17 Glamorous Summer Dress Ideas

The sunny spring is good, but as time goes by, it has gone away from us. The exciting thing is that summer is right before our eyes. For most people, this is their favorite season of the year. Travel or go to the beach to enjoy the holiday. But before that, you may need some time to make plans and collect ideas. From the perfect transition from spring to summer, clothing matching is one of the most important.

There is no limit to creativity. You can create a new look from many aspects. Although when we open the summer wardrobe, clothes may come to us like a wave. When we match multiple clothes, we will find that there seems to be no clothes to wear. How frustrating, I feel the same as you. So, I want to make it simpler and not annoying. After several days of thinking, I found it! A stylish and simple dress can easily solve this problem, what do you think? Take a look at these ideas and get inspired by them, prepare a number of the best dresses that suit you, wear them, and spend the entire summer like a fashionista.

17. Cherry red dress

Cherry red dress

Although it is not a bright red, this darker cherry red is more suitable for summer wear. It will not make you feel the “hotness” in the visual perception, but it will make your appearance eye-catching.

16. light green

light green

Bright green is good. When applied to clothing, I think this color is difficult to control, even “dangerous.” So, should we avoid green? No, we still have this elegant and natural light green to choose from. And this color is very suitable for creating a leisurely personal look, especially when the dress style is loose simultaneously, the effect is better.

15. Light purple dress

Light purple dress

Looking for a dreamy but elegant and simple dress color? Then this light purple will be the champion of this game. It is between lavender purple and bright purple. In fact, it looks closer to white, which is unique while ensuring a low profile.

14. Linen dress

Linen dress

Breathable linen is the ideal material for summer dresses. This is one of our favorite dresses. Not only that, this material is already soft and comfortable after being improved. So please dispel your doubts and buy with confidence. The sleeves’ light design makes the white simple medium-length dress look interesting and cute, full of girlishness.

13. Neutral colors

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are always safe and versatile. Although it will not look so bold and eye-catching like bright colors. It will not look cool or full of high-end sense like dark colors. However, its advantage is that it is easiest to create an elegant appearance.

12. Orange summer dress

Orange summer dress

Everyone may know that this color of clothing is not easy to match. At least, in my opinion, the matchability of orange is relatively low. Having said that, who can reject this vibrant and lovely color? The idea is a perfect matching solution. From head to toe, the color gradually darkened, light brown straw hat, dark brown short boots. While ensuring the color balance of the combination, the orange dress was lit up again.

11. Plaid dress

Plaid dress

Simple college-style plaid dress, although the color combination is dark, but we can not think it is plain. Wearing it will give you girly appeal.

10. Polka dot dress

Polka dot dress

The big polka dot dress design is suitable for anyone to wear. Like the striped dress, it is one of the most classic styles. Off-shoulder dresses make you look smart and cute, while dresses with thin straps will make you charming. If you want to be simpler, then there are basic styles.

9. Retro simple dress

Retro simple dress

You have noticed that the retro trend is coming again. Mom jeans are one of the big trends. Of course, in this article, we only talk about summer dresses. The design of this black retro dress is simple, but the white outline is a perfect cut. Its style reminds me of the court style, and the person wearing it looks graceful and luxurious.

8. Sapphire blue skirt

Sapphire blue skirt

As shown in the picture, it is completely predictable that this color will make you stand out from the crowd, whether it is a short or long dress.

7. Sky blue

Sky blue

Wearing a skirt of this color in the hot summer, even if you are not at the beach, it will definitely make you feel cool at all times. This “dress” is a two-piece design, so you can match other tops’ styles to create different looks. For example, if you want to look casual and comfortable, try a pure white oversized T-shirt.

6. Striped long dress

Striped long dress

Based on this striped design, there are thousands of dresses to choose from. It is definitely classic and never outdated. It is easy to match with other clothing, of course, in any case, wearing it, you will look very cute. Blue is the common choice of most people, and red stripes will be enthusiastic. Yellow or orange stripes enliven you, looking for unique colors? Then please take a look at the rainbow-striped dress.

5. Summer classic office dress

Summer classic office dress

Fashionable white shirt with a nude skirt and low commuter high heels. What a classic office dress, although this kind of dressing scheme can be seen everywhere, it cannot be denied that it is still loved by ladies and will never be bored with it.

4. Tie-dye dress

Tie-dye dress

Tie-dye is an avant-garde style of art. It is impressive and easily noticeable. This year, this style is a hot fashion trend, and it will continue. A variety of subtle tie-dye styles are enough to make people dazzling. As a fashionista, you should not miss it.

3. Tight dress

Tight dress

The tight-fitting cotton dress can still make you comfortable when showing a charming figure. The opening design at the waist of the dress makes it creative and unique. Although such a dress is no longer the most “fresh” design, it is always celebrities’ darling. Almost every summer, there will be related posts appearing on Instagram to praise it.

2. Two-tone dress

Two-tone dress

It is not a dress of one color or multiple colors. Yes, it is! It’s a two-tone dress. This style has become more and more popular this year, and it has a wide range of uses. Whether it’s wearing at home, going to the beach, or going out for a cup of coffee, it performs very well. This kind of dress adopts a gradual color design to convergence the two colors, so every color matching will be beautiful.

1. White floral dress

White floral dress

I think every lady will have one or more floral dresses in her wardrobe! There are countless classic styles and create new designs every year. If we vote for the best dress, it will definitely occupy 90% of the votes. If you are worried that choosing other dresses will make you make mistakes when matching, there is no doubt that it is the only and best choice.