32+ Brilliant Small Colorful Tattoo Ideas

Some people like bold and eye-catching color tattoos, while others are obsessed with traditional black and gray tattoos. Smaller tattoo sizes may have become mainstream, and small colorful tattoos are becoming more and more popular among women. The stylish and minimalist style, stunning design details, and bright colors make this tattoo seem to be an outstanding artwork. Needless to say, brilliant colors can make the design full of vitality. Even if the tattoo style is just minimal line art, the perfect match of different colors can make the appearance of the design impressive.

Many small colorful tattoos are amazingly creative designs, and eye-catching may be their most fundamental feature. This type of tattoo may not have deep meaning. In my opinion, their best use is to decorate the body. Of course, wearing small colorful tattoos is also an ideal way to show your personal style. This kind of tattoo can be perfectly integrated with a variety of styles and elements. Minimalist small colorful tattoos look fashionable and gorgeous. The design with floral elements may be the favorite of women because this style is more feminine. You can also get inspiration about color-matching from small color tattoos. Then create a unique and charming colorful tattoo background for the black-gray tattoo.

Small goldfish colorful tattoo

Small goldfish colorful tattooPin

The red and gold match perfectly, creating an amazing light and shadow effect. This design has no outline, so the tattoo looks very vivid. Thanks to the color, it is eye-catching even when placed on the wrist.

Minimalist abstract

Minimalist small colorful tattooPin

Minimalist and abstract character design elements combined with green thin line outline butterflies, this tattoo is gorgeous and elegant.


Rainbow small tattooPin

The rainbow tattoos placed on the ankles look full of fun! To make the design unique, this rainbow is “incomplete”, it is only half of the original.

Exquisite paper boat

Exquisite paper boat small colorful tattooPin

The perfect fusion of flowers and paper boats makes this design extremely delicate. At the same time, the blue ink makes it noble and charming. If you need some active atmosphere, then pink or orange may be a good choice.

colorful sun small tattoo

colorful sun small tattooPin

Yellow represents positive and lively. This is an inspiring color and it matches the sun tattoo very well. It is worth mentioning that the lines and corners of this design are sharp, so it looks full of power.

Sweet small colorful tattoos for pets

Sweet small colorful tattoos for petsPin

Pet portraits are one of the hottest elements used to design small colored tattoos. Look at this idea, it’s so cute. Thin lines outline a clear outline and light pink lights up the entire design.

Creative Moon

Creative Moon Small TattooPin

The moon tattoo is too hot! So there are too many similar or even identical designs. We need some unique and creative looks, and this idea is one of them.


Hummingbird small colorful tattooPin

Even though this is a smaller tattoo size, this design still has exquisite details and charming color matching, which is shocking enough.

Sword small colorful tattoo

Sword small colorful tattooPin

Using color to create an eye-catching background for the traditional black-gray tattoo. This small sword tattoo is both sharp and gorgeous.

Couple Small colorful Tattoo

Couple Small colorful TattooPin

Wearing small colorful tattoos is one of the ideal ways for couples to show off their love. Want to have some easy-to-understand meanings? Then please try to incorporate letters or short text content into your design.

Flower Bracelet

Letter Flower Small colorful TattooPin

Wearing this kind of tattoo design, we don’t even need to wear jewelry bracelets!

Letter Flower

Letter Flower Small colorful TattooPin

Beautiful flowers bloom on elegant handwritten style letters. It has never been difficult to create small colored tattoos that are clear and have simple meanings.

Tree colorful small tattoo

Tree colorful small tattooPin

The design is eye-catching, with layered green and shaded details. This little colorful tattoo is so perfect.

Creative Heart

Creative Heart Small colorful TattooPin

This modern minimalist heart tattoo consists of multiple elements (including lines, letters, and smiley faces). This design shows the artist’s amazing creativity. While ensuring that the tattoo is fun, it also has meaning.


Amazing butterfly small colorful tattooPin

The clear outline of the butterfly and the obsessive oil painting flowers make this design an exquisite work of art.

Bubble small colorful tattoo

Bubble small colorful tattooPin

Are you looking for small colorful tattoos that look dreamy and have simple designs? So what about bubble design elements?

hot air balloon

Romantic hot air balloon small colorful tattooPin

For those who yearn for freedom, the hot air balloon element may be a perfect match. Incorporating floral elements into the design makes the appearance more feminine and creative.


gemstone small colorful tattooPin

The exquisite sapphire is shining, coupled with retro decorative design elements, giving the tattoo a noble and elegant appearance.

Unique small colorful tattoo

Unique small colorful tattooPin

What style do you think of when you see these cute little icons? Let us reveal the answer, they have some bohemian style. In fact, this style is rarely used in tattoo art. Therefore, this design is unique. Not only that, these patterns correspond to different letters, so only the wearer knows the meaning of this tattoo.

Meaningful small colorful tattoo

Meaningful small colorful tattoosPin

A beautiful and delicate little flower with the letter “m”! Creating a meaningful colored small tattoo is that simple and easy.

Book small colorful tattoo

Book small colorful tattooPin

A fairy tale book full of flowers. This tattoo design expresses the scenic nature and the four seasons of the year.

Small colorful tattoo on wrist

Small colorful tattoo on wristPin

The wrist is one of the best body parts for placing small colored tattoos. Of course, there are other positions to choose from, such as arms, ankles, and shoulders. Placing the tattoo in these positions is not easy to be worn, so it can make the fade slowly.


Snowflake small colorful tattooPin

If you love winter, or this season has a special meaning for you. So beautiful snowflake tattoos are yours.


Landscape small colorful tattooPin

Similar to this tattoo style is becoming more and more popular. The choice of “landscape elements” can be your dream destination or a scene that is of great significance to your life. Incorporating color into this tattoo design can make the appearance more vivid.

Rose small colorful tattoo

Rose small colorful tattooPin

Rose design elements will never go out of style! Whether it’s black-gray or colored, it looks pretty good.

Finger small colorful Tattoo

Finger small colorful TattooPin

It may not be a good idea to place a small colored tattoo on your finger, as this position will speed up the fading of the tattoo. However, the tattoo in this position will be more eye-catching and more personalized.


Daisy small colorful tattooPin

What a simple and elegant daisy tattoo! Incorporating a touch of yellow makes the design come alive.

Flower and cat

Flower and cat small colorful tattooPin

I think no one can refuse such a cute tattoo design. What a warm scene!

Flower Heart

Flower Heart Small colorful TattooPin

Black, gold and purple blend harmoniously together. Elegant, noble and charming are the characteristics of this tattoo design.


Wave small colorful tattooPin

Even if no other design elements are added, the minimalist thin-line wave tattoo with multiple colors perfectly shows its charm.

Plant small colorful tattoo

Plant small colorful tattooPin

Less is more. A meaningful and elegant green plant tattoo, this is the letter “X.”

Mom and child small colorful tattoo

Mom and child small colorful tattooPin

What an intimate and warm scene! Mother holding her baby and playing on the beach. This design looks so real, it highlights the advantages of small colored tattoos.

Small colorful tattoos with rich elements

Small colorful tattoos with rich elementsPin

The tattoo is a water drop outline, which includes the sea, whale, and sky in the design. Both the depiction of details and the color matching are so outstanding. The smaller tattoo size incorporates many design elements and achieves stunning effects. The creativity of this tattoo artist is admirable, while the power of color is amazing.