35 Best HD Phone Wallpapers Full of Summer Vibes

Summer, summer, it’s the season of the year that many people look forward to the most!

Well, now it’s time to get a tan, surf or kick off the beach life. How awesome is that! Just what I needed, how about you?

In my opinion, I will try anything that I can feel the summer vibe. For example, colorful outfits, bright hair colors, summer nails, and more. You think that’s enough? No, the short summer days make me greedy, and I need more vibes.

I was always thinking about where else I could get more summer vibes, and when I lit up my phone screen, I realized what I’d been looking for. That’s right! I need summer themed phone wallpapers. To be precise, I needed wallpapers that would give me summer vibes.

If you’re like me, you’re so lucky! Keep scrolling the screen and you’ll be getting them now!

I can’t use just one phone wallpaper for the whole summer and I’m sure you won’t either. So, save multiple wallpapers you like and change it regularly to make your screen look fresh.

We have carefully selected to put together these phone wallpapers, which means we will save you a lot of time. Each one is HD and aesthetically pleasing. All you need to do is save the wallpapers that will resonate with you. If you like cartoonish, minimalist or realistic styles, they’re here. You want to put fruit or ice cubes in your phone screen? No problem, you’ll be able to do it soon.

35. Cartoon Kiwi Juice

If you are a Kiwi juice fan, this cartoon style wallpaper is for you.

Cartoon Kiwi Juice

34. Aesthetic Sunflower Garden

Imagine how happy we would be to be in such a sunflower garden.

Aesthetic Sunflower Garden

33. Blueberries in Ice Water

The ice water cools down the blueberries and makes them delicious and refreshing. Even looking at them, I don’t feel the heat anymore.

Blueberries in ice water

32. Iceberg in a Goblet

This is a very interesting and creative looking wallpaper, the designer perfectly mixed the iceberg and the goblet together.

Iceberg in a Goblet

31. Water Pattern

This wallpaper made me soak in the pool all day.

Water pattern

30. Pineapple in Water

Pineapple immersed in water looks more summer atmosphere.

Pineapple in water

29. Watermelon Ice Cream

I think no one would say no to watermelon ice cream!

Watermelon Ice Cream

28. Fun Colored Ice Creams

This is an ice cream that contains all the popular flavors.

Fun Colored Ice Creams

27. Lemon Jellyfish

The combination of lemon and jellyfish makes the screen look fun.

Lemon Jellyfish

26. Cartoon Whale

This wallpaper turns your phone into an azure sea.

Cartoon whale

25. Geometric Beach Vacation

This wallpaper looks special and colorful. People will know it is summer when they see it.

Geometric Beach Vacation

24. Summer Little Harbor

When summer comes, the little harbor starts to become busy.

Summer Little Harbor

23. The Daisy and Blue Sky

This is a photo taken from a unique angle, and it looks aesthetic and inspiring.

The daisy and blue sky

22. Ice Cubes

Are you feeling hot? The ice cubes in the screen might help you cool down.

Ice cubes

21. Summer Backyard

Only in the summer does the backyard have such a view.

Summer Backyard

20. Orange Water

Put the oranges into the water and the ordinary water has the taste of summer.

Orange water

19. Ferris Wheel

What a wonderful season, we have to patronize the nearby amusement park at least once.

Ferris Wheel

18. Creative Astronaut Theme

This is definitely a creative wallpaper. In fact, we can hardly imagine the astronaut, the watermelon rind as well as the lotus leaf combined together.

Creative astronaut theme

17. Blue Flowers Blooming in the Guitar

Because summer, the guitar grows blue flowers.

Blue Flowers Blooming in the Guitar

16. Red Flower and Cola

What a creative idea – red flowers blooming in cola.

Red Flower and Cola

15. Lemon Water

Have a few glasses of iced lemon water, they’re perfect for summer.

Lemon Water

14. Sparkling Water

The light refracted on the water surface represents the fun time of summer.

Sparkling water

13. Big Peaches

Peach or watermelon? It’s up to you.

Big Peaches

12. Colorful Balloons

These colorful balloons make me feel more relaxed, what about you?

Colorful Balloons

11. Cloud of the Heart

Summer has arrived and the clouds have become unique!

Cloud of the Heart

10. Beach and Coconut Palms

I want to spend the whole summer on the beach, so I will use this wallpaper.

Palm trees and quiet beach

9. Smiley Flower

Please smile like a flower on a delightful summer day.

Smiley Flower

8. Tropical Plants

When you see these tropical plant patterns, you may be tempted to head for a beach vacation.

Tropical Plants

7. Pink Flower and Cat

Summer makes the cat have to walk in the shadow of the flowers to feel the coolness.

Pink Flower and Cat

6. Lawn and Sea

The unique art style connects the sea and the lawn perfectly.

Lawn and Sea

5. Dreamy Sea Level

What a beautiful and romantic view! I could look at it all day.

Dreamy Sea Level

4. Summer Food

These cool and sweet foods make me love summer even more.

Summer Food

3. Vibrant Little Tree

This is a small tree growing on your phone screen, please take care of it carefully.

Vibrant little tree

2. Green Halo

The dark to light green halo gives you a subtle summer vibe.

Green Halo

1. Brushstroke Art For Summer

The four represented summer colors are evenly applied to your screen through brush stroke art.

Brushstroke art for summer

At the end

Details make life perfect, and changing the phone screen image is a no-brainer, but sometimes you can reap unexpected surprises.