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20 Cute Halloween Short Nails For 2020

As Halloween is approaching, you dress up your home. Now it’s time to start thinking about personal outfits, such as themed clothing, makeup, and of course ladies will also prepare nails that fit the Halloween theme. Usually Halloween nail designs are mostly acrylic nails, because of their excellent nail shape and length, they are very thematic design elements placed on the nails. However, the cost of acrylic nails is relatively high and if it is only used for a few days instead of “for a long time”, then obviously Halloween acrylic nails are not a good choice.

20 Cute Halloween Short Nails For 2020

So what kind of nail design should we choose? The answer is: cute Halloween short nail design. First of all, the short nail design is very convenient, you only need a little cost and time to own it. If you have some experience in making your own nails, you can even finish them at home. Moreover, short nails are usually not made of acrylic materials, so when you no longer need them, you can easily remove them.

In terms of style, it is strongly recommended that you choose a cute style, because usually the combination of short nail design and cute style performs best. Very cool nail design We recommend that you choose acrylic nails. Very cool design elements do not perform very well on short nails and may even make people look weird. Of course, if your overall dress style for Halloween is cute, then choosing cute short nails will be perfect.

Cute Halloween short nails usually have two design directions: the first is to use hand-painted Halloween theme elements, and the second is to choose a color that matches the Halloween theme. Of course the best practice is to combine the two points. If you want to make your own nails at home, then we recommend that you choose the second design scheme, because the design of hand-drawn patterns usually requires the help of a nail artist.

Regarding the design elements of cute Halloween short nails, the most popular and suitable in terms of patterns are: pumpkins, cartoon ghosts, black cats, moons, stars and cute bats. For the color of Halloween nails, black, red and pumpkin (bright yellow) and green and purple are the colors that most people will choose. Of course, this combination is the easiest to highlight the design of Halloween-themed nails. If you just want to express a little bit of the atmosphere of Halloween, then I suggest you choose one or two design elements and put them on one fingernail only, as for the choice of color, there is no strict requirement, please choose the color you like it is good. Don’t like hand-drawn patterns? Then choose 2 to 3 colors that match the theme of Halloween, and determine one of them as the main color, and the other as a decorative color is also a good choice.

We believe that you can easily imagine the halloween-themed nail design elements and colors, but how to combine them perfectly becomes a problem that most people think about. Do n’t worry, please forgive yourself, after all, this is a nail designer work. Of course we won’t stop. The good thing is that we have put together 20 cute Halloween short nail design ideas that will be popular this year. They contain all the design elements described above and the colors that match the theme. Hope to inspire you.

Many of the Halloween nail designs are cool acrylic long nails. Choosing cute short Halloween nails is undoubtedly a performance of personality, and when you think about how to match Halloween makeup and costumes, they will be very friendly. These cute The short Halloween nails will allow you to consider more different Halloween makeup and costumes.