30 Best Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Lucky cat tattoos, also known as Maneki Neko tattoos, this cat symbolizes many things, not the least of which is that it can bring you fortune. In China and Japan, you are very likely to see Lucky Cat no matter in home, store or business. This cat has become a part of the culture and history of these two countries, and there are many interesting stories about it in the local area.

The Chinese and Japanese keep the Lucky Cat in their homes or wear it as a talisman because this cat not only brings people wealth, but also good luck and protection. Different colors will change and enhance the symbolism of the lucky cat, black means it has the effect of warding off evil, and pink means it will attract true love for you. The yellow lucky cat corresponds to attracting wealth, and the green is to help you succeed in school. The white lucky cat symbolizes happiness, while the red keeps you healthy.

1. Black Lucky Cat Tattoo

A lucky cat of this color will not only attract wealth for you, but it will also ward off evil for you. For men, in addition to the classic design, the black design is also one of the good options. Thanks to the detailed shadow detail, the design looks realistic, in other words, it looks very much like a statue placed on a table.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas