28 Cute Small Animal Tattoo Ideas

If you like small tattoo sizes and are looking for animal tattoo designs, then cute small animal tattoos may be one of the best types for you. Usually, animal tattoos are large, and most of the design styles look cool. However, the style of small animal tattoos is just the opposite. Thanks to the smaller size, usually this type of tattoo is cute or simple. And a small animal tattoo can be completed faster, which can not only reduce pain but also reduce design costs.

Tattoo art is developing and changing all the time. This year, small tattoos have become a new trend in animal tattoo art. Small animal tattoos include almost all popular design methods, such as watercolor, minimalist, abstract, thin lines, realistic designs, and so on. You can place this tattoo on any body part (for example wrists, fingers or ankles, etc.), it does not take up too much space and is easy to hide.

Panda tattoo

Panda tattooPin

Simple outline design and black ink filling, without complicated detailed design, enough to make small animal tattoos look cute.

Giraffe tattoo

Giraffe tattooPin

The colorful ink filling makes this tattoo design active and eye-catching.

Creative deer tattoo

Creative deer tattooPin

For deer tattoos, the best creative design is to combine with flower or plant design elements to look elegant and full of natural flavor.

Horse tattoo

Horse tattooPin

One of the most concise small animal tattoo designs, using only thin lines to design the outline, you can get the design you want. Of course, if you want more people to see it, just like this idea, please try to make it bigger.

Penguin tattoo

Penguin tattooPin

The scarves filled with red ink make this penguin tattoo interesting, charming and cute. What an excellent design, simple but unique.

Snail tattoo

Snail tattooPin

Although the size of the snail tattoo is relatively small, it does not lose its due design details. And this tattoo also has some simple creative designs, yes, those cute stars.

Dolphin tattoo

Dolphin tattooPin

The combination of small animal tattoos and other types of tattoos makes them look so cute and dreamy.

Pink Rabbit tattoo

Pink Rabbit tattooPin

A small rabbit tattoo is cute enough, so what about this one filled with pink ink? Are you in love with it?

Cow tattoo

Cow tattooPin

Although this cow tattoo looks simple, its design combines a variety of popular elements, such as the stars and the moon. The creative design of small tattoos is also rich.

Cute little elephant tattoo

Cute little elephant tattooPin

One of the best elephant tattoo designs, mini size, cute style. This is one of our favorite small animal tattoo designs.

Sloth Tattoo

Sloth TattooPin

For sloth lovers, how suitable this small tattoo is, and the tattoo design not only looks cute but also interesting.

Color bee tattoo

Color bee tattooPin

The exquisite small bee tattoo design and the use of multiple colors of ink make it look so realistic.

Leopard Tattoo

Leopard TattooPin

The style of small animal tattoos is not only cute, such as this idea, it looks cool and full of power. For the determination of style, it depends on what kind of animal you choose.

Dragonfly tattoo

Dragonfly tattooPin

A beautiful small dragonfly tattoo that uses only black ink to create shadows to build up its design details.

Seagull tattoo

Seagull tattooPin

The style of this small animal tattoo is somewhat unique, and its design is inspired by sketches.

Fox tattoo

Fox tattooPin

What a simple small fox tattoo that combines geometric tattoo design elements. Not only looks cute and elegant, but also modern and stylish.

Meaningful animal tattoos

Meaningful animal tattoosPin

Small animal tattoos can also have a clear meaning, such as this tattoo design, which expresses the greatness of maternal love.

Cool Tiger Small Tattoo

Cool Tiger Small TattooPin

The tattoo design is amazing and full of details, we can even see the tiger’s beard.

Turtle Couple Tattoo

Turtle Couple TattooPin

This size turtle tattoo design will allow you to place it on any body part. This design method and element are not only popular in animal tattoo art, but also popular in couple tattoo design.

Minimalist Cat Tattoo

Minimalist Cat TattooPin

Without any complicated design details, cat tattoos with only outlines also look cute and simple, and the tattoo design also incorporates some minimalist styles.

Pet portrait tattoo

Pet portrait tattooPin

This is another meaningful way to design small animal tattoos, using pet portraits as tattoo designs to commemorate or express love.

Lizard tattoo

Lizard tattooPin

Interesting design, do you have a lizard pet? If yes, how about this tattoo design?

Hedgehog tattoo

Hedgehog tattooPin

Minimalist style small animal tattoos are not only cute but also meaningful.

Butterfly fossil tattoo

Butterfly fossil tattooPin

There are many small butterfly tattoo designs, but the idea is creative. It expresses not only the butterfly itself, but the entire butterfly fossil, and uses blue ink to make it look charming, just like a gem.

Whale tattoo

Whale tattooPin

Whale tattoo is a symbol of good luck, and most people think it is a perfect creature. At the same time, most of the designs of whale tattoos are soft, so they also represent a peaceful life.

Frog tattoo

Frog tattooPin

In my opinion, the frog tattoo itself is unique, and this design element is particularly creative.

Bird and flower tattoo

Bird and flower tattooPin

Birds and flowers are one of the best combinations for designing tattoos. No matter which design style is used, they look elegant and attractive.

Dog finger tattoo

Dog finger tattooPin

Usually small animal tattoos are difficult to place on fingers, because most designs retain some details, so the size of the tattoo will not become smaller again. If you are looking for this type of tattoo, then this idea will inspire you.