20 Classic Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

What costume will you choose for this Halloween and what role will you play? This simple problem has always plagued every woman. Even many people have not made a decision until the final week of Halloween. This kind of problem is easy to understand because we have too many options.

Let’s try to narrow the range of choices. The novelties are great, they allow you to do more highly free customizations. However, for Halloween, I always think those classic looks are the best. Because they are easier to achieve perfection and impress your family and friends. The reason is simple, you will have more cases for reference, and those images that are rooted in people’s fears may be easier to awaken the sense of fear in the soul.

1. Female clown

A classic and always popular character, simple makeup, and gorgeous costumes give people a strong sense of horror and visual impact. The white and red color combination can also make you stand out on Halloween night.

Female clown
Source: instagram.com/cherrylips.cherry/

2. Super Girl

Do you have a dream of becoming a superhero? Please become a super girl on Halloween, defeat the bad guys and save your city.

Super Girl
Source: instagram.com/hairsprayhippiecosplays/

3. Demon

We are talking about the appearance of Halloween personal costumes, so evil female demons can also be gorgeous and have some sexy.

Source: instagram.com/netashka/

4. Catwoman

Hey! Are you a big fan of DC? You must be no stranger to Catwoman. She is one of Batman’s most enduring opponents and is portrayed as a female villain. It’s easy to get a type of suit. In other words, you can dress up like a Catwoman easily. Of course, don’t forget that there is still a long whip.

Source: instagram.com/kristimakusha/

5. Wonder Woman

You really have too many justice female characters to choose from, Wonder Woman or Supergirl? It all depends on you.

Wonder Woman
Source: instagram.com/lostprincesscosplay/

6. Spider-Woman

Although Spider-Woman is also one of the classic characters, you can still be unique if you cosplay as her. Why? Because she only appeared in the comics, not on the screen. I mean, people are not tired of her image yet.

Spider Woman
Source: instagram.com/lostprincesscosplay/

7. Classic Witch

The witch is one of my favorite Halloween characters because she is classic and relatively easy to dress up. To be honest, she performed very well in all aspects, both in atmosphere and appearance.

Classic Witch
Source: instagram.com/lynzijudish/

8. Plague Doctor

The plague doctor who came out of hell, the eye-catching red gave people a strong sense of oppression, and she was still very mysterious.

Plague Doctor
Source: instagram.com/missgloryrose/

9. The White Witch

Is the witch purely evil or kind? I think the answer varies from person to person. If you think she is kind, the white witch can perfectly match your thoughts.

White Witch
Source: instagram.com/hannyhoneymoon/

10. Astronaut

In recent years, space tourism and interstellar migration have always been topics of concern. Over time, they have even become fashion trends. Play as an astronaut on Halloween and start your space project.

Source: instagram.com/fantasiasdeluxoatelie/

11. The Queen

This outfit is inspired by Snow White. I guess this is how she looks when she is an adult, and her stern face reveals the charm of the queen.

Source: instagram.com/umjuniorfreitas/

12. Forest Fairy

The fairy who has been living in the forest for a long time joined the carnival on Halloween night. Imagine the scene at that time, you will surely make people around you look at it with admiration.

Forest Fairy
Source: instagram.com/lesliethemermaid/

13. Star Wars theme

One of the best and classic themes, cosplay as Darth Vader and release your force in the line. If you can match a red lightsaber, then the appearance effect will definitely be significantly improved.

Star Wars theme
Source: instagram.com/goodboy_zax/

14. Bat

How easy it is to play as a bat, look at this idea and you will understand what I am talking about. It’s nice to carry wings, but walking in a crowded crowd will definitely cause you some small troubles.

Source: instagram.com/devilnightuk/

15. Goth girl

If you do not choose specific role-playing, then gothic-style clothing suits can give you some mystery and nobility.

Goth girl
Source: instagram.com/vivienofholloway/

16. Black angel

This suit is very interesting, the angel in the dark, the pure white wings have turned gray. She will become a demon from hell on Halloween.

Source: instagram.com/yvy.lulu/

17. Bunny Girl

If you are looking for a cute Halloween character or image, I must recommend the sweet bunny girl to you.

Bunny Girl
Source: instagram.com/amberarden/

18. Frankenstein’s Bride

Cosplay as the gorgeous Frankenstein bride and make you the most beautiful person at the party. She has simple makeup and highly free customized clothing, but you may spend some time on the hairstyle.

Frankenstein's Bride
Source: instagram.com/marianashleycosplay/

19. Funny ghost

Halloween is not just horror, more importantly, this holiday is still a carnival. So why not act as a funny ghost to bring happiness to more people? The colorful sheets will make you stand out from the crowd easily.

Funny ghost
Source: instagram.com/enchantedalexandra/

20. Harry Potter theme

Do you like Harry Potter movies? Maybe you should cosplay a magician on Halloween and perform your mysterious magic when night falls.

Source: instagram.com/lemailcosplaywigs/