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40 Cute Spring Short Nails Art Ideas 2020

The long and cold winter has passed, and spring has arrived. This season represents the beginning of the year, and most people change new images at this time, such as: new hairstyles and different styles of makeup. Of course, the nail style that perfectly matches the spring is also essential.

Spring is the perfect season, and in winter, you can only choose a deep nail color and monotonous nail style design. In spring, you can flexibly choose a variety of colors and try different nail designs as long as you like.

Each season has its best nail color matching, as well as the nail design elements that best represent that season. Although spring is very flexible, if you want to fully express spring and welcome it, please go ahead and I will show you below!

Best spring nail design:

Spring represents the recovery of everything, so the best spring nail design is a flower or a design element representing nature. There are many types of flowers. The most popular is the rose design element. Of course, such a design must be complicated and you Can only go to the nail salon to complete. If you always like a simple design style and want to make spring nails at home, then you can only draw simple outlines of various plants or simple small flowers on your nails and apply them to only 2-3 nails.

Most people want to apply nail styles that only contain color. However, in order to avoid monotony, you need to match 2-3 nail colors that are most suitable for spring. What is the most suitable nail color for spring? Below you will be inspired by colors.

The most suitable spring nail color:

The preferred colors in spring should be bright or light colors, such as: bright green and light blue (baby blue), almost all colors of bright and light colors can be selected, but please avoid using colors in winter For example, brown or dark red is the main nail color.

9 Most popular spring nail colors:

  1. light blue
  2. Lavender
  3. Bright yellow
  4. Tender pink
  5. Mint green
  6. Classic blue
  7. Milk tea color
  8. Nude
  9. Milky white
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Is it difficult to imagine the nail design style of spring 2020 through words? These cute spring nail design ideas will inspire you, if you have a better idea, please let me know!