26 Red Nail Art Designs That Capture Your Heart

If you search for red nails, I believe you will be surprised by their popularity. If the most common color of nails is ranked, this color is definitely among the top three on the list. Because of this, there are many very similar designs for red nails. This situation has also gradually caused people to become tired of this color and think it is tacky.

This is not the case. The best red nail design is like a treasure buried deep in the ground, so you need to dig further to find it. Some modern designs that follow fashion trends are still the darlings of festivals and holidays, and they are also very suitable for wearing at the beginning of the new year. I know that in-depth exploration is time-consuming and laborious, and sometimes accompanied by some frustration. The good news is that this guide allows you to skip this step.

1. Cute short red nails

Add your favorite patterns or textures to the design to make short red nails cute. This nail has a double accent design, and the pattern on the middle finger looks like a delicious strawberry doughnut.

Cute short red nails

2. Rose gold and red nails

If you think red and gold match together is tacky, but you need some glitter effect, and then relatively soft rose gold is the best choice.

Rose gold and red nails

3. Geometric red nails

This nail uses geometric shapes to match the three colors harmoniously, and they are mutually reinforcing. Red makes the nails attractive, while white and black balance the appearance and make it look somewhat neutral.

Geometric red nails

4. Red cuff nails

This red nail can easily remind people of the classic French style, but it has a completely different appearance. I believe that even this simple design will make you stand out from the crowd.

Red cuff nails

5. Luxury red nails

The luxurious appearance of this nail design is not old-fashioned and is recognized by the public.

Luxury red nails

6. Red and green combination nails

Wearing this two-tone combination nail can make you a smooth transition from Christmas to the spring of the second year. The accent nail with a simple plant pattern reaffirms this point.

Red and green combination nails

7. Red sweater and plaid shirt nails

Please don’t hesitate between sweater and plaid shirt pattern, this thoughtful red nail design allows you to have both.

Red sweater and plaid shirt nails

8. Red French nails

Regardless of the nail color, I think they will not lack the best and creative French design.

Red French nails

9. Red midline short nails

These minimal red midlines light up this basic nude short nail. This design is clever and creative, and it has inspired me.

Red midline short nails

10. Leopard red nails

Red adds more wildness to leopard nails, and this combination is both classic and fashionable.

Leopard red nails

11. Wine red fall nails

Wine red nails are most suitable for wearing in late autumn because this color reveals some brown tones.

Wine red fall nails

12. Chrome red nails

I know that there are many ways to make nails shine, such as powders and delicate accessories. But personally, I like this highly reflective chrome style the most.

Chrome red nails

13. Shining red nails

This shimmering red nail design is like a delicious jam. The uncomplicated design allows you to wear it for holidays or festivals.

Shining red nails

14. Red dot nails

These red dots give this nail a modern look.

Red dot nails

15. Red glass nails

The multi-layered hand-painted red nails look like medieval stained glass.

Red glass nails

16. Red marble coffin nails

The combination of pure red frosted coffin long nails and marble accents balances the appearance and makes the design look soft and tempting.

Red marble coffin nails

17. Retro red nails

This exquisite and gorgeous nail accessory can easily make red nails have a retro atmosphere, but it should not be used too much.

Retro red nails

18. Flower red long nails

This red rectangular nail with flowers has a mature atmosphere, which is different from the designs seen in the past. I mean, the design gives people a visual experience of grace and luxury.

Flower red long nails

19. Fun nails with red accents

A pure red accent nail can significantly improve the nail design of interesting pattern combinations and make it look full of femininity.

Fun nails with red accents

20. Red and orange gradient nails

This color combination is subtle, which makes people can’t help but look at this short nail design.

Red orange gradient nails

21. Red and white almond nails

Each nail tip design is different, red and white dance freely on the nails. The best wearing scene for almond nails should be at work and business gatherings. Although this design still looks somewhat formal, it makes this type of nail more versatile.

Red and white almond nails

22. Gorgeous red nails with pearls

The combination of luxurious pearls and gorgeous red nails is impeccable.

Gorgeous red nails with pearls

23. Vibrant red nude nails

From top to bottom, from left to right, the red powder background appears in different places of the nail. At the same time, the design incorporates some popular patterns, and the vitality of this nail is shocking.

Vibrant red nude nails

24. Red nails with abstract accents

The abstract accent nail created by multi-color foil makes this red nail unique.

Red nails with abstract accents

25. Red checkerboard nails

The checkerboard pattern is classic and interesting, and it can incorporate more colors. This kind of light blue and red matching is rare, so the appearance of the nail is naturally special.

Red checkerboard nails

26. Bold red and silver nails

The silver nail tips make this red nail design resonate with the winter atmosphere and make it exceptionally eye-catching.

Bold red and silver nails