22 Popular Ankle Tattoo Designs

For women, what is the best body part for a tattoo? The answer is wrist or arm? These body parts are indeed very popular, but please don’t forget that there are also charming ankles to choose from. In my opinion, ankle tattoos have always been one of the most popular types of women’s tattoo art, because their designs look stylish and beautiful. And this kind of tattoo is always considered to be the easiest to express femininity tattoo type.

Not only that, ankle tattoos will make the feet more eye-catching, while also adding personal charm. This type of tattoo is not only a trend, we think it has become a classic. We have prepared some of the best design ideas for you so that you can get inspiration before getting a tattoo. If you find your favorite design from it, don’t forget to save it, you can find it right away when you need it!

Flower Anklet Tattoo

Flower Anklet TattooPin

Flower tattoo design elements are timeless classics and are deeply loved by people. Use it for anklet tattoo design to look charming and elegant.

Jewelry Anklet Tattoo

Jewelry Anklet TattooPin

What an exquisite anklet tattoo, the design is full of details and looks so realistic.

Greek Anklet Tattoo

Greek Anklet TattooPin

This anklet tattoo looks cool, the design is a combination of multiple design elements and styles, and the shadows are created just right.

Wave Anklet Tattoo

Wave Anklet TattooPin

A soft and creative tattoo, the design does not lose its due details due to the smaller size.

Moon and sun

Moon and sun ankle tattooPin

The creative sun and moon tattoos perfectly combine the two design elements through simple design methods.

Dancer Ankle Tattoo

Dancer Ankle TattooPin

Everyone has a dream or career that he pursues throughout his life, such as being a dancer.

Realistic plant

Realistic plant ankle tattooPin

Thanks to the perfect matching and filling of green and black inks, the plant tattoo looks very real.

Classic feather anklet tattoo

Classic feather anklet tattooPin

Feather design elements occupy an important position in the art of ankle tattoo art, classic design and this design will always be popular.

Charming blue rose

Charming blue rose ankle tattooPin

The blue rose is charming and eye-catching, and of course there are red or pink to choose from. If you want to make it simpler and low-key, then a rose tattoo with a thin line design may be suitable for you.

Symbol Ankle Tattoo

Symbol Ankle TattooPin

Most people use ankle tattoos as decoration, so any symbols or elements you like can be used in the design, even if they don’t have any meaning or are only meaningful to you.

The surface area of the ankle is limited, so the best type of tattoo for this body part is a small tattoo. Small tattoos are considered to be the most creative type of tattoo. Cute, simple, and charming small ankle tattoos are considered the most suitable for women. From beautiful flowers, simple plants, cute animals, abstract styles to minimalist designs and so on. There are even unique creative designs that combine a variety of styles, so the possibilities for ankle tattoo designs are endless.

Tiger Ankle Tattoo

Tiger Ankle TattooPin

The ankle is one of the best body parts for small animal tattoos. Although the size of this tattoo is small, it combines a 3D style. It looks cool and what a great design.

Friendship ankle tattoo

Friendship ankle tattooPin

The swirls designed using only thin lines look cute, minimal and fun.

Extreme abstract ankle tattoo

Extreme abstract ankle tattooPin

An abstract ankle tattoo design that looks mysterious! Perhaps only he himself understands the meaning.

Letter ankle tattoo

Letter ankle tattooPin

If you are looking for meaningful ankle tattoos, a tattoo design with letters or quotes may be your best choice.

Music symbol

Music symbol ankle tattooPin

The tattoo is not only beautiful, but the ink color used looks really perfect.

Thin line

Thin line anklet tattooPin

Although the thin line anklet tattoo is minimalist, it does not affect it as a meaningful and elegant design.

Cute cat anklet tattoo

Cute cat anklet tattooPin

Cute anklet tattoo design, if you want to make it more cute and look rich, then please try to add some other animals you like, such as: dogs.

Emoji ankle tattoo

Emoji ankle tattooPin

Using your favorite emoji as a design element for ankle tattoos is an expression of youth and fashion. To be honest, this tattoo design looks really interesting.


Minimalist Ankle TattooPin

The minimalist style tattoo design fully expresses what is modern fashion. Although this design is simple, it still does not affect its elegance.

Flower and star

Flower and star ankle tattooPin

The design is a creative combination of two elements, including stars and flowers. Therefore, the possibilities of this design method are limitless, please give full play to your creativity.


Abstract anklet tattooPin

The soft abstract design uses black ink, so it looks cool at the same time. The design is suitable for anyone.


Geometric ankle tattooPin

Tattoo designs that use multiple geometric combinations are a popular trend in recent years, because it is difficult to understand the meaning of this kind of tattoo at a glance, so everyone is curious about it. Choosing to fill the tattoo with colored ink makes it definitely one of the most eye-catching designs.