30 Amazing Nail Ideas to Wear This Summer

I guess many people will only wear simple nail styles for most of the year. However, the beautiful summer is coming soon, and it is the most popular season of the year. People began to plan to go to the beach for a pleasant holiday or hold a small barbecue party in their backyard. Yes, summer is exciting. You may have found that whenever this season comes, more and more bright and fun nails appear on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and so on. Although the simple style is fascinating, it is time to change the appearance of your nails. Please make your nails shine immediately.

The design styles and popular colors of stunning summer nails may have unlimited combinations and options. Therefore, for you to get inspired and quickly put on the most suitable nail design, we have prepared the best nail ideas for you this summer. They almost contain styles that are in fashion and in trends. From bold or soft neon art to striking minimalist designs and gorgeous watercolor gradient styles. Please keep reading! Your summer nail design may be here. Most of these ideas are simple and easy to be re-creatively designed or copied directly.

Incredible summer nail art

Incredible summer nail artPin

Beautiful style, artistic visual attack. In fact, the style can be considered retro, so it resonates strongly with people in the 90s. Bright colors are “splattered” on the white almond short nails, making its design fun. Gold paint adds a gorgeous atmosphere to the exterior.



The nail design was inspired by illustrations, and the nail artist presented it perfectly. In my opinion, although the appearance of this nail design is simple, it is more like an exquisite artistic painting.

Minimalist summer nails

Minimalist summer nailsPin

The combination of this design is perfect! Contains classic white, gorgeous coconut tree decorations and elegant short almond shapes. Creating a beach holiday atmosphere while ensuring that the design is super minimalist, the idea is still impressive.

Soft pastel

Soft pastelPin

Bright colors have a soft and comfortable appearance. This idea is definitely one of the perfect summer nail designs. Plant elements make the design elegant. If you want to make it more gorgeous, you can try to use floral elements or add some gold paint.

Plaid summer nails

Plaid summer nailsPin

Stunning design and color combination. This summer, Plaid nails are back again! This design has many benefits, and it works well in various nail shapes and lengths. Not only that, it is a palette in itself. Therefore, you can reasonably combine any color you like to make it more personalized.

Creative summer short nails

Creative summer short nailsPin

There are many fascinating and creative designs for summer short nails, and this idea is one of them. The fresh and gorgeous green lightens the appearance of the nails, and the thin line pattern makes it more refined.

Fun summer long nails

Fun summer long nailsPin

The nail shape of stilettos is gorgeous and cool, and the colorful color matching makes it more fun and cute. This design perfectly blends these different styles and visual effects, which is amazing.

Perfect blue summer nails

Perfect blue summer nailsPin

How to wear blue nails perfectly in summer? This idea will inspire you. The low-key appearance has a gorgeous atmosphere, looks soft but eye-catching. In contrast to the bright blue, I personally like this lighter shade with more texture.

Vintage summer nails

Vintage summer nailsPin

What an interesting retro style, the flame pattern is very representative. Lightning, cactus, snake, and cow are always popular design elements. Amazing combination, the idea is not tacky, its appearance is obsessive.

Elegant summer nails

Elegant summer nailsPin

If you are looking for an elegant design, then a creative design based on classic French nails may be the ideal choice. The characteristic of this nail type is elegance. And the dark marble tip will enhance the elegant appearance of the nails again. Need some eye-catching or lively atmosphere? Please try to match bright colors.

Gorgeous summer short nails

Gorgeous summer short nailsPin

Although the appearance is simple, the idea is a complicated artistic design. The matte nail color makes the golden paint more eye-catching. Incorporating some blue to give the design a summer feel. It is worth mentioning that the stunning custom hand-painted patterns. This gorgeous nail has a high degree of customization.

Strawberry print summer nails

Strawberry print summer nailsPin

Fruit is one of the most popular elements in summer nail design. Strawberry print is just one of the lovely options. There are also many elements to choose from to create a variety of unique nail looks. For example watermelon, avocado, cherry, and banana, etc.

Eye-catching summer nails

Eye-catching summer nailsPin

Use light tones as the main color of the nails and incorporate bright colors into them to make the appearance more eye-catching. This is a popular and simple design scheme.

Sparkling summer nails

Sparkling summer nailsPin

It looks like a galaxy starry sky with a touch of purple in the shiny nails. The design of this idea incorporates the style of cat-eye nails. Paired with beautiful crystal heart-shaped decorations, the summer nails look sweet and dreamlike.

Stylish and simple summer nails

Stylish and simple summer nailsPin

This is a popular and mainstream design, this nail style is versatile. Lilac and orange are a set of perfect color matches that make people fascinated. Light and bright colors create a subtle atmosphere.

Exquisite summer almond nails

Exquisite summer almond nailsPin

The painting design style is very popular this year, and the precise and clear lines make it exquisite. The bright colors make the nails look active while trimming the nails into an elegant almond shape. The idea is cute and gorgeous.

Floral summer short nails

Floral summer short nailsPin

Summer and spring are the best seasons to wear floral nails. The performance of the floral element need not be questioned, it is perfect for any nail type. Different colors will give you a very different visual experience. Red is charming, yellow is lively, and blue is refreshing. Therefore, I think this color is more suitable for summer floral nail designs.

Clear and concise summer nails

Clear and concise summer nailsPin

This summer nail design is very classic! It is suitable for most people. You can just apply color or add white clear thin lines like this idea. This design will make the appearance more elegant. Of course, the creative way is not only that. For example, choosing to use a neon color palette is also a good idea!

Passionate summer nails

Passionate summer nailsPin

Wearing neon red nails will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but this color also has some retro flavor.

Cool black rose summer nails

Cool black rose summer nailsPin

This nail design is amazing, it is one of our favorite designs. The charming stiletto nail shape matches the cool hand-painted black rose perfectly. The subtle nail color and the neon pink lines make the appearance stunning.

Purple Yin Yang Summer Nails

Purple Yin Yang Summer NailsPin

The trend of yin and yang elements is incredible, if you haven’t tried it yet, we strongly recommend you not to miss it. This element has a deep meaning and is widely used in nail and tattoo art. Using it at the same time can easily create negative space nail designs.

Cute flower tips

Cute flower tipsPin

Beautiful and gorgeous summer floral nails. Wearing this design can make you full of life and pass happiness to others.

Neon art

Neon artPin

Even if matched with bright colors, the fashionable and avant-garde neon colors can be so eye-catching.

Geometric summer square nails

Geometric summer square nailsPin

Geometry is an element of modern simplicity. If you want to create summer nails with a particularly modern style, then it will be worth trying.

Great creativity

Great creativityPin

Everything has its own limitations, but creativity does not. Observe the creative design of this nail carefully and you will be inspired by it. Use this as a basis to incorporate your own style and preferences.

Green neon palette

Green neon palettePin

This year, green is becoming more and more popular. In fact, I think this is a “bold” color, which may not be suitable for everyone. But its eye-catching is really amazing.

Sweet pink summer nails

Sweet pink summer nailsPin

Almond nails may have won a big win this year. Any design can perfectly match this shape. The pink gradient is cute and sweet, and the butterfly decoration makes the appearance look dreamy.

Colorful dots summer nails

Colorful dots summer nailsPin

Many people are obsessed with “dot” nail design! Not only because of the simplicity of this design, look at this idea, and you will know another reason. This type of nail can match many colors.

Watercolor summer nails

Watercolor summer nailsPin

The watercolor effect created by hand-painting, the soft tone, and the appearance is most people’s favorite. The element decoration is rich, including stars, constellations, moon, sun, and eyes

Simple but charming

Simple but charmingPin

This design is inspired by the recent hot swirl nails, and it has some simplified creative designs. To keep it from becoming boring and ordinary, a neon palette is used.