27 Minimalist Art Aesthetic Phone Wallpapers

Minimalism is not only a popular artistic aesthetic, it also represents lifestyle and ideas. If you are a big fan of this artistic style, then you must not miss these mobile wallpapers of this style. Minimalism originated in the 90s. With the continuous development and evolution of this artistic style, it was later identified as simple, neutral tones and clean lines related designs. At present, there is not only minimalist art, but also minimalist fashion. The core of this fashion style is simplicity. I believe you will not be unfamiliar with this.

More and more people understand and admire this artistic style, and begin to incorporate “minimalism” into their lives as a way of life. You can choose multiple ways to integrate style with life, such as house decoration or dressing. We use mobile phones most of the day, so choosing a mobile wallpaper of this style for the appearance of the screen is also a good choice.

Let’s check out these best minimalist art mobile wallpapers below, maybe you can find the one that resonates with you here!

27. Balloon


26. Building


25. Ceramic Tile

ceramic tile

24. Colorful Mountain

Colorful mountain

23. Cute Girl

Cute girl

22. Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel

21. Fish and Sea

Fish and sea

20. Flower


19. Girl and Cat

Girl and cat

18. Green Leaf

Green leaf

17. Keyboard


16. Landscape


15. Minimalism and Abstraction

Minimalism and abstraction

14. Painting in Circle

Painting in circle

13. Pink Mountain

Pink mountain

12. Postcard


11. Rainbow Colors

Rainbow colors

10. Seabed


9. Smile


8. Smiley


7. Star


6. Sunrise


5. Sunset Over the Sea

Sunset over the sea

4. Switch


3. Three-dimensional Cube

Three-dimensional cube

2. Universe


1. Whale