65 Popular Matching Tattoo Ideas

Matching tattoos are always a hot topic, and when it comes to them, many people get excited. There’s a reason for that, as almost everyone considers getting it with their bestie, brother, sweetheart or loved one. A matching tattoo is more than just an ink, it’s also a bond of relationship. Plus, if you want to declare your relationship to others, then I can’t think of a better option than matching tattoos. In fact, this tattoo says more about your precious relationship than matching clothing, matching jewelry, or anything else.

The process of getting matching tattoos is fun, at least I think so. You will start a brainstorming session and add patterns or elements you like to the list one by one, and then make a final decision. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, it’s completely expected that even the best of friends will think differently, so you’ll end up with a lot of options. These options can give you a headache and then end up getting lost in tons of ideas.

Let’s keep it simple, I mean, let’s narrow down the options and just pick from trending designs. To that end, we’ve rounded up some popular ideas that will guide you in getting a design that resonates with you. You don’t have to worry about missing something important, from simple to bold, retro to fun, designs you can imagine and beyond are all in this guide. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and let’s explore!

1. Ballet Matching Tattoo

If you are both ballet dancers or like to dance, it makes sense to get a matching design such as this.

Ballet Matching Tattoo

2. Bee Matching Tattoo

Bee tattoos can symbolize many things, the most important of which are a positive attitude towards life and excellent teamwork skills.

Bee Matching Tattoo

3. “Until Death”

This short quote matching tattoo is a great commitment to love.

Until Death

4. Rose Line Matching Tattoo

Rose flower tattoos symbolize love which is between a couple or it can be between sisters. In addition, they also symbolize femininity.

Rose Line Matching Tattoo

5. Dandelion Matching Tattoo

Dandelion tattoos can carry and spread many positive things like love, friendship and peace.

Dandelion Matching Tattoo

6. Key and Lock Matching Tattoo

This is a sophisticated and vintage couple tattoo design and its symbolism speaks for itself.

Key and Lock Matching Tattoo

7. Double Hearts Matching Tattoo

Double hearts matching designs are not only simple but unique, they are suitable for many different relationships such as couples, sisters and family.

Double Hearts Matching Tattoo

8. Sister Matching Tattoo

This is a glamorous tattoo design for sisters, and the design of roses in the design makes it eye-catching.

Sister Matching Tattoo

9. Birth Flower Matching Tattoo

Try combining birth flowers for two people to make them look like a beautiful bouquet, no doubt, this design is absolutely unique.

Birth Flower Matching Tattoo

10. Number Matching Tattoo

Anything meaningful to your relationship can be used to design a matching tattoo, such as a number.

Number Matching Tattoo

11. Yin Yang Matching Tattoo

Yin Yang symbol tattoos signify balance and absolute stability, and they are perfect for describing relationships between couples.

Yin Yang Matching Tattoo

12. King and Queen Matching Tattoo

This is not a traditional king and queen matching design, it is inspired by poker, so it looks unique and fun.

King and Queen Matching Tattoo

13. Puzzle Matching Tattoo

The correct combination of puzzle pieces is a complete pattern, so the design symbolizes that two people are complete when they are together, that is, they cannot live without the other.

Puzzle Matching Tattoo

14. Sun and Moon Matching Tattoo

A sun and moon tattoo is a classic couple tattoo, with the sun symbolizing the masculine and the moon symbolizing the feminine.

Sun and Moon Matching Tattoo

15. Birth Year Matching Tattoo

Both of you were born in the same year? Well, the year is also one of the best elements to design a matching tattoo, don’t underestimate the numbers, they are very meaningful.

Birth Year Matching Tattoo

16. Snake Matching Tattoo

If you both love snake elements, then there’s no reason not to design your matching tattoos using them.

Snake Matching Tattoo

17. Spider matching tattoo

The idea is very similar to the previous one, with spiders being an element you all love? Well, there they are!

Spider matching tattoo

18. Triangle Matching Tattoo

The triangular structure has the best stability, and they are very suitable as a metaphor for indestructible relationships. Need a design to look feminine? This idea is prime example.

Triangle Matching Tattoo

19. Animal Matching Tattoo

Do you have a common favorite animal? If the answer is yes, why not use it to design your matching inks?

Animal Matching Tattoo

20. Funny Matching Tattoo

The action presented by this matching design is fun, and the high five is a simple and inspiring action.

Funny Matching Tattoo

21. Swallow matching tattoo

This is a family matching tattoo, the swallow symbolizes bringing good luck and happiness to the family.

Swallow matching tattoo

22. Hug Matching Tattoo

Hugging can give strength and make people feel happy. Whether designing sister tattoos, family tattoos or other types of matching tattoos, this element is suitable.

Hug Matching Tattoo

23. Cat Matching Tattoo

You all like cats? This cool and fun design is for you.

Cat Matching Tattoo

24. Star and Moon Matching Tattoo

This is a perfect combination of stars and moon design, it looks simple yet gorgeous.

Star and Moon Matching Tattoo

25. Clover Matching Tattoo

Each leaf of the clover has a specific symbolic meaning, namely faith, happiness and love. This grass is one of the best elements to design matching tattoos.

Clover Matching Tattoo

26. Dancing Matching Tattoo

Dance with your favorite people, you will feel the happiness and joy.

Dancing Matching Tattoo

27. Infinity Symbol Matching Tattoo

This design symbolizes infinite love and eternal relationship.

Infinite Matching Tattoo

28. Bracelet Matching Tattoo

This is a custom couple bracelet tattoo design and it is definitely one of a kind.

Bracelet Matching Tattoo

29. Landscape Matching Tattoo

Is there a landscape that is very important to you? It is the best blueprint for designing matching tattoos.

Landscape Matching Tattoo

30. Paper Fan Matching Tattoo

If you all like oriental traditional culture, then you should not miss this gorgeous paper fan design.

Paper Fan Matching Tattoo

31. Stars matching tattoo

Stars are a basic and classic pattern and need something simple? I suggest you start with this idea.

Stars matching tattoo

32. Milk Tea Matching Tattoo

Based on your common interests, you can easily get special matching tattoos. For example, you are all obsessed with milk tea? If the answer is yes, this fun design might excite you.

Milk Tea Matching Tattoo

33. Wings Matching Tattoo

This design symbolizes that two people are each other’s angels and that you are only complete when you are together.

Wings Matching Tattoo

34. Lotus matching tattoo

It is an enviable thing that two people have the same philosophy. If you’re all about strength and resilience, for women, the lotus is the best pattern.

Lotus matching tattoo

35. Black Matching Tattoo

Need a matching design that looks cool? Try a black tattoo! Need a design that looks feminine? How about a floral silhouette pattern?

Black Matching Tattoo

36. Airplane Matching Tattoo

You both love to travel? This airplane matching design is for your small team.

Airplane Matching Tattoo

37. Fine Line Matching Tattoo

There are countless minimalist designs to match, but I recommend that you prioritize fine line tattoos.

Fine Line Matching Tattoo

38. “I am with you”

This design is a solemn promise, and I feel true love and romance from it.

"I am with you"

39. Geometric Matching Tattoo

Looking to get a unique and personalized matching design? Custom geometric tattoos are one of the great options.

Geometric Matching Tattoo

40. Red Line Matching Tattoo

This stunningly simple red string bracelet design connects two people together.

Red Line Matching Tattoo

41. Duck matching tattoo

The more special the pattern, the more unique the design, like this matching tattoo. The ducks look cute and charming.

Duck matching tattoo

42. Chinese Matching Tattoos

This is one of the most popular Chinese tattoos, it symbolizes love and this design is great for couples.

Chinese Matching Tattoos

43. Rainbow Unicorn Matching Tattoo

The cute rainbow unicorn is your logo? What are you still hesitating about? Please use it!

Rainbow Unicorn Matching Tattoo

44. Teapot and Teacup Matching Tattoo

We all know that we can never enjoy good tea without teapot or cup.

Teapot and Teacup Matching Tattoo

45. Finger Matching Tattoo

This matching finger tattoo design is stunning and the butterfly can only show its full beauty when the fingers of the pair are merged.

Finger Matching Tattoo

46. Small Flower Matching Tattoo

This simple little flower design is cute, isn’t it? Plus, the design draws inspiration from Yin Yang culture.

Small Flower Matching Tattoo

47. Cool Matching Tattoo

This cool design symbolizes falling in love to death. The design filled with black ink is for men, and another, somewhat subdued design is for women.

Cool Matching Tattoo

48. Cross Matching Tattoo

Getting your shared beliefs tattooed on your wrist sounds like a great idea!

Cross Matching Tattoo

49. Arm Band Matching Tattoo

If matching bracelet tattoos aren’t an option for you, a more bold armband tattoo might pique your interest.

Arm Band Matching Tattoo

50. Zodiac Matching Tattoo

Combining your horoscope symbols together, this is definitely a unique and statement tattoo design.

Zodiac Matching Tattoo

51. Lightning Matching Tattoo

The lightning symbol symbolizes many things, and when it comes as a matching tattoo, the exact meaning is up to you. From the looks alone, I would recommend this to you if you need a cool, simple and trendy design.

Lightning Matching Tattoo

52. Mustache Matching Tattoo

Crown or mustache tattoo? If you need a relatively unique design, I suggest you consider the latter!

Mustache Matching Tattoo

53. Cheers Matching Tattoo

Without further ado, let’s toast to our precious friendship! Obtaining this design means that you are celebrating your relationship every moment.

Cheers Matching Tattoo

54. Waves matching tattoo

Are you all obsessed with the sea? So what about minimalist ocean wave tattoo designs?

Waves matching tattoo

55. Name Matching Tattoo

It is undoubtedly an enviable thing to tattoo the other party’s name on the body.

Name Matching Tattoo

56. Avocado Matching Tattoo

A cut avocado tattoo signifies that you are the other person’s best half. This design is suitable for couples as well as for sisters.

Avocado Matching Tattoo

57. Magnetic Tape Matching Tattoo

For music lovers, and those who like retro style, this design is perfect.

Magnetic Tape Matching Tattoo

58. Pinky Swear Matching Tattoo

A pinky vow tattoo signifies an unbreakable promise, and it’s a popular symbol for intimate relationships.

Pinky Swear Matching Tattoo

59. Coconut Tree Matching Tattoo

The coconut tree tattoo can symbolize a place, or it can represent interests you share.

Coconut Tree Matching Tattoo

60. Flame Matching Tattoo

Flame tattoos are positive and they symbolize a strong passion for something. It is also believed that it communicates a deep love.

Flame Matching Tattoo

61. Hand in hand Matching Tattoo

This is a design that makes people feel warmth and love at any time, and this tattoo connects the souls of two people closely.

Hand in hand Matching Tattoo

62. Tree Matching Tattoo

Tree tattoos mean growth and stability and they are great as family matching tattoos.

Tree Matching Tattoo

63. Letter Matching Tattoo

Name tattoo is not simple enough? So what about letter matching designs?

Letter Matching Tattoo

64. Mario and Princess Matching Tattoo

This is a couples tattoo and Mario’s mission is to save the princess and be with her forever. Choosing this design also conveys your shared interest, video games.

Mario and Princess Matching Tattoo

65. Butterfly Matching Tattoo

Just look at this design, how gorgeous and feminine it is, it really captivates me, what about you?

Butterfly Matching Tattoo