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21 Short Summer Gel Nail Ideas 2020

If you are looking for gel nail design ideas for summer 2020, then please let us get together.

Every season has its corresponding nail color as well as design elements, and most people think that summer is the best season to use a variety of colors, and yes, in a sense, summer has the greatest tolerance for color.

But not all colors are appropriate for the season, especially darker or darker colors. From time to time, I see people asking what is the best summer color for gel nails.

Why is this a problem? Because gel nails are usually short, the nails that can be used for design or decoration are not large in size, and this type of nail relies more on color to express the design and attract the eye.

I did some collecting and ended up finding that in the summer, gel nails are usually made in light blue (baby blue), light pink, coral red, lavender purple and nude colors for any season.

These colors are chosen the most often and are perfect for hot summer days, usually bright colors that give a cool feeling and are attractive without being monotonous.

If you are not satisfied with using color to retouch your nails, then you need to look for the best summer gel nail design elements, gels will always come along with short nails, so the available design elements are not as abundant as acrylic nails, but they are equally good. Some of the most popular design elements are a variety of delicious fruits, such as cherries, watermelons, dragon fruits and pineapples. They appear as hand-drawn patterns on a single or multiple nails or as a complete set of fruit-themed designs.

Design elements about nature are also good, such as butterflies or various green plants.

If you’re not interested in hand-painting patterns, or if you just want to do your gel nails yourself at home, then the best design would be to choose multiple summer-appropriate colors and then do a reasonable color palette, which would be simple and cute.

Get inspired by these ideas and pick out the perfect summer gel nails for you and let’s have a great time welcoming summer together.