainability and Eco-FriendlyPin

Couples are more responsible than ever before, looking for various sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to decorate the wedding, especially in the current eco-conscious era. Everyone is doing their best to be environmentally friendly while reducing unnecessary waste of resources. Places that provide catering services will use locally sourced ingredients and other business areas to improve eco-friendliness. Therefore, wedding venues are becoming greener and more sustainable. Newlyweds promise zero waste, which is one of the new trends in this year’s wedding, and it will continue. This can be done by not using plastic on important days to providing beautiful wedding flowers. Share flowers or lease decorations on the wedding day with other couples on the venue, and provide “tree planting” as gifts to commemorate the wedding. Also, choose biodegradable or recyclable materials, such as replacing plastic straws with paper straws. These are all simple ways to achieve this trend.

Live band performance

Live band performancePin

The live band performance will effectively set off the outdoor wedding atmosphere, making everyone fully involved in the “party.”



Replace the traditional cocktail table creatively, through reasonable decoration, such as flowers or placing some small round tables, etc. It will become the focal point of the wedding scene. Not only that, but it can also be an area for guests to relax and communicate. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses. It is worth considering incorporating it into your backyard wedding to make the wedding more special.

Digital invitation

Digital invitationPin

This kind of invitation can give you more creativity. You know, some effects that cannot be achieved with paper. For it, there is no difficulty. You can send it to anyone who needs it via mobile phone or email. And this form of invitation letter is also an excellent way to implement sustainability and environmental protection. How about it? Let’s try it?

Small wedding

Small weddingPin

An intimate wedding of about 30 people is defined as a small wedding (micro wedding). This year, we will witness its rise together. In such an uncertain period, this kind of wedding can be more personalized and emotional. From paying attention to the overall atmosphere to who will attend, and even all the decorations of the wedding, you need to do it yourself, so this new trend has many pros and cons.

Backyard wedding

Backyard weddingPin

Last year, the backyard was a popular wedding venue. This year, this trend will continue, and it can be predicted that it will rise. More and more newlyweds say that holding backyard weddings is not only affected by the pandemic, but the main reason is that the wedding budget is controllable. There are no restrictions on decoration, making it easier to create the wedding of your dreams. The most important thing is that the warmth and comfort it provides are unmatched by other places.

Free venue layout

Free venue layoutPin

Although this limits the number of people attending the wedding, it also ensures quality. You can spend less budget to create an unforgettable wedding environment and show your personality. It is more free and comfortable, and at the same time, it brings closer the intimacy between relatives and friends.

Warm neutral tones

Warm neutral tonesPin

They are the “eye-catching” wedding colors in 2021. I have to admit that white, green, red, and blue are classic colors for wedding decorations, and they will never be out of date. But, at any moment, we need some uniqueness, right? So this time, the neutral palette is here! This includes many colors. Terracotta, light pink, and earthy colors are the most popular, and matching them with red can create a stunning appearance.

Fun celebration

Fun celebrationPin

Although there are fewer guests, we should pay more attention to details to provide them with an unforgettable wedding. So it will be worthwhile to spend some time planning some interesting activities.

More floral decoration

More floral decorationPin

In 2021, everyone needs more brightness, so the use of floral decoration is more appropriate. And more real flowers mean less plastic use, so this is also a good solution for creating an environmentally friendly wedding.

Shiny wedding dress

Shiny wedding dressPin

We have stayed at home for too long, so brides need some sparkle when it comes to weddings. Although bright wedding venue decoration can meet our needs, the effect may be better if you start with your personal appearance. In 2021, shiny wedding dresses will be sought after and loved by brides everywhere. However, this is just one option. If you want to try something else, bold flowers or unique colors are also a good idea.

Bright floral palette

Bright floral palettePin

The most suitable color for 2021 must be bright!  We are keen to combine a variety of colors. Such as passionate coral red, vibrant orange, and lively yellow, at the same time embellished with a touch of green and elegant white, especially when it comes to wedding flower art. Want your wedding decoration to be impressive? Then please mix and match these charming hues in your floral decorations!

Bohemian style

Bohemian stylePin

What is the most impressive and popular wedding theme or style? My answer must be the bohemian style. This style is not only applied to wedding decorations. In fact, it is ubiquitous. With neutral tones and a rustic style, it has captured the hearts of most people. And many people’s dream weddings are based on this style.

Dried flowers are always popular

Dried flowers are always popularPin

At first, dried flowers or hay were only used to decorate Bohemian-style weddings to make it more rustic. But with the change of fashion trends and more and more creative decoration designs. Now, the use of this kind of decoration is pervasive. Thanks to the lighter neutral tones, you can use them to decorate any wedding style. And when you use it in decorations with contrasting colors (such as bright flowers), dried flowers perform better. They can play a perfect neutralizing effect. Not to make the effect too bright, but at the same time ensure the eye-catching.