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8 Steps To Get The Best Tattoo: Tattooing Before And After

If you are fully prepared to decide to get a tattoo and have found a qualified tattoo shop in your neighborhood, then how can you get a satisfactory as well as the best tattoo? First of all, being satisfied with the tattoo and judging whether it is the best or not, a lot of times these are up to you, and of course objectively, there do exist certain laws of whether tattoos are qualified and how well they work. However, the satisfaction of the tattoo depends on the communication with the tattoo artist before you get the tattoo.

A conversation with a tattoo artist is necessary when you walk into a tattoo parlor and are ready to make a tattoo that you like, but before you talk to a tattoo artist, you need to have some clarity and clarity about the desired style of tattoo. Then you can have an in-depth discussion with the tattoo artist about the design of the tattoo and how it will work.

8 Easy Steps To Get The Best Tattoo: Tattooing Before And After

1. Do not directly ask the tattoo artist what style or style of tattoo you should choose

A blind tattoo with a high probability will result in you regretting it later. Anyway, it’s a unique tattoo on yourself and it’s permanent and you need to take responsibility for it. Please fully express your thoughts and expectations of the tattoo to the tattoo artist, a good way to talk to the tattoo artist is to ask him to give you some guidance based on your own choices afterwards, rather than asking him to guess.

2. Collect some of your favorite tattoo design ideas before you get the tattoo

Saving and collecting some pictures of your favorite tattoo designs is a very necessary step. Show them to your tattoo artist to describe the designs you like and dislike. Doing this method will ensure that you end up with a tattoo design that you are absolutely satisfied with and meet your needs. Of course, you need to carefully consider the following factors.

3. Describe your personal preference

Photos of tattoo design ideas can make it easy to talk about the style of elements you want to put into your tattoo design, as well as the content and ideas you want to express, whether it’s the tattoo style or the design elements that will be more specific when communicating with your tattoo artist. You can also collect some tattoo designs that you don’t like to help the tattoo artist’s determine a good range of references and designs. It is also necessary to determine the size of the tattoo as well as the body part to be placed, and to express your ideas to the artist again in depth.

4. Choose the tattoo color according to your skin color

Depending on your skin tone, your tattoo artist will determine the best color for you and the tattoo artist will translate your idea into a specific tattoo that is beautiful and achievable. After this process, you will need to pay for reservation fee, the tattoo artist will keep your reference sample and begin to draw a rough sketch of the tattoo, communicate the changes, and then finalize it. Please note that the tattoo artist will not start a specific tattoo design until after paying for the appointment.

5. About the final tattoo design

When the design sketch is completed, you should carefully check it, take a moment to communicate with the tattoo artist and modify the details. If the manuscript has any details you do n’t like, express it and ask to adjust the design again. This step is very important. Good communication Will make your design more perfect.

6. Pay close attention to the body part where the tattoo is placed

When you are satisfied with the design, the tattoo artist will make an appointment to make the tattoo. Please appear on time. Once you miss the time, this will affect the tattoo artist’s schedule throughout the day. If you have any objection to the location during the tattoo transfer positioning, please tell the tattoo artist immediately, he will adjust it to your satisfaction.

7. Final questions and clarity

Generally, the conversation with the tattoo artist is about your idea, the size of the tattoo, the body part to be placed, the design elements, the completion time of the tattoo as well as the style and price. Before sitting down in your chair, you have to comb through all the questions you want to know again here and make sure. Ask the tattoo artist if your tattoo design is feasible and he can provide you with some other suggestions to better perfect your tattoo design as well as complete your tattoo making.

8. Maintenance after tattooing

In most cases, the final effect of the tattoo depends on the care and maintenance after the tattoo is completed.

When your tattoo is complete, the tattoo artist will provide you with clear maintenance methods and procedures. If not, please ask for it. Usually, each tattoo artist gives advice and tips for different tattoos based on his experience, shows you ways to avoid tattoo infection, and guides you until the tattoo finally heals.

If you have any abnormal tattoo healing feelings while your tattoo is healing, consult your tattoo immediately, although they are tattoo artists and not doctors, they have always encountered similar situations before and can offer you some actionable advice. If the abnormality is very severe, such as a very intense pain and burning sensation in the skin, consult your doctor immediately.