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33 Fabulous Daisy Tattoo Ideas and Designs (2022)

Usually, daisy tattoos look simple and lovely. There are countless designs associated with this flower, and it’s no exaggeration to say that any one of them is attractive.

The meaning of the daisy is deep and inspiring, and just like other flower tattoos, it’s one of the most popular tattoo design themes.

Daisy tattoos are suitable for both men and women, young and old. Of course, the prerequisite is that you like this pure flower or its meaning is exactly what you need.

If you meet any of the above criteria, don’t hesitate to add daisies to your ink list.

Moreover, with the trend, the daisy has become a popular symbol ( pattern ) and it is as much sought after as the smiley face, the heart, the flame, the rose or the moon. This also means that getting a daisy tattoo may make you a fashionista.

Next, we will share with you the best daisy tattoo designs with easy to understand meanings and simple ideas, please enjoy!

1. Small daisy tattoo

Small tattoos can be placed anywhere, and if you want the daisy to be unobtrusive, a small design is the smartest choice.

small daisy tattoo

2. Minimalist

You never have to worry about minimalist tattoos going out of style and the style is fantastic because it’s so easy to attract people. Just like this daisy, it looks so chic.

minimalist daisy tattoo

3. Daisy tattoo with quote

Do you need a tattoo that can clearly express your personal thoughts? Trust me, a quote tattoo will satisfy you. The combination of this kind of tattoo with daisy makes the meaning deeper and looks more attractive.

Daisy tattoo with quote

4. Simple

Who doesn’t like simple? This style can match any pattern and the final look of the tattoo suits everyone. Just look at this daisy and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

simple daisy tattoo

5. Sunflower and daisy tattoo

Sunflower tattoos mean hope and sunshine, and daisies symbolize love and kindness. Plus, these two kinds of flower look simply perfect when matched together. The energetic color combination makes everyone feel happy.

sunflower and daisy tattoo

6. Rose and daisy tattoo

If you want to enhance the loving meaning of the daisy, you can add a rose tattoo to its surrounding. The two types of flowers can be combined together as a bouquet or placed freely. Both designs look great.

rose and daisy tattoo

7. Daisy bracelet tattoo

Look at this bracelet tattoo created by daisies, it is so natural, fresh and elegant. I think a tattoo like this is more attractive than real jewelry.

daisy bracelet tattoo

8. Realistic

Tattoos designed with a realistic style are always more likely to wow people. Look at this daisy, which is more natural and rustic than any of the designs here.

realistic daisy tattoo

9. Daisy tattoo with moon

The moon makes the daisy mysterious and look fantastic. It is worth mentioning that the moon tattoo created with waves here.

daisy tattoo with moon

10. Daisy Tattoo with butterfly

The butterfly tattoo also has deep meaning. However, in this design, this beautiful insect mainly serves to accent the daisy.

Daisy tattoo with butterfly

11. Daisy Bouquet Tattoo

For some people, having only daisies in a design may feel monotonous or not perfectly convey the specific meaning. Well, bouquet tattoos can easily solve these small problems.

Daisy Bouquet Tattoo

12. daisy Friendship tattoo

Among the symbolic meanings of the daisy is friendship. If your close friends are fond of this flower, a friendship tattoo designed with it is perfect for you and your sisters.

friendship daisy tattoo

13. Daisy Wreath Tattoo

A wreath tattoo designed with daisies symbolizes love, joy, vitality, achievement and victory.

Daisy Wreath Tattoo

14. Daisy Tattoo with name

A name tattoo is used to commemorate a person. Excitingly, the symbolic meaning of the daisy also includes “remembrance.” Therefore, the combination of the two is complementary. Also, thanks to this flower, the design expresses love for someone.

Daisy tattoo with name

15. Smiley Daisy Tattoo

Do you know anthropomorphic design? The combination of a smiley face tattoo and a daisy is a perfect example.

Smiley Daisy Tattoo

16. Daisy heart tattoo

If your favorite flower is the daisy or the meaning you want to express through your tattoo is love, a heart tattoo wrapped with this flower is the right design for you.

daisy heart tattoo

17. Watercolor

Vibrant, vibrant, do you need more vibrance? If Yes, try this daisy and watercolor art style fusion design.

watercolor Daisy Tattoo

18. Daisy Sleeve tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are large and stunning, so usually the daisy will match other flowers or patterns. The advantage of this design is that the tattoo will have a specific and deep meaning, the disadvantage is that it is costly and time-consuming.

Daisy tattoo sleeve

19. White

The most common daisy we see is white. This color of daisy means purity and it is more suitable for expressing love.

white daisy tattoo

20. Black and white

Black and white tattoos usually give people a neutral, modern and cool look. A daisy with this color combination means honoring someone who has died. However, this may not be entirely true. Because some people also mentioned that the meaning behind the black and white design depends on the person.

black and white daisy tattoo

21. Yellow

If you want to get a daisy matching tattoo with your bestie, yellow is the perfect color. This color of daisy means friendship and happiness.

yellow daisy tattoo

22. Pink

For those who want to show off their femininity and gentleness, they should seriously consider the pink daisy.

pink daisy tattoo

23. Blue

The blue daisy will show that you are a sensual and sensitive person.

blue daisy tattoo

24. Red

The red daisy means passion and love. It is rumored to indicate that you are a more energetic person than other colors of daisies.

red daisy tattoo

25. Colorful

Inspired by the colorful tattoos, the daisy looks interesting combining all the colors together.

colorful daisy tattoo

26. behind ear

A tattoo behind the ear may be reserved for someone who is understated and individualistic. Getting a daisy tattooed here will show that you are a gentle and attentive girl.

Daisy tattoo behind ear

27. on neck

Do you want to declare something through daisies? Please consider getting it tattooed on your neck.

Daisy tattoo on neck

28. on ankle

In addition to the important symbolic meaning, daisies on the ankle can make you glamorous.

Daisy tattoo on ankle

29. on forearm

The forearm is a regular and less painful place to get a tattoo, and any size and style of daisy design will fit there.

Daisy tattoo on forearm

30. On finger

Finger tattoos are for those who like to show off and be bold, and getting a daisy tattooed on your finger is definitely striking enough, even if it is small.

Daisy finger tattoo

31. On shoulder

The advantage of getting a daisy tattoo on your shoulder is that you can decide to show it or hide it by wearing different styles of clothing.

Daisy shoulder tattoo

32. On wrist

Daisies are beautiful and inspiring, and more importantly, the symbolism of this flower resonates with people. If you think so too, get it tattooed on your wrist so you can always see it.

Daisy tattoo wrist

33. on collarbone

The collarbone is one of the most feminine parts of the body, so I think this is the most suitable location for daisy tattoos.

Daisy tattoo on collarbone