22 Popular Ankle Tattoo Designs

For women, what is the best body part for a tattoo? The answer is wrist or arm? These body parts are indeed very popular, but please don’t forget that there are also charming ankles to choose from. In my opinion, ankle tattoos have always been one of the most popular types of women’s tattoo art, because their designs look stylish and beautiful. And this kind of tattoo is always considered to be the easiest to express femininity tattoo type.

Not only that, ankle tattoos will make the feet more eye-catching, while also adding personal charm. This type of tattoo is not only a trend, we think it has become a classic. We have prepared some of the best design ideas for you so that you can get inspiration before getting a tattoo. If you find your favorite design from it, don’t forget to save it, you can find it right away when you need it!

1. Flower Anklet Tattoo

Flower tattoo design elements are timeless classics and are deeply loved by people. Use it for anklet tattoo design to look charming and elegant.

Flower Anklet Tattoo