13 Decor Ideas for Bohemian Wedding

Bohemian weddings have always been a trend in recent years. If you want to create a relaxing and romantic wedding scene on a special big day in your life, this style may be the perfect choice for you. The bohemian style creates a balanced aesthetic. In this style, you can see not only earth elements but also rich color combinations, dreamy flower decorations, and retro and simple decorations.

If you want to get a perfect bohemian wedding, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the details of the decoration, but you should use your energy to create the overall atmosphere. This looks like a very simple way of decoration, but in fact, it is full of small challenges. Once you have decided to use a bohemian wedding theme, you need some ideas to inspire you and help you decorate your wedding easily and in an orderly manner.

Ceremony background

Please use flowers and plants to decorate the wedding ceremony background.

Ceremony backgroundPin
Ceremony backgroundPin
Ceremony backgroundPin

wedding sign

Needless to say, the importance of signage in weddings. It not only plays a decorative role, but also provides important information for guests. A simple wooden sign with a beautiful white font and a dark background is the most suitable for a bohemian wedding theme.

wedding signPin

Bamboo furniture decoration

If there is no bamboo furniture to decorate the wedding scene. In my opinion, a bohemian wedding is incomplete. It can be used to decorate your reception desk, guest lounge area or as a background for taking pictures.

Bamboo furniture decorationPin
Bamboo furniture decorationPin
Bamboo furniture decorationPin

Wedding invitation

The style of the invitation letter determines the style and theme of the wedding, and it is the first thing guests can see about the wedding. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare a complete set of bohemian invitation letters.

Wedding invitationPin

Hair accessories

If you don’t want to wear a bridal hat, then you should probably prepare a beautiful wreath as an ornament for your wedding hairstyle. I think this is one of the souls of personal decoration in this style.

Hair accessoriesPin

Bridal hat

The date of your wedding happens to be in a hot and sunny summer and the venue is outdoors (such as desert or beach)? This bridal accessory is particularly interesting and practical. It can also be one of the best props for your wedding photography.

Bridal hatPin


Bohemian weddings provide you with more personal decoration space. Different from traditional weddings, please use this big corsage for weddings of this style.


Holding flowers

The design of traditional bouquets is similar. But for the bohemian style, you need to add some hay or dried flowers to the bouquet to define the style.

Holding flowersPin
Holding flowersPin

Bohemian wedding dress

Bohemian wedding dresses are the top priority of the theme. This style of wedding dresses generally have tassels, flared sleeves, lace, off-shoulder necklines and other design details. Depending on your size and needs, you will have at least loose or slightly fitting styles to choose from. Tight wedding dresses do not meet the requirements of this style.

Bohemian wedding dressPin

Plant decoration

Match hay with plants and choose simple containers. Place them in a reasonable place to decorate your bohemian wedding scene, simple and effective.

Plant decorationPin
Plant decorationPin

Hanging decorations

Hanging decorations that match this style will make your wedding look very dreamy.

Hanging decorationsPin
Hanging decorationsPin

Wedding cake

The white cake decorated with flowers looks clean and simple. This style of cake is very suitable for boho weddings.

Wedding cakePin

Colorful dresses

This style of wedding is very suitable for bridesmaids to wear brightly colored dresses. This is a good opportunity to mix and match styles. Light blue is just one of them, you can also choose orange, yellow or pink.

Colorful dressesPin