38 Amazing Small Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

Small sun and moon tattoos are subtle, simple and meaningful, which is why they are so popular. The sun and moon represent two opposing forces, but when brought together they create a perfect balance. Alternatively, a small sun and moon tattoo is an excellent option for those looking for harmony.

Your next ink is a little sun and moon tattoo? That’s just awesome! The ideas below will inspire you. From basic designs to personalized unique tattoos, they will guide you to find the best design for you.

Minimalist small sun and moon tattoo

If you are a minimalist person, this tattoo art style is 100% to your taste. Or, are you more concerned with the symbolism behind the tattoo than the design? Well, minimalist tattoos are your thing.

Since the symbolism of the sun and moon is so powerful and wide-ranging, a small design that couldn’t be simpler can mean a lot. It can represent good and evil, life and death, masculinity and femininity, and anything in opposition.

Simple Small Sun and Moon Tattoo

Simple designs are somewhere between sophisticated and minimal, this style has something for everyone. Simple tattoos are usually unshaded and have less detail, the design only focuses on the element itself, so the tattoo ends up looking crisp and clear.

The sun and moon shapes are basic, so a simple style design can make for a smaller tattoo, and if you’re considering getting them behind the ear or on your fingers, this style is a good place to start.

Unique small sun and moon tattoo

If you need a unique small sun and moon tattoo, you can do it by adding other patterns or elements to the design. Anything will do, it depends on your style, taste and preferences. It’s worth mentioning that the symbolism of your tattoo may change when you add motifs to your design, so proceed with caution.

Of course, if you want to keep the design simple, using colored inks can also make the basic small sun and moon tattoo something unique. Often, people don’t use just one color, but multiples to create a gradient effect.

Small sun, moon and stars tattoo

The combination of the sun, moon and stars represents the gathering of cosmic forces, and even a small tattoo design is inspiring and impressive.

This design has multiple interpretations, in other words, the meaning depends on the idea and content you want to express.

Plus, someone will have it as a family tattoo. This is easy to understand, the sun is the father, the moon is the mother, and the stars are the children.

Small sun and moon finger tattoo

Want to show off your little sun and moon tattoo anytime, anywhere? Trust me, get this tattooed on your hands and you won’t be disappointed. Are you a tattoo newcomer? Well, you really should think twice.

Finger tattoos are awesome, there’s no question about that. However, the skin on the fingers is thin and lacks muscle and fat, so getting a tattoo in this area is painful. Moreover, finger tattoos are the fastest to fade.

However, I have to admit that even the simplest designs can look unique and personal on the fingers.

Small sun and moon wrist tattoo

If you are not into finger tattoos but are still looking for a best body part to show off a sun and moon tattoo, I recommend you the wrist. Wrist tattoos are chic and glamorous, plus, if you need your tattoos to remind you of something, there’s no reason to miss them.

Tattooing on the wrist can be more painful than on other body parts, but the small, delicate and simple design won’t make the discomfort last for too long.