30+ Elegant Short Christmas Nail Designs

Now is the time to discuss everything about Christmas. Finding and wearing the perfect Christmas nail design is one of the perfect ways to welcome the holiday. At the same time, it is also the most suitable time to try a new personal appearance style on the most important festival of the year.

There are many styles and types of Christmas nails, which one do you want to try the most? If you are looking for the best short Christmas nail design ideas at this time, don’t have to look around, they are here. We will provide you with the most popular short Christmas nail designs this year. These ideas include creative French nail styles, timeless classic Santa style, shiny accents, elegant snowflakes, interesting light string elements, candy canes , Reindeer and so on.

1. Colorful Christmas Short Nails

Imagine a festive and charming set of short nails adorned with the vibrant and joyful colors of Christmas. The base of each nail is painted in a classic, velvety red, reminiscent of Santa’s iconic suit. The rich red hue exudes warmth and excitement, setting the perfect festive tone.

If you are looking for short Christmas nail designs for 2020, you can't miss these ideas, they will inspire you to get the best holiday nail designs of the year. #Christmasnails

On the accent nails, picture delicate snowflakes meticulously hand-painted in shimmering white or silver. Each snowflake sparkles with a touch of holiday magic, creating an enchanting winter wonderland on your fingertips. The intricate details of the snowflakes add an elegant and intricate touch to the overall design.