20 Letter Nail Designs That Look Special and Personal

Do you like letter nails? If your answer is YES! This post is for you.

If browsing Instagram is part of your daily life, you will find that not many people share and wear this type of nails. However, this situation does not mean that it’s not worth considering.

There are two sides to the coin; the smaller number of designs means that letter nails are niche. The upside is that you won’t see a lot of people wearing the same or similar nails as you. In other words, this kind of nail might make you stand out from the crowd easily.

On the other hand, it may be difficult for you to get a satisfactory design because there are so few designs available for reference and inspiration. However, don’t worry, we will help you solve this problem.

When I talk to others about their reasons for wearing letter nails, people give me some answers, and I summarize them in the following three.

Firstly, this nail art is very personal and people believe that they can make themselves unique through it.

Secondly, people express their thoughts or specific content through letters. For example, brides wear letter nails to express love and joy on their wedding day. In addition, people also wear them on holidays and birthdays.

Finally, some people think that letter patterns are fun, so they paint them on their nails.

Time is precious and next we will share with you the best letter nail designs. They cover a wide range of styles and some of the designs match the letters with other popular patterns and color combinations. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them and can’t wait to copy them.

1. Nude nails with old English letters

Old English letters look vintage and stylish, and they stand out even more when they’re matched with classic nude nails.

Nude nails with old English letters

2. Overlapping letter nails

The overlapping letter design gives each nail an impressive look. Of course, the overall effect is even better.

Nails with overlapping letters

3. long coffin nails with Letters

The big letters on long coffin nails possess a stunning appeal.

Long Coffin Nails With Letters

4. Letters and stars on short nails

If you think letters still look a bit monotonous on short nails, add some simple star patterns to the design.

Letters and stars on short nails

5. Accent

Draw letters on your middle finger to make it an accent nail. I think this design will make it easier for people to know what you are wanting to say.


6. Ombre

The combination of Ombre style and letter design makes your nails look more vibrant.


7. Love Letters Neon Nails

If you want to form a word by multiple letters on your nails, but you don’t know which word to choose, I highly recommend using ‘love.’ This word is popular and does not have a negative impact. In addition, the neon style will make the nails look more eye-catching.

Love Letters Neon Nails

8. French Nails with Letters

The V-shaped French tips design makes the letters have a strong visual impact. Moreover, the V-shape makes the fingers look slender.

French Nails With Letters

9. Almond Nails with Letter L

If only one nail has a letter, it must have depth of meaning. Plus, the design needs to be creative so that it looks outstanding on minimalist almond nails. I hope this letter ‘L’ can inspire you.

Almond Nails with Letter L

10. Bold

If you’re obsessed with an eye-catching look and feel, please try a bold and colorful letter design!


11. Black and white

The black and white letter design looks modern on classic light pink nails. This design is both low-key and showy.

Black and white letters

12. Gothic letter nails

There are many font styles such as old English, modern serif and sans serif and handwritten. Of course, if you want to make the letters on your nails look more unique, you can try the Gothic Style.


13. Trendy

Multiple popular patterns and colors can be easily created for trendy nails. We’re talking about specific themes, so don’t forget to add unique letter patterns to the design.


14. Fantastic

If you want to make the letters on your nails look fantastic, you should match them with a dreamy background.


15. Letter Holiday Nails

Letters are perfect for designing holiday nails, because through them you can form specific words suitable for the holidays.

Letter Holiday Nails

16. Simple

Simple is a style and a feeling. Look at how these letters effect on short nails, they are so clean and clear.


17. Cute

The thick letters create a cute atmosphere for matte nails.


18. Nails with gold letter

The luxurious gold letter gives the nail a queenly vibe, and admittedly it looks best on white nails.

Nails with gold letter

19. Flower Nails with Letters

Match the letters to the flowers and the nails have a spring and summer vibe.

Flower Nails with Letters

20. Mix

Mixed nails are designs with a personal touch, and in addition to bright letters, you can also match your favorite patterns and nail ornaments.