28 Unique and Simple Boho Nail Art Designs

Boho style is popular in various fields of design, such as home decoration, clothing, jewelry, and nails. If you are looking for a unique nail design, this style is well worth a try. Because nails with a unique appearance usually have a special color or pattern. Boho nails can easily meet the above two points.

For those who like rustic or neutral tones, boho nails may be the most ideal choice. Because most designs will use soft tones that make people feel comfortable. Of course, people who like dark colors can also wear them. Because mixed boho nails are becoming more and more popular, for example with black or dark brown designs. Let us take a look at the specific performance of this style in nail art design. I believe these designs will excite you!

1. Matte pink boho nails

If you are looking for eye-catching boho nails, then charming pink should be your nail color of choice. The design has a matte appearance, so it is more in line with the tone of the style. The abstract accent nails use pink as an embellishment to make the appearance look subtle and moving.

Matte pink boho nails
Source: instagram.com/nail_tropical_msk/

2. White, black and gold boho nails

White and black are definitely a versatile color combination, no matter what the nail design style is, this combination can be easily competent. In order to make the appearance not monotonous, the artist added some charming little golden decorative strips to the nails. You don’t have to worry about the eye-catching nature of this nail, the black plant print can satisfy you.

White, black and gold boho nails
Source: instagram.com/adriannawysocka/

3. Boho black nails

The black primer nail design can make the bright but neutral boho color more prominent. I have to say that when people see black, they can’t help but think of modern style. From a certain perspective, this nail design actually mixes two styles.

boho black nails
Source: instagram.com/thenailladylincoln/

4. Abstract boho short nails

How to make boho short nails more interesting and mysterious? The answer is to incorporate abstract art into the design. Thanks to the light brown primer, this nail also looks lovely.

Abstract boho nails
Source: instagram.com/_nailgirlshae/

5. Boho blue nails

Wearing dreamy boho blue nails will make you more charming and full of charm. It is worth mentioning that the design theme of this nail is the fairy forest. What an energetic suit! what do you think?

boho blue nails
Source: instagram.com/electriknailz/

6. Boho dots nails

If you do not observe carefully, you may easily overlook these cute dots. Because of this, the atmosphere of this boho nail is subtle.

boho dots nails
Source: instagram.com/dominika.antonina/

7. Cactus boho almond nails

Cactus is one of the most popular elements of this style. When it is combined with elegant light pink almond nails and matched with some bright boho colors, the perfect nail look is born.

Cactus boho almond nails
Source: instagram.com/verbenaparlor/

8. Cool boho nails

Cool but soft colors can easily create boho nails with a cool look. In order to make this effect not extreme, the artist also incorporated orange-red into the design to achieve a good balance.

Cool boho nails
Source: instagram.com/bessandcolor/

9. Rainbow boho short nails

This boho nail uses a soft color palette, and the lively rainbow pattern can make people know the theme of the nail design at a glance. I mean, if you are looking for a classic design in this style, this idea is very worthy of reference.

Rainbow boho short nails
Source: instagram.com/nailartistrybykylie/

10. Terracotta boho nails

Terracotta is the color that best represents this style. If you want to wear pure boho nails with absolute simplicity, I strongly recommend you try this color. Of course, adding some hand-painted patterns to nails is one of the best design methods. Because it can make the appearance look rich, and even have some romantic atmosphere.

Terracotta boho nails
Source: instagram.com/theholynailuk/

11. Clear boho wedding nails

Clear and clean nude color primer, white, and rose gold plant motifs. This boho nail is very suitable for the bride to wear, it interprets the perfect combination of gorgeous and elegant to you.

Clear boho wedding nails
Source: instagram.com/theholynailuk/

12. Plant boho nails

Looking at these elegant two-tone plant patterns, people will know what the theme and style of this nail are. But the right color combination is also a key part of the design. You don’t have to stick to a few fixed colors. Colors with low gloss and soft-looking are good choices.

Plant boho nails
Source: instagram.com/canduniaa/

13. Star and moon boho nails

Even if the golden stars and moons are small, they can still make this boho nail look noble and gorgeous.

Star and moon boho nails
Source: instagram.com/msannie.nails/

14. Boho olive green nails

Are you looking for a unique and vivid color for a boho nail design? This olive green may excite you.

Boho olive green nails
Source: instagram.com/paznokciewkolorzemarzen/

15. Fun boho nails

As you can see, this is a freely designed green, blue, and orange mini palette. This pattern gives boho nails an atmosphere of childhood fun. The performance of the design on short nails is almost perfect, and I believe it is also good on long nails.

Fun boho nails
Source: instagram.com/bessandcolor/

16. Landscape boho nails

Do you like all kinds of amazing natural scenery? Do you want to present them on nail art in a unique way? The boho style will make these sceneries impressive.

Landscape boho nails
Source: instagram.com/shelby.does.nails/

17. Gorgeous boho nails

In fact, this is a common design method. Regardless of the nail art style, as long as the design incorporates a lot of gold, the appearance of the nails is extremely gorgeous. The next step is to enrich the design details, such as adding some elements (patterns) that fit the theme.

Gorgeous boho nails
Source: instagram.com/mayu1226_/

18. Boho purple gradient nails

The easiest way to make simple boho nails look rich is to apply a gradient primer to the design. The apparent effect is entirely up to you. For example, the purple gradient is dreamy.

Boho gradient nails
Source: instagram.com/adriannawysocka/

19. Floral boho nails

Boho nail design elements are not only elegant plants, gorgeous flowers are also a good option. But in order to keep the design simple and avoid some unnecessary errors. Please choose a warm and rustic nail primer color combination.

Floral boho nails
Source: instagram.com/miukondou/

20. Boho striped nails

This short striped nail allows you to add more boho colors you like to your design. Have you noticed the creative design details? It makes the appearance of nails interesting.

boho striped nails
Source: instagram.com/nailisimo/

21. French boho nails

Creative and charming boho three-layer French nails, the benefits of this design method are self-evident. Only need to change a different color combination, you can easily transition to the next season.

French boho nails
Source: instagram.com/bessandcolor/

22. Red boho nails

This red can also be considered a terracotta color with high gloss. One of the nails blends white to create a subtle accent nail. Other nails are matched with green to create a visually striking look. This nail is simple but not monotonous.

Red boho nails
Source: instagram.com/annecolehowell/

23. Minimalist boho nails

This minimalist boho nail design hides a scene that everyone is familiar with, namely sunrise and sunset. The design uses simple symbols to depict the sun, peaks, rising, and moon.

Minimalist boho nails
Source: instagram.com/hessi_nails/

24. Boho stiletto nails

Long stiletto nails have many advantages, such as a larger creative area and an eye-catching contour appearance. This type of nail gives the boho color more vitality and tension. In other words, colors are more capable of self-expression.

Boho stiletto nails
Source: instagram.com/luxapolish/

25. Geometric boho nails

Lovely geometry with boho color is looming on the nails with white primer. The small golden trim gives the design a gorgeous atmosphere. This nail is suitable for everyone.

Geometric boho nails
Source: instagram.com/ksiazek_klaudia/

26. Symbol boho nails

These symbols look mysterious, right? In fact, they may only have decorative meaning. But this is enough because they make this short nail attractive.

Symbol boho nails
Source: instagram.com/nailedbyrebeka/

27. Lively boho nails

The main color of this boho nail is brown, but the smiley face pattern and cute leopard print make it very lively. The most worth mentioning is the accent nail in the design, which stands out in these nails with a unique green color.

Lively boho nails
Source: instagram.com/nails.jena/

28. Boho ink nails

This nail design is an extension of the boho style. In fact, it mixes two styles. In order to make the nails look luxurious, shiny gold foil paper is incorporated. The production of this short nail is not simple, but it is indeed worth our thoughts and time.

boho ink nails
Source: instagram.com/nail_look_eliza/