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30 Best Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Lucky cat tattoos, also known as Maneki Neko tattoos, this cat symbolizes many things, not the least of which is that it can bring you fortune. In China and Japan, you are very likely to see Lucky Cat no matter in home, store or business. This cat has become a part of the culture and history of these two countries, and there are many interesting stories about it in the local area.

The Chinese and Japanese keep the Lucky Cat in their homes or wear it as a talisman because this cat not only brings people wealth, but also good luck and protection. In addition, the lucky cat raises different paws, and the symbolic meaning will be different. When it raises its left paw, it attracts customers and makes business flourish. When it raises its right paw, it brings good luck and money to its owner.

Different colors will change and enhance the symbolism of the lucky cat, black means it has the effect of warding off evil, and pink means it will attract true love for you. The yellow lucky cat corresponds to attracting wealth, and the green is to help you succeed in school. The white lucky cat symbolizes happiness, while the red keeps you healthy.

1. Black Lucky Cat Tattoo

A lucky cat of this color will not only attract wealth for you, but it will also ward off evil for you. For men, in addition to the classic design, the black design is also one of the good options. Thanks to the detailed shadow detail, the design looks realistic, in other words, it looks very much like a statue placed on a table.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

2. Lucky Cat Tattoo With Heart

Lucky Cat can hold anything you like or is good for you. I mean, combining it with a heart tattoo is the perfect idea if you want it to help you attract happiness or love. Of course, it will still make you rich, because that’s its “job.”

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

The idea is a minimalist design, and it works for everyone. You can get it tattooed on other places besides arms, such as legs, back or ankles. If you want it to be bold, you can try making the lines darker and thicker, or adding color to the design.

3. Lucky Cat Porcelain Tattoo

Lucky cat tattoos with porcelain prints are worth considering if you need a design that looks authentic or embraces culture.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

Different printing colors represent different meanings, of course, if you need the design to remain classic and authentic, blue is the best color. Also, because of the print, this design looks feminine, so it’s perfect for women.

4. Lucky Cat Tattoo For Women

For women, a lucky cat with flowers is the best design. The goldfish in this tattoo means it will bring you health and happiness. Additionally, a key to the treasure vault is included in this design.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

It is worth mentioning that adding colored inks to the design can make this tattoo look more gorgeous and eye-catching.

5. Black and Red Lucky Cat Tattoo

The black and red color combination certainly makes this lucky cat on the arm even more eye-catching. Also, because of the red color, this ink has a depth of symbolism. The artist who created this tattoo did not overuse the color red, but used this color to accent the design to make the tattoo look exquisite.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

Did you notice what this lucky cat is holding? It is called gold ingot, which is a currency in ancient China, so this is a lucky cat ink that contains Chinese culture.

6. Mini Lucky Cat Tattoo

Mini tattoos are the second most popular ink size, and even I think they will surpass small tattoos. Due to the limited size, you cannot add other patterns as you like in the design. While minimalist lucky cats look great, if you want to make the design look unique or personal, then you should really give it some thought. Luckily, we had this idea, and adding something to this cat’s head is a creative way worth trying.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

On the other hand, if you don’t want to add patterns, based on the minimalist design, I think colored inks are worth a try.

7. Four Lucky Cats Tattoo

Intuitively, four lucky cats means four times the attraction of good luck and wealth. Also, this design does not use traditional images, in other words, your cat can also be a lucky cat, so that your tattoo is more meaningful and looks full of personality.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

It’s worth mentioning that adding something representative of your home culture to the design can make things representative of other countries’ cultures as local as possible.

8. Pink Lucky Cat Tattoo

If you want your lucky cat to bring you true love, pink ink is your go-to. Also, adding a heart tattoo to the design will make the symbolism more explicit. Of course, if you only need a lucky cat that looks extremely cute and sweet, the pink design is also worth considering.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

What you need to know is that for the design to look sophisticated, the outline of the lucky cat tattoo should be prominent, so you can’t use pink randomly, this idea will guide you how to do it.

9. Lucky Cat Tattoo with Four Leaf Clover

The symbolism of the four leaf clover tattoo and the lucky cat are very similar. When they are combined, the tattoo attracts more wealth, health and good luck for you.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

For some people, showing off their tattoos is a very big deal. Based on this idea, you can easily make a tattoo eye-catching by simply adding green to the four-leaf clover.

10. Lucky Cat Tattoo With Fish

Lucky cat with fish tattoo means abundance, this design is also related to attracting wealth, but it expresses more hope that the person who has this ink will be full every day and not starve. Relatively speaking, this may be a small wish, but personally, it is definitely of extraordinary significance.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

Symbolism aside, even though this design is in a thin line style, this lucky cat tattoo with fish is just as cute as a colorful one, and the reason is the fish.

11. Simple Japanese Lucky Cat Tattoo

Typical color combinations and design techniques are the most conventional ways to create Japanese tattoos. For those who don’t like colorful ink and thick lines, they will miss out on this tattoo style. However, lucky cats originated in Japan, so a tattoo that incorporates Japanese culture or style must be more awesome, then a simple lucky cat design in a kimono must be for them.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

For women, if they choose this design, some also want it to look more gorgeous and feminine, and I think adding cherry blossom tattoos to the design can easily meet their needs.

12. Lucky Cat Tattoo on Wrist

Because lucky cats are somewhat complicated, getting this cat tattooed on your wrist can be challenging, especially if you choose a small tattoo design. So what should we do? I think removing “unnecessary” details is a good solution, you must be wondering which things should be removed, well, this idea will tell you.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

It’s a minimalist lucky cat, so you won’t have any problems shrinking it down into a small tattoo. The artist who created this design is smart and he has embellished the design using black ink so that the tattoo is not monotonous.

13. Cute Lucky Cat Tattoo

What is the cutest lucky cat design? Round, bright eyes and a pale pink blush will make you realize everything. Of course, the color ink in this design also contributed. The person who has this tattoo is a woman, so the artist also added flower tattoos to the design as a background for the lucky cat.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

The color scheme of this lucky cat is classic, but it also has a little creativity, if you know Doraemon, you will know what I’m talking about.

14. Cool Lucky Cat Tattoo

This lucky cat resembles a tabletop sculpture. Delicate shadow details make it shimmery and look subtle. Since this is a classic and cool black and gray tattoo, it can be considered by both men and women.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

Maybe someone wants to make it look softer based on this design, my suggestion is, don’t waste time on it.

15. Black and White Lucky Cat Tattoo

Contrasting color combinations are one of the best ways to make a tattoo stand out, and if black and red aren’t your style, the ever-chic black and white tattoos are your go-to. Of course, the premise is that you never consider getting a specific symbolic meaning from red ink.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

No matter where on the body the black and white lucky cat is tattooed, it will attract people’s attention. Importantly, if you put it in a prominent position, it will not conflict with your outfit.

16. Lucky Cat Symbol Tattoo

The tattoo can represent many things about you, such as your personality, likes, beliefs and expectations. It will become your logo so symbol tattoos are popular. How to get a lucky cat symbol design? It’s easy, just include the cat in the circle.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

The simple black and gray design suits all. Adding colored ink to the design will make the lucky cat stand out and this tattoo is perfect for someone who is good at standing out. However, you should be careful not to use thick lines to draw circles, because such a design will make the lucky cat look unimportant.

18. Lucky Cat Small Tattoo

Here are the best small tattoo designs about lucky cats with great details and just the right shading. The perfect size allows this tattoo to be placed on any body part. For women, the wrist and ankle are their favorite positions. For men, try placing it behind the ear, on the neck or on the arm.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

Besides behind the ears, when this lucky cat is tattooed on other body parts, you can add something you like around the cat based on this design, and they may also enhance the symbolic meaning. Like flower tattoos can make this design look feminine while quote tattoos can make its meaning more specific.

19. Lucky Cat Charm Tattoo

There are many ways to make a lucky cat double to attract good luck and wealth, above, I have shared with you the design using four leaf clover and multiple cats, and the design combined with lucky charm tattoo is another perfect option. There is no one best, so it’s up to your style to decide.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

You should see the flower tattoo in the design, it may have no special meaning, just to make the overall tattoo look more feminine.

20. Minimalist Lucky Cat Tattoo

To be honest, the minimalist tattoo is “extreme”, it only keeps the outline of the elements and the details that cannot be missing, which means that it looks clean and has the most basic symbolic meaning. However, because of this, it is very popular. If you just want to get a lucky cat and don’t care about other things, then the minimal design is definitely for you.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

21. Lucky Cat Geometric Tattoo

Do you want a lucky cat that looks ceramic? Well, the geometric tattoo might just get your wish. Don’t believe it? Take a look at this design and you will absolutely love it.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

The use of colored ink accents in this design is a must, without which this tattoo would look terrible. You can of course experiment with black ink too, the tattoo will end up looking cool, but monotony is inevitable.

22. Lucky Cat Red Tattoo

The red lucky cat attracts health for you, and this bright ink will keep it alive in the sights. Also, the outline of the cat is drawn with thin lines, so it stands out even more. This is an interesting design, the artist used red ink skillfully, this color is used on the face and ears of the cat. Most notably, the red color on the cat’s face, which looks like blush, gives this cat a shy expression and is cute.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

This tattoo is great to model, and you can change the coloring in the design so that this lucky cat can express your style and attract what you want it to bring you.

23. Natural Lucky Cat Tattoo

Natural tattoos are similar in design to feminine tattoos. Adding the botanical tattoo to your design can easily achieve this look, how you combine it with your lucky cat will vary from person to person, and this idea is a good place to start.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

In addition, the proper use of color ink in the design will make the tattoo look gorgeous. However, don’t overdo it. Depending on the specific design, the ratio of colored ink to black ink, your tattoo artist will give you the best answer.

24. Colorful Lucky Cat Tattoo

This colorful tattoo has a wide range of symbolic meanings, because there are so many colored inks in the design, it contains almost all the colors with specific meanings related to lucky cat.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

Thanks to the variety of colors, this lucky cat is not only eye-catching, but also looks sweet and cute. Besides, the design style of this tattoo is also very special, it is slightly different from the common thin line tattoos, it looks more real and personal.

25. Lucky Cat Tattoo With Stars

This is a design that perfectly combines the stars and the lucky cat, so it looks so aesthetic and unique. There is no specific meaning to the star tattoo in this design, it is only used for embellishment to make this cat sparkle.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

This is a classic black and gray tattoo design and this lucky cat is already gorgeous thanks to the stars. However, for some people, this look may not be enough, then you can turn black ink into bright color ink. I have tried it, and it works.

26. Playful Lucky Cat Tattoo

It looks fun, chic and playful thanks to this lucky cat expression and the white ink in the tattoo design. However, the flowers in the design make the tattoo feminine. In addition, the specific location of the cat uses red and yellow, which makes the tattoo not only have a specific meaning but also make it eye-catching and charming.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

Based on this tattoo, there is very little room for a second creative design, so it may be better to just copy it.

27. Lucky Cat Watercolor Tattoo

There are many ways to make a tattoo look feminine, and adding flowers to the design is the most popular, though for some, a watercolor style is more appealing. Plus, the colors of the watercolors can make the meaning of the lucky cat concrete. In my opinion, this design approach kills two birds with one stone.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

A single watercolor color can make a tattoo look lively and eye-catching, however, such a design cannot yet be considered ornate. If you want to give your lucky cat this look, just mix a variety of colors.

28. Lucky Cat Thin Line Tattoo

Thin line tattoos look sharp and minimal, so this design style has many loyal fans. People who like this style are more inclined to get a pure design, that is, a lucky cat tattoo that only includes the cat and no other elements. Naturally, everyone wants their ink to be unique. Based on this idea, although the space for unleashing creativity is limited, we can make a fuss about what Lucky Cat holds. Just like the idea, this lucky cat is holding a flower in his hand, and of course, it could be a four-leaf clover.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

29. Fat Lucky Cat Tattoo

At first glance, the Fat Lucky Cat is cute and rich, which is why it is so popular. This fat design is still unique compared to other designs due to the rarity of this image. Also, the cat is holding something out of the ordinary, a gourd, in its hands. Gourd is a kind of vessel in ancient China, it can be used to hold wine and water, etc. Not only that, there are also Chinese knots hanging on the gourd to pray for blessings and ward off evil spirits. Moreover, this cat also has a third eye, and the symbolic meaning of this eye is very similar to the Chinese knot. So, this is a very interesting design with deep meaning.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

30. Tiny Lucky Cat Tattoo

Designing a tiny lucky cat is a lot harder than a small tattoo, but that doesn’t mean a brilliant artist can’t do it. You must be wondering how does it look? Please check this idea.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas

To my surprise, this tiny design still retains a lot of detail, rather than just having a minimalist silhouette. I think, regardless of design or production, this is definitely not something that novice tattoo artists can easily do. So, if you want to get a lucky cat tattoo similar to this idea, I suggest you find a tattoo expert near you for help.

31. Lucky Cat Abstract Art Tattoo

This design perfectly combines abstract art with lucky cats through colorful ink. The advantage of this is that the symbolic meaning of the cat will become concrete, and in addition, it will look mysterious. Or, to put it another way, this cat looks divine. Of course, colored ink also makes it fun. I can’t help but sigh the charm of abstract tattoos, because everyone’s feelings may be different.

Lucky Cat Tattoo Ideas