36 Living Room Decor Ideas For You In 2021

The living room is the core area of the house, and its importance is beyond doubt. As the place where our daily activities, friends, and family gather the most, the living room must be carefully decorated, not only eye-catching, but also comfortable. Here, you can enjoy a happy holiday, read books to relax, organize a family party, or carry out parent-child activities.

Because the living room has various functions in life, in my opinion, every detail of decorating the living room is very important, and we must think carefully. From the selection of decorations to the placement of furniture to excellent color combinations and creative wall decorations, these different ways can make the entire living room space gorgeous and comfortable.



Blue is one of the best colors to express gorgeous and luxurious, but when using this color in home decoration, you should be careful and cautious. Because blue is used too much or even as the main color, the decorative effect will look a little cold, and it is easy to give people a feeling of loneliness. The correct method should be used in conjunction with other colors, such as white or gray, and this color is only used as a decorative color, not the main color.

Pastel colors

Pastel colorsPin

This color looks very soft, even if it is exposed to sunlight, the effect is great. It is very suitable for women to decorate their apartment living room. And it is not a bright color, so please rest assured to use it with other colors.

Special corner

Special cornerPin

When decorating the living room, we must use space effectively. In ensuring a good decorative effect, while taking into account practicality.

Throw away the TV

Throw away the TVPin

For modern life, the TV may become an ornament in the living room. There are fewer and fewer TV watching, most of the time, we are facing mobile phones and computers. So why not discard the TV? Replace with real decorations.

Fireplace decoration

Fireplace decorationPin

In most people’s living rooms, the TV or sofa background wall may not be the main area to attract attention. If your idea is the same, then before decorating the living room, you should start with the fireplace decoration.

Color balance

Color balancePin

Black and gray are two high-end colors. But using it as the main color of the wall can make the space depressing. So in order to eliminate this negative feeling, we should consider light-colored series when choosing furniture.

creative design

creative designPin

We should fully consider the structure of the house, and decorate the living room according to its shape, which will show special effects. This living room looks very creative.



Excellent living room decoration effect is not only the choice and placement of furniture, the color and decoration of the wall. In my opinion, the creation of atmosphere is equally important, especially at night, so the lighting arrangement is very important.

Bold color

Bold colorPin

It is easy to create the decoration style of the living room, but the combination of colors is difficult, especially this bold and bright color.

Simple color combination

Simple color combinationPin

What is the simplest and safest strong contrast color combination? The answer is obvious, black and white.



The wooden decoration on the top of the living room makes the overall rustic style stronger. Of course, if you want to add some modern style to it, the green sofa in this idea will inspire you.

Background wall

Background wallPin

The decoration of the living room is not complicated, and a background wall of unique color is enough.



When decorating the living room, we must determine the visual centerline, only in this way can the overall space look orderly. Some people use the TV and sofa placement, while others use the fireplace.



In addition to unique colors, of course we can also use large decorations to create the background wall effect. This large metal mirror makes the whole living room look magnificent, just like a palace.



The furniture in the living room is made of wood, which makes the whole area look very warm.

Echo each other

Echo each otherPin

The chandelier in the living room echoes the decoration on the background wall. This is really a smart and creative design.



Marble is easy to create a luxurious texture, and if you are decorating this effect for your living room, then it is worth considering.

Visual unity

Visual unityPin

Using similar wood floor colors and wall colors is an error-prone design method. But we have to admit that this decorative effect is really amazing, and the overall feeling of the living room is very good. This is an idea worthy of reference and reference.

Flexible decoration

Flexible decorationPin

How to flexibly place the sofa in the open large living room? Please check the shape of the carpet carefully, I believe you have found the answer.

Plant decorations

Plant decorationsPin

There are many details in the decoration of this living room, the color of the sofa echoes the color of the plants, and the color of the flower pot echoes the color of the pillows.

Make the most of space

Make the most of spacePin

There are many details in the decoration of this living room, the color of the sofa echoes the color of the plants, and the color of the flower pot echoes the color of the pillows.



Simple TV cabinet, random carpet and soft single sofa in the corner of the living room. The decoration of this living room looks very comfortable, casual and free.



Boho style is always in trend, especially in home decoration, this style is one of the most popular. The wooden beams in this living room make this style even stronger.

Light string decoration

Light string decorationPin

If you think that you only use hanging paintings to decorate the walls of the living room, it may look ordinary without any bright spots. Then, you can try the small details of the decoration in this idea, and use string lights to light up your wall decoration.

Simple TV background wall

Simple TV background wallPin

Some people like free living room decoration style, while others like orderly decoration. You can achieve this decorative effect through the placement of furniture, or you can refer to the TV background wall in this idea.

Simple but beautiful wall

Simple but beautiful wallPin

The wall decoration of the living room is really simple, just use some interesting hanging paintings, you can get the effect you want.

Metal furniture

Metal furniturePin

How to push the modern and simple living room decoration style to the extreme? Please try to use furniture with metallic texture.

Small living room decoration

Small living room decorationPin

The decoration of the small living room can be like this idea, without placing the TV cabinet and choosing low furniture. The advantage of such decoration is that it can make the space look bigger.

The soul of the living room

The soul of the living roomPin

I think everyone agrees that the sofa is the soul of living room decoration. A unique sofa material and shape can effectively enhance the decorative effect.

Modern and retro

Modern and retroPin

This idea perfectly combines modern and retro living room decoration styles.



The minimalist living room decoration style is easy to create, but we need to pay attention to that we should let the space have a sense of hierarchy. Otherwise it will look ordinary.



The placement density of plant decorations will directly affect the decorative effect. If we put more plants, it’s like being in nature.

Absolutely casual

Absolutely casualPin

If the living room is a private space for you, then decorating ideas like this are more appropriate. Casual and creative!

Fun living room

Fun living roomPin

How to make the living room decoration effect interesting? This idea will inspire us. Layered carpets, interesting paintings on the walls and unique decorations.

Unique living room chandelier

Unique living room chandelierPin

Using unique and creative lamps is also a good way to create a living room decoration.

Living room corner decoration

Living room corner decorationPin

If your living room is large enough, then please divide the area to create a separate leisure area.

Whether your living room focuses on an open space for guest leisure, or a smaller comfortable space, these popular living room creative ideas this year will definitely inspire you to transform or decorate your living room. From bold and innovative color combinations to richly patterned wallpapers, these ideas will inspire you. These beautiful living room displays will guide your decoration ideas, of course, please try to blend your own personality.