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35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

There are many ways to show the beautiful love between couples, and getting couple tattoos is one of the most popular options.When you design this tattoo together, you can show your great creativity. The important thing is that having a couple tattoos can boldly illustrate your relationship and show the world what he or she means to you.

Still have doubts? Nowadays, tattoos are more and more accepted and popular. Everyone is looking forward to having something to show their personality. In my opinion, a tattoo is a good way. For all couples, there are many different tattoo ideas and style choices, which can be creative, funny, cute or simple couple tattoos and so on.

1. Music symbol couple tattoo

The common interests of couples can be used as inspiration for designing tattoos. If you both like listening to music, then the musical note symbol is the most suitable pattern. Thinning the lines and adding a flower tattoo to the design can make the ink that belongs to women look more feminine.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

2. Black line couple tattoo

This is a pair of minimalist bracelet tattoos, they consist of a thick and thin line. As for the exact meaning behind the tattoo, I think only this couple knows. So it’s a very personal ink design.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

3. Funny couple tattoos

This idea is very similar to the first idea, except that it expresses the common interests of two people through the music player. Also, pay attention to the song title, it’s a small detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

4. Yin Yang Fish Couple Tattoo

The yin and yang culture prevails in Asian countries, and it expresses balance and harmony. Carp symbolizes good luck and health. Hence, this tattoo design has a strong cultural heritage and it does look good. However, when you want to replicate it, make sure you really know and need it.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

5. Oriental traditional couple tattoo

Once Japanese cranes choose a mate, they live together for life. They are inseparable whether they are foraging or flying. Therefore, it is very suitable to express faithful love through this animal.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

6. Cute couple finger tattoos

Not only do these minimalist tattoos look cute, but they are also fun. The two tattoos hug when the couple holds hands. I feel incredibly warm when this act of intimacy is shown through tattoo art.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

7. Minimalist Red Line Couple Tattoo

Red has many symbolic meanings, including love. A thin line bracelet tattoo is almost zero burden in order to make it more specific so adding a person’s name to the design is the perfect way. This idea is suitable for the overwhelming number of couples.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

8. Mountain and Sea Couple Tattoo

Mountain tattoos and ocean wave tattoos show that the couple yearns for freedom, nature or travel. In addition, the mountain symbolizes the masculinity of men, while the water represents the feminine beauty of women.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

9. Simple couple tattoos

It’s an interesting combination, rockets are the only means of transport when we want to reach a planet.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

10. Creative couple tattoo

It is impressive to use the holding hands photo as a blueprint for designing a couple’s tattoo. I think, for couples, holding hands for the first time is definitely an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.

35 Perfect Couple Tattoo Design Ideas