31 Decorating Your Perfect Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom can also be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home. If you want to get the perfect complete home decoration effect, the decoration of this area is also essential. Decorating the bathroom is very simple, not as complicated as imagined and the budget need not be high.

We can divide the bathroom decoration direction into two types. First of all, before doing a great project, you must think about what you want most according to the size of the area. It is difficult for us to perfectly balance the storage practicality and decorative effect of the bathroom. If you are planning to do this, then you may encounter many headaches when decorating. Therefore, it must be determined whether the decorative effect is the priority or the practicality is the priority.

Country style

Country stylePin

This is one of the most popular bathroom decoration styles. The unique wall and original cabinets show this style vividly.



While ensuring simplicity, it did not lose its proper decorative effect and basic practicality.

Gradient wall

Gradient wallPin

Using gradient colors for walls is a rare decoration method, and this idea is unique. The location of the bathtub is right at the center of people’s vision, so it and the gradual color wall act as the protagonist of this bathroom.

Bold colors

Bold colorsPin

This bold color makes the bathroom look welcoming. But for small bathrooms, we don’t recommend using such bright colors, it will make the whole space look very hot and easily give people an uncomfortable feeling.



The decoration of this small bathroom is amazing for the use of space. It did not lose all the facilities that the bathroom should have.



Bright colors are not used in this bathroom, and the floor and wall decoration looks so simple. If you are looking for a minimalist bathroom style, this combination of colors and hardware choices is very worthy of reference.



Just need some pink to make the bathroom decoration look dreamy and romantic.

Black and white

Black and whitePin

White and black are a very classic color combination, and their applications are everywhere. If you want to create a decorative effect with visual impact, but at the same time do not want to make mistakes, this combination is something you must consider.

Corner decoration

Corner decorationPin

Effective space is very precious for bathrooms, especially small bathrooms. So we can’t let go of any corner that can be used.

Vision Center

Vision CenterPin

Create a visual center for the bathroom, which can make the space look organized and eye-catching.

If your bathroom is a large or normal area, you can choose any decoration direction. If the bathroom is of a small area, we recommend giving priority to the practicality of the area. No one does not like the perfect decorative effect, but choosing practicality first will provide more convenience for daily use, and you will feel very comfortable.

Arched mirror

Arched mirrorPin

Using a mirror of this shape, you can visually stretch the height of the bathroom.

Decoration space

Decoration spacePin

If your bathroom has a lot of space, you can create a similar decoration area near the sink. I have to say that this decoration effect is really good.

Creative tile placement

Creative tile placementPin

The traditional tile laying method seems boring, so what about this solution?

Unique sink

Unique sinkPin

Sometimes the decorative effect of the bathroom wants to be unique, it may be determined by one item. Take this unique sink for example.

Bathroom wall decoration

Bathroom wall decorationPin

For those who don’t like to decorate the walls with tiles, using murals is one of the best choices.

light grey

light greyPin

Extremely simple bathrooms often use white as the main color, but some people think that white is very boring and ordinary. So, this light gray can meet your needs?

Subtle colors

Subtle colorsPin

Subtle green provides some vitality to the white bathroom.



This natural bathroom style decorated with wood is deeply loved by people, and I have to admit that this style looks really comfortable. It will apply to anyone.

Separate space

Separate spacePin

If the bathroom space is large enough, place the bathtub in a separate area. This way is very easy to re-decorate later, and the area will become another beautiful scenery of the bathroom.

Smart space utilization

Smart space utilizationPin

How to make the best use of the bathroom space? In my opinion, this is a good display. Although it may seem ordinary, most people usually miss this method. Simple and practical!

You don’t have to remove all the existing bathroom decorations, the bathroom is a place that can benefit from simple decoration upgrades. Add some beautiful decorations, change the placement of the cabinets, and recreate an excellent storage solution. It doesn’t take you too much time to refresh the appearance of the bathroom.

Retro Style

Retro StylePin

The beautiful dark blue and the unique jar with distinct style make this bathroom retro.

Obvious bathtub

Obvious bathtubPin

When decorating the bathroom, use tiles of different colors to make the decoration of the bathtub obvious in the whole. This is one of the common but effective decoration methods.

Bright colors

Bright colorsPin

Creating an eye-catching decoration for the area is what most people want. For the bathroom, the easiest way is to use tiles of different colors, and the second color is best to be bright.

Creative sink background

Creative sink backgroundPin

The unique background wall decoration of the sink is friendly to small bathroom decoration and the budget is controllable.

Green and pink

Green and pinkPin

For small bathroom decoration, if you want to make it full of vitality, choosing bright colors is one of the simple and effective ways. At the same time, applying small tiles to decorate the wall can make the space look spacious.

If you are going to make a complete bathroom renovation to make the area more impactful, you can use some decoration techniques to express your style. Bold color combinations, creative tiles, freestanding bathtubs, beautiful bathroom mirrors, and new cabinet combinations. These are a few simple ways to enhance the decorative effect of the bathroom.

Use plants

Use plantsPin

There are many decorations that can be used to decorate the bathroom, but I like to use plants the most. how about you?

Effective space utilization

Effective space utilizationPin

We should make reasonable use of space and blindly pursue decorative effects that are not smart. A sufficiently large sink table and a good combination of storage areas is the best solution.

Lighting system

Lighting systemPin

For bathroom decoration, the use of colors and the choice of hardware and ceramic tile materials are certainly important. However, please don’t forget the overall lighting effect.



Painting the wall green and placing a plant, this bathroom is fresh and elegant.

Black bathroom

Black bathroomPin

I believe that the decorative effect of this bathroom is the favorite of most people. The wooden cabinets, black hardware and gray walls look modern and luxurious.

Practical wall decoration

Practical wall decorationPin

For the wall decoration of the small bathroom, please don’t forget to choose good-looking but practical decorations. This can save you a lot of space.

There are many ideas to choose from. Read these great ideas and get inspired by them. Of course, don’t forget to incorporate your personalized ideas into the decoration design, it is time to beautify your bathroom.