30+ Attractive Neck Tattoo Art For Women

The neck tattoo is very eye-catching. Every tattoo lover likes it, because the tattoo on the neck looks really cool and has a strong appeal. However, you need to know that a neck tattoo can be a big promise. In fact, because this kind of tattoo may be visible all the time, it is almost difficult when you need to hide it. So please think carefully and make sure that neck tattoos will not negatively affect your work or life.

Nowadays, neck tattoos are very popular, especially among women. As women, we often decorate our necks with jewelry. If you are choosing a unique way to decorate your neck and want to have a distinctive feel, then neck tattoos are worth considering. In my opinion, if there is a tattoo on the neck, then we will have no reason to wear a necklace. In fact, neck tattoos may be your own form of jewelry. This is a way to make yourself look original and beautiful.

Bird neck tattoo

Bird neck tattooPin

Birds are always one of the most popular elements in tattoo design, but because this type of tattoo requires more details, beautiful bird neck tattoos are usually large in size.

Moon Phase Neck Tattoo

Moon Phase Neck TattooPin

Moon tattoos are one of the favorite types of women, but this kind of tattoos are usually ordinary designs. If you are looking for creative moon neck tattoos, this idea is a good reference.

Color Neck Small Tattoo

Color Neck Small TattooPin

Cute small color tattoos are more in line with the aesthetics of modern young ladies.

Moon and sun neck tattoo

Moon and sun neck tattooPin

If you want to use the sun and moon to design your tattoo together, then this idea will inspire you. Small tattoo size, simple design, looks cute and elegant.

Dot Neck Tattoo

Dot Neck TattooPin

The design of this tattoo refers to tribal tattoos and only uses dots as the basic element of the tattoo. Simple and creative, this design is highly flexible. You can refer to this idea and combine your own ideas to design your own unique neck tattoo.

Letter Neck Tattoo

Letter Neck TattooPin

For letters or quote tattoos, beautiful and unique font styles are the key to the design. Of course, make sure the content is meaningful to you.

Dragon and flower neck tattoo

Dragon and flower neck tattooPin

Dragon tattoos have become very popular in recent years, and both men and women can use this pattern. For ladies, adding some flowers looks more feminine, which is a clever way of design.

Scorpion neck tattoo

Scorpion neck tattooPin

A scorpion tattoo filled with only black ink, placed on the neck, looks very cool, this is classic.

Leaf Neck Tattoo

Leaf Neck TattooPin

How to make a natural plant neck tattoo beautiful and unique? I think this idea can help you. Tattoos designed with symmetrical aesthetics give people a very comfortable visual experience.

Mandala Neck Tattoo

Mandala Neck TattooPin

Mandala tattoos are so popular for women, and full neck tattoos are so amazing.

There are many excellent neck tattoo designs. Women like to try creative designs and unique color neck tattoos. Flowers are beautiful, but for women, roses are obviously the most popular flowers. Using only black ink is a classic choice. If the tattoo design is a thick line with many details or a thin line with a minimalist style, it looks incredible. The color of a neck tattoo can be bold, but it can also be subtle.

Necklace neck tattoo

Necklace neck tattooPin

If there is a neck tattoo, then we will have no reason to wear a necklace. This idea is very creative. The neck tattoo is designed as an original necklace, which is only owned by you.

Natural neck tattoo

Natural neck tattooPin

The tattoo uses detailed black thick lines and adds some watercolor tattoo style: blue ink as the background.

Powerful Sun Neck Tattoo

Powerful Sun Neck TattooPin

If you are looking for a powerful sun tattoo, the design of this idea will meet your expectations.

Snake neck tattoo

Snake neck tattooPin

Although this snake neck tattoo is very large, the details of its design are really beautiful enough that the tattoo must be eye-catching.

Symmetric neck tattoo

Symmetric neck tattooPin

A symmetrical neck tattoo with a perfect combination of roses and geometric shapes. This tattoo has both charm and modern simplicity.

Tiger Neck Tattoo

Tiger Neck TattooPin

Tiger tattoos are also suitable for women. If you add a red rose to this tattoo, I think this tattoo is not only cool but also very sexy.

Fine line neck tattoo

Fine line neck tattooPin

The tattoo design using thin lines looks very light and shows a more modern style, which is very suitable for women. If you are looking for a relatively low-key neck tattoo, then this style is worth trying.

Minimalist Neck Tattoo

Minimalist Neck TattooPin

Small tattoos are always the favorite tattoo style of women. Therefore, when women choose neck tattoos, most people also tend to choose small sizes.

Creative magician neck tattoo

Creative magician neck tattooPin

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter movies, then this magic wand and geometric combination neck tattoo is for you. You will become a great magician.

Chrysanthemum Neck Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Neck TattooPin

People usually choose neck small flower tattoos. However, a tattoo of this size will lose a lot of details and it is difficult to give people a stunning feeling. We all know that small tattoos are great, but if you are looking for a neck flower tattoo, I suggest you refer to this idea. Of course, a large size is not necessary, you can reduce it appropriately, but please keep the details as much as possible.

These neck tattoo ideas will inspire you, whether it is classic or creative, we have included almost all popular designs. For example, cute tattoos, tribal tattoos, flower tattoos, rose tattoo designs, neck small tattoo designs, bird tattoos, color ink tattoos, classic black ink tattoos, feathers, meaningful tattoos and so on.

Back Neck Tattoo

Back Neck TattooPin

For women, the back neck is one of the most popular tattoo positions. Tattoos in this position are relatively easy to hide and look sexy.

Beautiful neck tattoo

Beautiful neck tattooPin

The tattoo is placed on the side neck, and this tattoo fits the curve of this body part very well, it is perfect.

Abstract neck tattoo

Abstract neck tattooPin

Abstract neck tattoos are not suitable for small size designs. Only this full neck size can show its beauty

Color flower neck tattoo

Color flower neck tattooPin

This is another style of flower neck tattoo. The ink color is very bold. This tattoo is very eye-catching, and the fact that cannot be denied is that it is so beautiful.

Dragon neck red tattoo

Dragon neck red tattooPin

If you are looking for a clean dragon tattoo, but also want it to have a certain charm, then you should think deeply when choosing ink colors. For example: red.

Quote neck tattoo

Quote neck tattooPin

Horizontal or vertical reference tattoos are too monotonous and have no special features. What about this style?

Cool moth neck tattoo

Cool moth neck tattooPin

Cool moth tattoos, if you are a person who likes to share yourself with the world, then this cool neck big tattoo is perfect for you.

Arrow neck tattoo

Arrow neck tattooPin

This top-down bow and arrow tattoo is really suitable for placing on the neck.

Number Neck Tattoo

Number Neck TattooPin

Design a number that is meaningful to you as a tattoo and place it on your neck. Remind yourself every day not to forget and show it to others.

Wings front neck tattoo

Wings front neck tattooPin

If there are no wings, we will add them ourselves. Wing tattoos symbolize the infinite yearning for freedom.

When you are ready to get neck tattoos, one thing you should know is that they will be very painful. Everyone has different sensitivity to pain, and tattoos may be painful. But since the neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, tattooing on the neck is usually more painful. The area on the neck is usually small, and most people choose a small tattoo size. Of course, not all neck tattoos are small, because some people also choose large tattoo designs for their necks.

Angel Wings Back Neck Tattoo

Angel Wings Back Neck TattooPin

Angel wings tattoo is a gift from mothers to commemorate the birth of kids.

Cute creative neck tattoo

Cute creative neck tattooPin

This is a cute and creative neck tattoo. In fact, you can use anything you like in the tattoo design. Only need to pay attention to: for different body parts, fine adjustments to the shape and selection of the correct size.

Mini neck tattoo

Mini neck tattooPin

This small neck tattoo is so delicate. Therefore, a good tattoo design is very important, and it is equally important to choose a good tattoo artist.

Red rose neck tattoo

Red rose neck tattooPin

The red roses designed with thin lines show the details of the flowers vividly.

Barbed wire neck tattoo

Barbed wire neck tattooPin

The tough barbed wire neck tattoo means to make yourself extremely strong.

For the neck tattoo design, you have to choose carefully, because anyone can see it. Once you are sure of what you want, finding a talented tattoo artist is also the most important thing. As long as you have a trusted artist, it doesn’t matter whether the neck tattoo is colored or black, simple or complex.