20+ Popular Table Lamps Looks Concise And Stylish

Choosing a beautiful table lamp is very important to the decoration of the house. Although its basic function is to provide lighting, for modern decoration, most people pay more attention to the role of table lamps as decorations. If you want to change your house style and create the best night atmosphere through tiny decorations, then it cannot be ignored.

Although the house style is based on the theme and color scheme. However, we cannot underestimate the added value provided by the table lamp, it will determine the final atmosphere of the room at night, and it is very likely to become one of the most important decorative products to enhance the house decoration effect. In fact, choosing a beautiful and decorative table lamp can completely transform the room from a dull, boring, cold space into a comfortable, warm leisure place, or even an exciting and pleasant center! Moreover, a desk lamp with creative design or bold color matching can be used as an eye-catching focus.

All-in-one modern table lamp

All-in-one modern table lampPin

The perfect modern table lamp, using black modern metal base and linen fabric blackout curtain, is suitable for a variety of decorative styles. Three fast USB charging ports and a 3-inch standard AC power socket are provided, and a good balance is achieved in the use of functions and design.

Blue green ceramic table lamp

Blue green ceramic table lampPin

The bold multi-color ceramic glaze and tall outline make it an eye-catching decoration in your home. With a variety of textiles and natural elements, it is easy to create a bohemian style. Or used in modern decoration, it is a practical artwork.

Candle atmosphere night light

Candle atmosphere night lightPin

Not everyone needs a desk lamp that can provide normal lighting. Some people want a night light that can create a better atmosphere at night. If you are the same and have a limited budget, then this small night light will be very worth considering. The simple design makes it suitable for almost all decoration styles, and the small size allows you to take it with you when you travel. The important thing is that its lighting effects are really great, and the light is also a Bluetooth speaker, you can use your mobile phone to connect to it and play wonderful music.

Cute little wooden table lamp

Cute little wooden table lampPin

This table lamp is small and cute, so it won’t take up much space anywhere. The light used is soft, illuminating the space without hurting your eyes. It is ideal for reading before going to bed.

Double spiral table lamp

Double spiral table lampPin

This table lamp is a double helix design, just like DNA. It looks very dreamy and very attractive. The double spiral lamp body is perfectly combined with the metal base. The warm white light is bright and eye-friendly. It can provide up to 12W of light when needed.

Edison table lamp

Edison table lampPin

This black metal table lamp looks cool, with a marble lamp holder and bulb-shaped metal lampshade, creating a simple industrial appearance. The simple line design makes it perfect whether it is used to decorate any style of room. Its classic and fashionable style can immediately attract people’s attention.

Elegant table lamp

Elegant table lampPin

The open-top cylindrical glass lampshade with leaf pattern makes it look elegant and natural. This light has a timing function, you can set its off time, which are 6h and 18h respectively. Use 2 AAA batteries as a power source, and can light up for a whole month, saving energy, but also safe and environmentally friendly.

Geometric small ceramic table lamp

Geometric small ceramic table lampPin

This geometric table lamp is so simple and elegant, it is modern and looks very clean. Because of its compact size, it is suitable for decorating small rooms or corners.

Handmade Wood table Lamp

Handmade Wood Desk LampPin

Although the design of this lamp is simple, it still looks unique. The wood used (walnut and rubber tree) is environmentally friendly and sustainable. And it is made by hand, so the details of each lamp may be unique.

Industrial table Lamp

Industrial Desk LampPin

The design of this table lamp is simple and elegant. The industrial-style design can immediately attract the eye. It is the perfect decoration for the modern house style, showing a gentle and delicate appearance under beautiful lighting! The small desk lamp base can save space, and can release a lot of light when opened, which is enough to illuminate the entire room, so it is very suitable as a work light or a study light.

Interesting table lamp

Interesting table lampPin

When you are tired of the standard switch, the unique “balanced” magnetic ball opening method can provide you with plenty of fun. This creative lamp is suitable for decoration of most rooms, such as study rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. In my opinion, it is not only a table lamp for lighting, it is more like a work of art.

Metal cage table lamp

Metal cage table lampPin

Although the size of this lamp is small, its unique design is full of industrial style. Its style also belongs to steampunk style. The biggest use of this lamp is to decorate your room. The retro style looks like an exquisite antique. The design of this desk lamp fully considers safety factors, so there is a non-slip mat at the bottom to prevent it from slipping off the bedside table easily.

Creative Table Lamp

Modern Creative Table LampPin

This table lamp has a shape similar to a human being, elegant and cute, and easy to assemble. Its shape can be changed, and the creative design provides you with a pleasant mood. It is also an ideal gift for children, family and friends.

Modern Glass Globe Table Lamp

Modern Glass Globe Table LampPin

The shape of this table lamp is very unique and can be used as an eye-catching decoration in the space. The polished metal bracket has a texture whether it is touched or looks.

Modern small table lamp

Modern small table lampPin

The design of this table lamp is minimalist, the smooth wooden base is very textured, and the transparent glass shadow gives this small lamp a simple and rustic appearance. It is a perfect complement to room decoration.

Moon marble table lamp

Moon marble table lampPin

This table lamp is made of natural alabaster from Spanish mines, with metal fittings and emerald natural marble base, which looks luxurious. The lines on the surface of the lamp are formed by sediments thousands of years after the eruption of the volcano. Natural alabaster is carved from stone, so every moon marble table lamp is unique.

Oval table lamp

Oval table lampPin

The oval design of the aluminum edge looks simple and provides a unique vision. This desk light source is white, which can easily create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and make your house decoration more elegant and modern.

Portable table lamp

Portable table lampPin

The uniqueness of this table lamp is its portable design, you can move it to any place (including outdoor or camping) when you need it. Although the size is small, it can provide bright light. With a 4000mAh rechargeable built-in battery, it can be used for up to 7 hours. Thanks to the perfect color combination of gold and navy blue, it looks elegant and charming.

Saturn lamp

Saturn lampPin

Using the novel and realistic shape of Saturn using 3D printing, this kind of light will act as a sparkling planet in the darkness of the night and easily add fun to room decoration. It is a perfect gift for children.

Spiral Design

Spiral DesignPin

With unique design and stainless steel material, this table lamp brings you a simple and unique visual experience. The warm white light creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere, making your house decoration look elegant and modern. This desk lamp can be steplessly dimmed to meet your different needs for brightness. Convenient operation, you can easily adjust the brightness to what you need with a simple touch.

Talar Glass Table Lamp

Talar Glass Table LampPin

Use this stylish and concise lamp to make a style statement in your bedroom or living room. Using neutral color combinations can bring a minimalist feel to your space.

Tripod Cinema Table Lamp

Tripod Cinema Table LampPin

Design inspiration from the old century, the perfect combination of retro and modern. This lamp can be adjusted in height and angle, and the folding wooden table lamp holder can save space.

Unique Dog Table Lamp

Unique Dog Table LampPin

The modern and cute dog table lamp is made of warm wood. This table lamp is very suitable for decorating children’s rooms or as gifts for kids.

Generally, choosing the right desk lamp needs to consider these factors: the main material, the overall shape and outline, the color combination, the light of the bulb, etc. The correct choice of table lamp style can make the decoration of your room simple, and effortlessly enhance the decorative effect. In these ideas, most table lamps can fit almost any decorative style, and you can safely choose the one you like best.