20+ Fashionable Almond Nails For 2021

Are you looking for nail shapes that are popular and always in trend? Well, almond nails are definitely worth trying. This shape of nails is one of the most popular types, and it is easy to understand why, because it is elegant, looks delicate, and absolutely stylish. The shape of almond nails is inspired by real almonds, the most worth mentioning is that it can make the fingers look slender and beautiful.

Almond nails are a slender version of oval nails. Compared with pointed stiletto nails, it is softer and low-key. The delicate shape is most suitable for ladies who like long nails. Of course, the design of short almond nails is equally good. We have prepared for you the most popular and new almond nail ideas this year. From bright bold color combinations to stylish and simple classic designs, these nail ideas will help you wear them perfectly.

Rose almond nail

Rose almond nailPin

Pink and roses are one of the best combinations. Use them to design nails and maximize the elegance of almond-shaped nails.

Green natural almond nails

Green natural almond nailsPin

If you are surrounded by leafy plants everywhere, why not be creative and apply them on your nails? Slender almond-shaped nails provide plenty of room for creativity. Therefore, the details of the plants can be displayed perfectly, as if they were real.

Burberry Almond Nails

Burberry Almond NailsPin

Burberry is one of women’s favorite luxury brands, I believe you have seen similar designs on other nail shapes. So, for women’s favorite almond nails, they can’t be missed.

Navy blue Plaid Almond Nails

Blue Plaid Almond NailsPin

Sometimes, just simply apply a beautiful color of nail polish to make your nails look great. Of course, in order to have some design beauty, you can use simple but stylish grid elements like this idea. Try to use this shade in the warm season of this year for a refreshing look.

Orange almond nails

Orange almond nailsPin

Bright colors are also suitable for almond nails, just like this orange color. Apply it on the nails, not only to get an elegant texture, but also to look very lively.

Cow print almond nails

Cow print almond nailsPin

Animal patterns can make almond nails look interesting. At the same time, this cow print is a classic and always popular, so please feel free to use it.

Half gold French almond nails

Half gold French almond nailsPin

Applying only one color of French tip almond nail fingertips look boring? So, you can refer to this idea and try to use two colors. The combination of green and gold looks creative and great!

Simple but elegant almond nails

Simple but elegant almond nailsPin

If you are looking for minimalist style french almond nails, but at the same time look unique, then this idea can meet your requirements.

White swirled almond nails

White swirled almond nailsPin

This year, the swirl nail design is very hot. This type of nail has a creative design while maintaining a simple appearance. Then, almond nails must follow the fashion trends.

Funny almond nails

Funny almond nailsPin

Almond nails are not only elegant, in fact, it can have many different visual perceptions. For example, this idea looks cute, funny and weird.

What is the best almond nail design?

If you must choose the best almond nail design, in my opinion, classic French or nude almond nails can win this game. Because these two styles of almond nails are chosen by most women, you can see this phenomenon on social networking sites. However, the excellent design of almond nails is far more than these two styles. It can be said that its designs are endless. From gradient color to golden or silver nails and creative marble nails, almost all nail styles can be presented on this nail shape, and the effect is very good. Please keep looking, there is always an almond nail that is your favorite and suitable for you.

Gold nude almond nails

Gold nude almond nailsPin

Nude and almond nails are definitely the best partners. There is no problem with just applying the color, but if you want to make the nail design look stylish and distinctive on this basis, then you need some other colors, such as sparkling gold.

Purple almond nails

Purple almond nailsPin

Purple is one of ladies’ favorite colors, and this color is often very charming. Almond nails represent elegance, so this nail design perfectly combines these two feelings.

Fluorescent Green Almond Nails

Fluorescent Green Almond NailsPin

Almond nails are also suitable for this special color, and fluorescent green is one of the favorites of trendy people.

Rainbow Almond Nails

Rainbow Almond NailsPin

The combination of rainbow colors has become popular in recent years. You can see the frequent appearance of this color combination on most fashion products. They can make people feel relaxed and happy.

Matte red Almond Nails

matte Crimson Almond NailsPin

Just applying red nail polish may look ordinary, so what about the deep red with this matte texture? In my opinion, it is unique.

colorful almond nails

Colourful almond nailsPin

This idea can also be called rainbow nails, but it is more beautiful, right? Because its background color uses silver sequins, it is more eye-catching.

light Green Marble Almond Nails

light Green Marble Almond NailsPin

Marble style works well on almond nails, even though I think it looks better than marble acrylic nails. Of course, the color of this idea is also unique, and we rarely see the use of light green nail designs.

cute Dot Almond Nails

cute Dot Almond NailsPin

Although the dot design elements are used, their orderly arrangement makes it look very cute.

Sky blue empty almond nails

Sky blue empty almond nailsPin

What is the color of the sky? This nail design will tell you! It is suitable for wearing in the hot summer.

Pink almond nails

Pink almond nailsPin

Although pink is not used as the base color of nails, just using some is enough. The stark contrast of nude color and bright pink gives it a unique charm.

What is the most popular almond nail color?

In fact, the color of almond nails is the same as acrylic nails, and there is no fixed range of choices, because this nail is not a holiday or theme style nail type. If you still can’t make the final choice of color, then you can refer to the most popular nail colors this year, and you will not go wrong in choosing among these colors. Of course, here we also suggest several colors to you as a reference, the first is nude, this color is a timeless classic for almond nails. Next is light blue. This color has been very popular in recent years, it is most suitable for hot summer. Finally, red, pink, and lavender purple are also worth choosing colors because they are always popular.

Half marble almond nails

Half marble almond nailsPin

What is the creative design of marble almond nails? Unique colors, interesting shapes.

Zebra almond nails

Zebra almond nailsPin

The popular animal pattern is not only cow print, this creative zebra French almond nail is worth trying.

Black almond nails

Black almond nailsPin

Almond nails can be cool, the simple way is to choose the right color, such as black. This idea looks cool and elegant!

Minimalist almond nails

Minimalist almond nailsPin

The minimalist style does not mean that there is no fashion beauty. Only simple geometric design elements can reflect the design aesthetics of this nail perfectly. At the same time, the design looks somewhat abstract.

Holographic Almond Nails

Holographic Almond NailsPin

No one can refuse holographic nails. As the fingers move, the color of the nails flickers. Almond nails are an excellent nail shape to show off the “holographic” effect because it provides a larger surface to capture light.

Golden short almond nails

Golden short almond nailsPin

This nail design will be gorgeous, noble and elegant at the same time.

Black tips almond nails

Black tips almond nailsPin

Add some luxury to cool and elegant French almond nails? Then, please add some gold leaf at your fingertips.

Simple marble almond nails

Simple marble almond nailsPin

This marble nail is so real, this idea is one of our favorites.

Fluorescent yellow almond nails

Fluorescent yellow almond nailsPin

In addition to fluorescent green, you can also choose fluorescent yellow, these two colors are very bright and lively, they can be used throughout the year.

Milky white almond nails

Milky white almond nailsPin

Milky white almond nails are cute and charming.

Almond nails seem to be magical. When you try this nail shape for the first time, I believe you will be deeply attracted by its elegance and fascinated by it. In fact, you can wear this kind of nails throughout the year, all you need is to choose different popular colors in different seasons. Choose your favorite almond nail design among these ideas, it’s time to show off!