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22 Popular Acrylic Summer Nails Colors

The arrival of summer means that the rules for nail design will disappear. You can choose your favorite nail color and type in summer, and this season is also a great opportunity to show different nail designs. So, please start preparing your summer nails now.

Are you looking for the best acrylic nail color for summer 2020? Check out these 22 popular nail ideas we have prepared for you. They include blue with different levels of brightness, simple white nails, coral red, nude, yellow, and light purple. These ideas are well worth trying! #nails #summernails #simplenails #acrylicnails

For any season, simple and stylish acrylic nail design is still the most popular, so summer is no exception, and this design style is more popular in summer. That’s right, we only need direct unique colors, not complex and gorgeous decorations on the nails. However, although the choice of colors can be arbitrary, but for the hot summer, it also has the best nail color.

Summer nails color

The color of nails in summer is extremely extreme, one is a bold bright color, and the other is a low-key light color. The bright colors are very eye-catching and can highlight the warm summer. If you are a person who likes to highlight individuality, then this type of color must not be wrong. The light color is the opposite, it can cool the temperature psychologically, making people feel calm and cool, and the light color naturally has a unique mystery.

The most popular nail colors are: blue, white, coral red, nude, yellow and light purple. Of course, when choosing these colors, you need to pay special attention to their brightness. The different brightness of the same color will give people a completely different visual feeling.

Which color should I choose? Don’t worry, we will show you 22 acrylic nail colors that are popular in the summer, hope to inspire you!

Don’t let ideas and creativity just stay in the list. Most of these acrylic summer nail designs are very simple. If you have the tools to make acrylic nails, then you only need some time to easily complete it yourself.

22 Popular Acrylic Summer Nails Colors

Slightly adjust the saturation or brightness of these popular nail colors in summer, they will bring you different visual feelings and unique charm. Choose the design and color you like from these ideas. If you can, please give play to your ideas and creativity, and combine these ideas ingeniously, you will find that the design of summer nails will rise to another height.