28 Cute Small Animal Tattoo Ideas

If you like small tattoo sizes and are looking for animal tattoo designs, then cute small animal tattoos may be one of the best types for you. Usually, animal tattoos are large, and most of the design styles look cool. However, the style of small animal tattoos is just the opposite. Thanks to the smaller size, usually this type of tattoo is cute or simple. And a small animal tattoo can be completed faster, which can not only reduce pain but also reduce design costs.

Tattoo art is developing and changing all the time. This year, small tattoos have become a new trend in animal tattoo art. Small animal tattoos include almost all popular design methods, such as watercolor, minimalist, abstract, thin lines, realistic designs, and so on. You can place this tattoo on any body part (for example wrists, fingers or ankles, etc.), it does not take up too much space and is easy to hide.

1. Panda tattoo

Simple outline design and black ink filling, without complicated detailed design, enough to make small animal tattoos look cute.

Panda tattoo