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25 Gorgeous Square Nail Ideas

Are you tired of round nails? So that you lose some interest in the next manicure. Then square nails may be able to improve this problem, and it will give you more gorgeous nail designs, and even surprises, making you full of expectations for the next set of new nails. Nail design is the same as fashion trends. Old designs or styles may become hot again. This year, square nails have become popular again, even more popular than ever.

The reason why square nails have become hot again, in my opinion, is because this nail shape gives people a direct visual impression of simplicity and fashion. Thanks to its proper length, it also has enough space for creative design. We all know that only a simple style can become a classic and never go out of style. So we have enough reasons to choose this shape of nail design. The square nail design is rich and compatible. You can apply any design directly to this nail shape.

For the color selection of square nails, it is the same as other nail designs, you only need to follow the corresponding popular colors in different seasons. Of course, if you want to wear only one square nail design for a long time, then nude or light pink is one of the best colors. If you just want to apply nail polish alone, the performance of square nails is also good, at least it looks elegant enough. We have prepared some of the best and gorgeous square nail designs for you this year. Get inspired by these ideas, or save your favorite designs for your next manicure. Please enjoy!


Black square nails

Classic and popular color combination, this design combines French nail style, looks elegant, stylish and cool.

Dreamy purple

Dreamy purple square nails

Dreamy shimmering purple, although it is a short square nail, the design is still eye-catching.

Black and white abstract

Black and white abstract square nails

Black and white are a set of always popular color combinations. The abstract design makes this square nail look creative and full of fun. The light glitter pink makes this design elegant.

Shiny nude

Shiny nude square nails

Usually short nude square nails are elegant and understated, but the design has something unique, it is eye-catching and charming.

Fun creative

Fun creative square nails

The design of square nails can also be fun and creative. Just like the idea, this style can be easily created by using the current avant-garde design elements.

Blue elegant

Blue elegant square nails

Classic and elegant square nail design, bright blue is suitable for use in warm seasons, such as spring or summer.

Glitter minimal

Glitter minimal square nails

What is the simplest and charming short square nail design? This idea will inspire you.


Amazing square nails

Although the main color is matte nude, the nail design still looks cool and creative. The black color and unique design make it eye-catching.

Swirling Grid

Swirling Grid square nails

Amazing and magical square nail design. The swirling grid distorts the nail visually. How interesting!


Boho square nails

The bohemian style nail design looks romantic and simple. The color combination of white, green and orange is the perfect balance, but at the same time charming.


Geometric square nails

Geometric design elements make elegant square nails look more modern and fashionable. The bright color combination makes it full of charm.

Water drop and flower

Water drop and flower square nails

Nude square nails are elegant and classic designs, but the shiny blue makes them stand out. The design of the accent nail is very interesting. It combines flowers and water. It seems to express the meaning of “flowers cannot be separated from water”.

Natural marble

Natural marble square nails

Natural style square nails, combined with marble elements, make it look soft. If you want to add some charm to this, just like the idea, it is wise to use gold foil paper for decoration.


Eye-catching square long nails

The concise design is full of modern and fashionable atmosphere. Not only eye-catching but also charming and elegant.

Modern French

Modern French Square Long Nails

Based on the modern creative design of classic French nails, a variety of combinations of pink and black make it look fun.

Chrome ombre

Chrome ombre Square Nails

The compatibility of square nails is very good, you can combine any design style you like on the nail shape.

pastel opal

pastel opal Square Nails

If you are looking for the best eye-catching short square nail designs this year, then this idea might be for you.

Cow print

Cow print square nails

There are many designs of cow print nails, but such detailed and exquisite designs are rare.

Vintage rose

Vintage rose square nails

The vintage rose color and the elegant and gorgeous design are a perfect match.

Green gem

Green gem square nails

The design elements of green gemstones make the low-key nude square nails look luxurious.


Pink square nails

Two pink square nails make the simple design look more layered and modern.

Yellow and gold

Yellow and gold square nails

Bright yellow is suitable for almost all seasons. This color makes people feel happy and relaxed. Of course, if you use it alone, it might look a bit boring. The addition of shiny gold makes the design eye-catching and gorgeous.


Grey square nails

This gray is very unique, even in good light conditions, it looks like green again. For any nail shape or style, the main color is the soul that determines its design style.


Minimalist square nails

Minimalist style, this nail design is inspired by home decoration.

Lemon yellow

Lemon yellow square nails

How popular and avant-garde colors make the nail design look eye-catching, and the creative design based on French nails gives it a touch of elegance.