32 Cute HD Panda Phone Wallpapers

Phone wallpapers are one of the best ways to express your interests, taste and style. For example, if you’re obsessed with pandas, there’s every reason to have them on screen.

There are many reasons to like pandas, most of them are because of their cute and honest image. Here, I’m not only going to share with you the best panda phone wallpapers, but I’m also going to share with you an interesting history about this animal. I think it’s important because you get to know the animal better.

  1. Giant pandas have played an important role in Chinese culture for thousands of years. They are the most precious bears in this country.
  2. The first Westerner to see a live giant panda was the French missionary Armand David. He discovered a captive panda in China in 1869.
  3. The first panda exhibited at a Western zoo was Su Lin, brought to the United States in 1936 by Ruth Harkness.
  4. The giant panda is a beloved and iconic species around the world. However, giant pandas are still endangered, with only about 1,800 left in the wild.

32. Enjoy Spring

31. Love Bamboo

30. Cute Poses

29. Retro Style

28. Shy

27. Delicate and Charming

26. Simple Style

25. Playful

24. Lazy

23. With the Flowers

22. Tile Style

21. Enjoy Summer

20. Gradient Style

19. Enjoy Cool

18. Panda and Ladybug

17. Surfing Panda

16. Christmas Theme

15. Tiger Panda

14. Gorgeous

13. Aesthetics

12. Skateboard Panda

11. Color Block Art

10. Geometric Style

9. Panda and Planet Balloon

8. Panda Sleeping on a Mountain

7. Panda in a Tire

6. Panda Kid

5. Sleeping Panda

4. Baby Panda

3. Love You

2. Panda and Moon

1. Panda, Donut and Chick