33 Gorgeous Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Special Day

The wedding cake is an important part of holding a wedding. To celebrate the big day in life, we cannot live without it. The wedding cake can be used as a decoration, but also the protagonist of the delicious food on the table has a vital role. The best wedding cakes will impress guests both in appearance and flavor. Even the wedding cake can become the most eye-catching focus of your wedding decoration, adding color to your wedding, and once again clarifying the theme of the wedding.

The trend of cakes is constantly changing, and there are new designs every day. How to choose the best and most suitable wedding cake has become a question that every couple is eager to get an answer to. There is the easiest way to guide us: Don’t just blindly pursue popular wedding cake designs, choose the cake design only according to the wedding theme and holding scene. This method may make you miss some trending wedding cakes, but it will never go wrong.

White textured wedding cake

White textured wedding cakePin

The cake does not have any floral decoration, but the irregular texture on the surface makes it very textured. A clean looking wedding cake can be combined with other decorations to become the focal point on the table.

Rich color combination

Rich color combinationPin

If you look closely, you will find that this multi-layered cake uses three colors. White, light pink, light gold. The combination of these three colors makes it look elegant.

Two-tone wedding cake

Two-tone wedding cakePin

The single-layer white wedding cake is a classic design, but not everyone will like it. If you are looking for a single layer cake and require more creative designs. Then you can use a combination of two colors like this idea, and create a gradual feeling.

Black wedding cake

Black wedding cakePin

The black wedding cake is really cool, but without any decoration, it looks monotonous. We can decorate it with bright flowers. Of course, you can paint irregular light pink textures on the surface like this idea. This design is cool and simple. And light pink will provide feminine.

Like artwork

Like artworkPin

The stunning design is like a work of art. The cake is blooming like a flower.



I bet that wedding cakes with this design will be the main trend in the next two years.



If you decide to choose a blue wedding cake, you must consider adding other colors to it, because if there is only blue, it will look too cold.



The purple marble design makes this cake dreamy. With golden decorations, it adds a touch of luxury.

Modern and Industrial

Modern and IndustrialPin

You can see from the color combination that this cake is a perfect combination of modern and industrial style. The outline of this cake is golden, so it is also elegant.

Rectangular wedding cake

Rectangular wedding cakePin

A simple rectangular wedding cake, despite the use of white floral decorations, it may also look bland. But if you use gold to paint the outline of this cake, its appearance is improved by at least one level.

There are many factors in deciding which wedding cake to choose. The flavor, theme, color, and design details must be paid attention to. If these factors are combined, the wedding cake styles that can be selected may be unlimited. However, please don’t worry. These best ideas we have prepared for you will help you and relieve your stress. In these ideas, we have also included some basic but beautiful wedding cakes. The difficulty of making them is not high. You can make them yourself.

Purple gradient

Purple gradientPin

As you can see from this picture, there is a lot of lavender in the wedding venue. So this wedding cake uses the same purple for decoration, which fits the theme. The design is simple, but at the same time very clever.

Creative wedding cake

Creative wedding cakePin

This cake is very creative. And unexpectedly, its design is inspired by Tetris. In order to give it an elegant temperament, a large string of dramatic sugar flowers is used as decoration.



The unique decorative design makes it look very soft. Using wheat ears as decorations gives it a rustic atmosphere.

Chic wedding cake

Chic wedding cakePin

Let us take some time to appreciate this amazing cake. The flowers on the cake are edible, and the metal details are really beautiful.

Unique boho cake

Unique boho cakePin

For bohemian wedding cakes, it is equally important to use a cake tray that matches this style, as well as design and decoration.

Looks delicious

Looks deliciousPin

The style of this cake is simple, with the cream flowing from top to bottom, which makes it look delicious.

Pink and white

Pink and whitePin

There are many details about the decoration of this cake, the silver gold foil paper, the engagement ring on the cake and the reasonable color matching are all worthy of our reference.



Roses are the most popular flower to decorate wedding cakes. However, if you want to make your flower cake different from others, you need to choose other flowers, such as lavender.



The single-layer white wedding cake is regarded as a timeless classic, and this cake is considered one of the simplest designs. However, if you make some creative decorations on the basis of this kind of cake, you will be surprised.

Geometric wedding cake

Geometric wedding cakePin

There are many geometric shapes, why not choose several shapes to form your wedding cake? This idea is creative.

If you are a traditional pair of low-key couples or want to save money on your wedding budget, the single-layer classic white wedding cake is your best choice. Are you a bohemian bride? Please consider using vine plants to wrap around your wedding cake, and don’t forget the wood tones and rustic simple cake stand. If you are holding a country wedding, you can decorate the cake with flowers and fruits to make it more rustic and in line with the theme.

Golden decoration

Golden decorationPin

The decoration of the wedding cake is really simple, just need some gold foil paper, you can make it full of luxury.

Geometric elements

Geometric elementsPin

Although the shape of this cake is traditional, its decorative elements are geometric and have a variety of colors. The perfect combination of creativity, tradition and geometric style.



If you don’t want to use bright colors, but at the same time think that white is plain and traditional. Then this shiny silver may be able to meet your needs.

Golden curve

Golden curvePin

The curve drawn with gold foil paper on this cake makes it look very elegant and feminine. And gold, white, and green are good color combinations.



This cake is absolutely amazing, and the design of this idea is very difficult. The price of this wedding cake is expensive, but its beautiful appearance is worth every penny spent.



The use of pearl decoration on the white classic wedding cake looks elegant and luxurious. The shells on the cake prove that this is a beach wedding.

Some pink

Some pinkPin

The design of this wedding cake is common, but it also has its own characteristics, especially those pink, which makes it charming.

Gold leaf

Gold leafPin

The design of this cake is simple, but at the same time elegant. If you like this design and have plenty of time, you can refer to this idea and bake this style of cake yourself.



The minimalist aesthetics are brought to the extreme, and two colors are used to make it not monotonous.



The visual experience of a wedding cake designed with watercolors is really great. The style of this cake design is between retro and modern.

What do you need is a modern style wedding cake? Geometric shapes, marble styles, hand-painted or printed flowers, and wedding cakes with watercolor designs will be good choices. It can even release amazing creativity through unique color combinations and different flavors of each layer of cake, so as to obtain a distinctive taste and a higher level of creative appearance. Adding some gold decorative details can give the cake a charming feeling.

Fruit decoration

Fruit decorationPin

Wedding cakes decorated with fruits are often used for a country wedding.

Simple flower

Simple flowerPin

The flower cake with this design looks so real.

Moon theme

Moon themePin

In fact, a personalized cake is also suitable for holding a wedding, as long as the design of the cake matches the wedding theme or it has a certain meaning to you.

Whether you bake the cake yourself to save your budget or buy it from a wedding cake maker. These wedding cake designs will unleash your great ideas. What you need to do now is to collect your favorite designs and start preparing.