22 Simple And Charming Beach Wedding Ideas

For most unmarried couples, beach weddings are full of appeal. Imagine how exciting it is to hold a special carnival by the sea. Beach weddings are never monotonous and boring. Many aesthetic styles can be used for decoration. From the minimalist and chic modern style to the bohemian style sought after by countless people, or personalized themes, there are too many options for you to choose from. 

When the wedding venue is a vast beach, please give full play to your creativity. The sky is the limit. Everything is possible there, so creating your dream wedding will be much easier. I think there should be no better way to celebrate love than in this way. The waves are your background music. Step on the soft and comfortable sand, sing, and dance under the romantic starry sky. Of course, we still need to remind you. However, beach weddings are great (I think it is the best wedding destination). However, unpredictable weather is characteristic of coastal areas, where weather forecasts always fail. Therefore, this also means that you may need to prepare an extra set of plans.

Okay, let’s go back to the present. There is no reason to worry about what hasn’t happened. Now, let’s prepare for the beach wedding first. Keep looking. These simple “small” ideas will give you “big” inspiration.

Modern and minimalist

If you want to make beach weddings modern and simple, choosing this geometric minimalist wedding arch will strengthen the decorative style.

Modern and minimalist beach weddingPin

Beach wedding cake

Based on the classic wedding cake, please choose the correct color (blue) and use shells and starfish for decoration. The perfect and simple beach cake is complete!

Beach wedding cakePin

Bride’s beach wedding look

Lace tulle dresses are a perfect match for beach weddings, looking romantic and light. The waist and skirt design make the bride look like a mermaid. Of course, don’t forget to use pearl ornaments to embellish your appearance. In order to ensure the unity of style, it is best for shoes and jewelry to have the same decorative elements.

Bride's beach wedding lookPin
Bride's beach wedding lookPin

White beach wedding

There are no restrictions on the decoration of a beach wedding. You can use any color combination you like. But this kind of decoration that only uses white is truly gorgeous and elegant.

White beach weddingPin

Beach wedding DIY

Whether for venue decoration or as a gift to guests, DIY some beach wedding decorations that will make your wedding full of personality.

Beach wedding DIYPin

Champagne wall

For the open beach, we need some decorations to make a clear regional division, otherwise the scene may be “chaotic”. However, too complicated decoration is unrealistic. But this champagne wall may be an ideal choice.

Champagne wallPin

Amazing beach wedding decoration

Stunning decoration. The gauze floats slightly with the sea breeze, creating a romantic atmosphere. The roof made up of string lights is like shining stars in the sky when night comes. The hay on the table shows that the theme of this wedding is bohemian. This idea is worthy of reference. Is it your dream wedding decoration?

Amazing beach wedding decorationPin

Casual and comfortable

Use similar styles but differently shaped seats to decorate your beach wedding, making this venue look like your backyard. The intimate wedding starts here, and your family and guests will feel a relaxed, comfortable, and warm atmosphere.

Casual and comfortablePin

Floral beach wedding

Although the beach is very good, the color of this place’s environment is monotonous if you look closely. Some people like simple and neutral color combinations, while others like colorful. If you happen to like the last one, please use many flowers to decorate the beach wedding is the perfect solution.

Floral beach weddingPin

Micro Beach Wedding

Affected by the pandemic, more and more newlyweds have chosen micro weddings in the past two years. The backyard is a good place to hold this kind of wedding, of course, please don’t forget the beach.

Micro Beach WeddingPin

Beach wedding photography

What is the best destination for wedding photos? According to everyone’s common choice, the answer must be the beach. If you hold a wedding on the beach, congratulations! You will have a lot of time to take rich and beautiful photos. The sea, beach, sunrise, and sunset are the best backgrounds. Therefore, please keep the photographer busy, and it is best not to stop for a second (laughing).

Beach wedding photographyPin
Beach wedding photographyPin

Light blue bridesmaid dress

Usually, the bride’s wedding dress will choose white, and the colors of the bridesmaid dresses that can be matched may be endless. Light blue is perfect for bridesmaids to wear at beach weddings. When matched with white, the sister combination will be eye-catching.

Light blue bridesmaid dressPin

beach wedding Jewelry

When the wedding venue is on the beach, this kind of jewelry with shells or pearls is the first choice for the bride’s appearance.

beach wedding JewelryPin

Free beach wedding

The beach is very suitable for small weddings. The advantage of this type of wedding is freedom, comfort and no restrictions on decoration. In my opinion, the venue decoration similar to this idea is perfect.

Free beach weddingPin

Fun-filled ritual

A beach wedding is unique and full of fun, and many people think it is a special party. Then there is no reason to adopt traditional methods when exchanging rings. We can refer to this creative idea, it will be unforgettable for life

Fun-filled ritualPin

Decoration details

No matter what the wedding theme is, whether the decoration is perfect or not is determined by the seemingly “inconspicuous” details.

Decoration detailsPin

Creative beach wedding decoration

The idea is a creative and popular beach wedding decoration. The seat display made of oyster shells adds a touch of elegance to the wedding. And it can also be used as a unique gift for guests.

Creative beach wedding decorationPin

Beach wedding with plant

Beach weddings decorated with monochrome plants are simple and modern. Not only that, plants can also block some of the sun during the day and create subtle shadows. Although no light string is used here, these evenly distributed light bulbs can provide good lighting and create a relaxed and warm dinner atmosphere.

Beach wedding plant decorationPin

Beach wedding invitation

A perfect invitation that fits the wedding theme and destination can impress your guests, so it is a very important part of the wedding plan. It is best to add more personalized designs. In this year, more and more unmarried couples have begun to pay attention to and make their wedding as environmentally friendly as possible, so electronic invitations are also a good choice and can also save costs.

Beach wedding invitationPin

Beach wedding table decor

In contrast to traditional weddings, the table decoration for beach weddings is absolutely simple. A charming floral combination, modern metal vases, and blue decorations with sea elements are enough. Of course, this is the basic decoration scheme. You can adjust these decorations according to the wedding’s specific style to be as perfect as possible. For example: If your beach wedding is dominated by bohemian style, the color combination of flowers should be rustic and monochromatic. The color of the flowerpot can be neutral, and the color of the blue decoration should be lighter.

Beach wedding table decorationPin