25+ Trendy Teen Bedroom Designs For 2021

The decoration of a teenager’s bedroom can be relatively difficult. Not only to ensure that the room has more personalized design, but also to match the overall style of the house. In my opinion, it is necessary to carefully decorate the bedroom of teenagers. This room is not only a place for them to rest but also a private leisure space where they can play with friends, learn and enjoy games. Not only that, a bedroom with a personal style is a great opportunity to show off to others.

When you decide to decorate a teenager’s room, you need to give them plenty of time to think. Teenagers are not always the best collaborators. Their ideas are always changing. Of course, this does not mean that decorations cannot be effectively carried out. It just takes more time (maybe a month). The teenagers are the interior designers of their rooms, and the adults are nearby to give guidance. So you need some ideas to get inspiration and know the tricks of teen bedroom decoration.

less is more

Teen bedroom decoration

In a room with white as the main color, it is easy to change the appearance of the whole room by adding some decorations with a clear style. And there is no need for complicated schemes, only wall decoration can be done easily.

Modern simplicity

Teen bedroom decoration

The ladder is not only beautiful but also practical. The gray circular carpet gives this modern and simple teenage room a touch of uniqueness.

Perfect bohemian

Teen bedroom decoration

The decoration of this room is simple, but it is perfect and complete in Bohemian style. This is due to the choice of the right style of lamp, unique wall decoration and bedside material.

Bright colors

Teen bedroom decoration

Using bright colors will always maintain an active atmosphere in the room. Just imagine, waking up in such a bedroom every day, all day is in a good mood.

Decoration and practical

Teen bedroom decoration

To be honest, when decorating a room, it is difficult for us to achieve a perfect balance between decoration and practicality. But the idea would be a good example, and it did it. And the design of this bedroom makes full use of the precious space to create a perfect leisure area for the bedroom.

Symmetrical aesthetics

Teen bedroom decoration

The best practice of symmetrical aesthetics, and makes good use of the original structure of the room. The decoration of this youth bedroom is not only suitable for the present, as the children grow up, it is also absolutely suitable.

Beautiful wallpapers

Beautiful teen bedroom wallpaper

For bedroom wall decoration, wallpaper and unique colors are always our first decoration scheme. In fact, this is also absolutely correct, because this way of decoration is not only easy and easy, but also the easiest to clarify the style and maximize the decorative effect.


Teen bedroom decoration

Although this youth bedroom cannot make people feel amazing. But no matter the appearance or the practical functions of storage, it is absolutely good. The sticky board on the wall will provide children with more personalized decoration space.

Simple boy room

Teen bedroom decoration

Clean, tidy and decent, this is a universal design scheme for boys’ bedrooms.

Recreation area

Teen bedroom decoration

Even if the size of the bedroom is small, we still have to create an exclusive leisure area for the children as much as possible. This place will be very important to them. When decorating the area, you only need to pay attention to the proportions.

From the choice of furniture style to the combination of colors and every piece of decoration, everything in the bedroom will help young people express their personality. We cover almost all the popular styles at present, from modern simplicity, boho style, minimalism, retro style to industrial style, and so on. Even in these ideas, some designs are a combination of multiple styles. They will help you decorate a teenager’s favorite bedroom.

Amazing ceiling

Teen bedroom decoration

With such a beautiful ceiling decoration, the youth room looks dreamy. And the style of the bedding is the same as the ceiling.

Stay focused

Teen bedroom decoration

You may be confused, but this wall wallpaper can really keep people focused. For young people, it is necessary to let them exercise this good habit.

A little industrial style

Teen bedroom decoration

Obviously, if the bedroom is decorated in a complete industrial style, it will make the room look a little cold. If you like this style very much, then under the basic decoration style, using some decorations of this style will break the cold and get a good appearance.


Teen bedroom decoration

The decoration style of this room is neutral, so it is suitable for anyone. The design of the bed and bedside lamp make this room look unique.


Teen bedroom decoration

If you are looking for a soft and beautiful way to create a girl’s bedroom, this idea may inspire you. The perfect color combination, and the decoration of the room does not look boring, thanks to the use of some light blue.

Classic color combinations

Teen bedroom decoration

Often when combining multiple colors together, it is full of challenges, because mistakes will occur if you are not careful. So everyone should be cautious when using different colors. If you are looking for a safe and timeless classic color combination, then black and white will be one of the best choices.

Dark gray

Teen bedroom decoration

The gray and wooden decorations match perfectly together, and the multiple pillows on the bed look very interesting, because not only is the color gradient combination based on this color, but the final pillow is dark gray.

Night atmosphere

Teen bedroom decoration

When decorating a teenager’s room, please don’t forget to create a lighting atmosphere at night. The decoration is not only good-looking, but also practical. It can be used as a bedside lamp.

Flower theme

Teen bedroom decoration

If all the walls are pasted with floral wallpaper, then the room is likely to look “messy.” For large bedrooms, you can place flower pots to create a bedroom with this theme. For small bedrooms, wallpaper is indeed an effective way to decorate, but you need to be careful not to overuse it.

Unique light strip

Teen bedroom decoration

Despite its modern and simple style, the shape of the light strip in this bedroom makes it look unique.

Focusing on color combinations and wall decoration can make the decoration simpler and easier to create the overall effect. The correct choice of bedding and carpet will make the decoration style more clear. In these ideas, we will also show you some of the favorite decorations of teenagers, such as: decorative and practical ladders, unique bedside lamps and chandeliers.

Multiple styles

Teen bedroom decoration

There are many styles of decoration in this bedroom, although the theme is not clear, but it is full of personality.

Rich colors

Teen bedroom decoration

Teenagers are keen on bold colors and unique designs. This is something everyone should know.

Neon sign

Teen bedroom decoration

If you want to add some personalized elements or hobbies when decorating your bedroom, neon signs are a good choice.

Use the space

Teen bedroom decoration

The precious bedroom space is used to the extreme, providing more space and decoration possibilities for the leisure area and desk.


Teen bedroom decoration

This kind of grid bedside background wall looks textured and warm. This kind of decoration is not only suitable for adults, but also young people like it.

Ultimate space division

Teen bedroom decoration

Perfect space division, and the function and decoration of each area are complete, while also providing a certain degree of privacy.

Original style

Teen bedroom decoration

The original style and industrial style are a perfect match.

Photo Wall

Teen bedroom decoration

The photo wall created with LED light bars not only looks beautiful during the day, but also creates a good atmosphere at night.

Bedside background wall

Teen bedroom decoration

If you still can’t decide where to start the decoration of a youth bedroom, the bedside background wall should be a good starting point.

A little pink

Teen bedroom decoration

If the main color is pink, it is easy to cause visual fatigue.

For girls’ teenage bedroom decoration, when choosing colors, try adding some light pink or dreamy purple to the room. You can use these colors for wall decoration, decorations, bedding, and carpets. Regarding the overall style choice, the bohemian style is their favorite. For boys’ bedroom decoration, navy blue, gray or black may be one of the best colors. Modern and simple style may be a good start. Light-colored wooden furniture is more popular among boys.

personal style

Teen bedroom decoration

Can’t decide which decoration style should be chosen? Then please forget about it. Personal style and hobbies are also good ways to decorate the bedroom.

Lighting system

Teen bedroom decoration

The cost of creating a perfect lighting system is always high. But this way of decoration is also worthwhile.

Unique furniture

Teen bedroom decoration

If you want to create the focal point of the bedroom, not only can you choose amazing colors, but unique furniture is also a good choice.