32 Lovely Wrist Tattoo Ideas

What is the best and hot tattoo art for women? There is no standard answer. But most think that wrist tattoos are one of them. This type of tattoo is of great significance to the wearer and is usually simple in design, small, and meaningful. According to the various preferences of the user, the tattoo design on the wrist will be very different, so the designs that can be selected may be endless.

You can easily give it a personalized style or favorite design elements, don’t worry, they still look fashionable. Many people start to like to use beautiful tattoos as personal decorations, so tattoo art is becoming more and more common. Almost 5 out of every 10 people have tattoos.

If you are a novice who wants a small tattoo design or sayings, this kind of tattoo is ideal because the wrist is flat and easy to get tattooed. You can hide wrist tattoos in an easy way, such as using foundation or bracelets. On the contrary, the real reason we like wrist tattoos is high visibility. So the wrist is very suitable for placing quotes or any meaningful tattoo type because it is conspicuous here. Take a look at these beautiful design ideas, and get a major inspiration for your wrist tattoo, don’t just listen to what we say.

32. Spider wrist tattoo

Animals are one of the most popular elements when designing wrist tattoos. For women, there are various choices, such as cute dogs or cats, charming snakes, cool tigers, and “weird” spiders. Although it’s a small tattoo, its design is still very rich, and the spider looks so real.

Spider wrist tattoo

31. Unique wrist tattoo

What design elements do you guess this tattoo has? It combines an abstract style, but at the same time, it is very simple, so in my opinion, it is a unique design. Let’s find out the answer. This little wrist tattoo is made up of waves, stars, whales, and the sun. It is an amazing and creative design.

Unique wrist tattoo

30. Rainbow small wrist tattoo

This tattoo design is suitable for anyone, and the colorful color matching makes it full of vitality.

Rainbow small wrist tattoo

29. Multi-element wrist tattoo

A minimalist wrist tattoo designed by the sea, the sun, and the moon. Although only black ink is used, it is still eye-catching.

Multi-element wrist tattoo

28. Geometric wrist tattoo

How to make a small wrist tattoo design look modern and fashionable? Geometric elements may be a good choice, this tattoo is more than that, it also has some creative designs to make it a bit of fun.

Geometric wrist tattoo

27. Smiling Flower Wrist Tattoo

The classic minimalist smiley face small tattoo combines it with floral elements and gives it some creativity to make it more feminine.

Smiling Flower Wrist Tattoo

26. Sun Wrist Tattoo

The sun is our common tattoo design element, so most sun tattoos look very similar, so what is the unique design? You may be inspired by this idea.

Sun Wrist Tattoo

25. Abstract wrist tattoo

The design of this tattoo is amazing, not many elements are used, but it is creative and looks 3D.

Abstract wrist tattoo

24. Face Wrist Tattoo

Two faces, two different expressions, but only three eyes. Do you like this abstract and simple tattoo design?

Face Wrist Tattoo

23. Cute Heart Wrist Tattoo

A heart tattoo needs a creative and unique design, and now it’s here. The tattoo design is composed of two thin line outlines, and some popular elements (planet, moon, and stars) are added to the outer thin line to make it look cute.

Cute Heart Wrist Tattoo

22. Roman numeral wrist tattoo

Is there a set of numbers that is meaningful to you? And this set of numbers will make you unforgettable, so please use it as an element of the tattoo design and put it on your wrist to make sure you can see it at any time.

Roman numeral wrist tattoo

21. Infinity symbol wrist tattoo

When we talk about meaningful tattoo design elements, most people think of the infinite symbol, which has become an eternal classic. We not only need to make sure that the tattoo is meaningful but also looks beautiful. This creative design is worthy of reference.

Infinity symbol wrist tattoo

20. Beautiful wrist tattoos

The dreamy tattoo design is like a work of art. Cute whales swim freely in the colorful starry sky.

Beautiful wrist tattoos

19. Japanese style wrist tattoo

With perfect color matching and weakened tattoo outline, the design looks feminine and comfortable.

Japanese style wrist tattoo

18. Constellation wrist tattoo

The popularity of constellation tattoos is beyond imagination. Almost everyone wants a tattoo of this type. For women’s constellation tattoos, the design combined with popular small elements is one of the most popular ways. This idea not only looks creative, but it is cute.

Constellation wrist tattoo

17. Crown Wrist Tattoo

The tattoo consists of a basic crown and three hearts. Although it only uses a thin line design style, it still looks great.

Crown Wrist Tattoo

16. Music player wrist tattoo

Fun and minimalist black ink music player tattoo. If your work or hobbies are closely related to music, this kind of tattoo is your ideal choice.

Music player wrist tattoo

15. Coordinate wrist tattoo

Tattooing the name of the place directly on the wrist can be very boring. Do we need some unique pairs? Then please use the electronic map to convert it to coordinates. Although only a simple font style is used, it is still a creative design.

Coordinate wrist tattoo

14. Beach sunset wrist tattoo

If a photo or scene is of great significance to you, why not choose this style of tattoo design? The ink colors in this idea match perfectly, making it look alive.

Beach sunset wrist tattoo

13. Minimalist style wrist tattoo

A “free” and personalized tattoo design method that combines a variety of favorite elements. In this idea, you can see plants, evil eyes, moon, stars, and flames. Such tattoos strike a balance between meaning and decoration.

Minimalist style wrist tattoo

12. Boat wrist tattoo

The small paper boat is also powerful, and it will take you to any place of your dreams. The tattoo design is not monotonous, thanks to the combined watercolor style.

Boat wrist tattoo

11. Creative wrist tattoos

Another constellation tattoo style, this design method is more intuitive and easy to understand and express. Incorporating the heart element to make it creative, this tattoo also has a deeper meaning. This tattoo is not only a “Libra”, it seems to measure the weight of the heart, which means that there is equality between people or about love.

Creative wrist tattoos

10. Exquisite wrist tattoos

Flower tattoos are one of the favorite types of women. If you are looking for an eye-catching design, then the simple, monochrome flowers may not meet your needs. Bright ink and beautiful color combinations are the best design. Conspicuousness is the characteristic of wrist tattoos. If you put this design here, you will stand out from the crowd.

Exquisite wrist tattoos

9. Bow Wrist Tattoo

The bow element is exclusive to women. The thin line design style will not make the tattoo eye-catching, but the design using black and red ink can do it.

Bow Wrist Tattoo

8. Dance shoe wrist tattoo

You can use anything about your profession as a design element for a wrist tattoo. If you are a dancer, dancing shoes are a good choice. If you are a hairdresser, then the scissors element is worth considering. If you are a writer or painter, the pen element may be the best.

Dance shoe wrist tattoo

7. Flying Bird Wrist Tattoo

Flying bird tattoos symbolize the yearning for freedom and unruly character. Usually, people who choose this kind of tattoo resonate with it. Therefore, it is also a popular creative way to choose elements that can represent one’s own personality for designing wrist tattoos.

Flying Bird Wrist Tattoo

6. Rose wrist tattoo

This design style is usually called “X-ray”. The size of tattoos designed in this style is relatively large because the smaller size cannot show the uniqueness of the style. There are thousands of rose tattoo designs, but there are very few eye-catching designs. If you are looking for the best rose tattoo on your wrist, this idea is worth recommending to you.

Rose wrist tattoo

5. Plant wrist tattoo

The tattoo is composed of plants and thin lines, with fewer design elements and a simple style to make it look clean and clear. The biggest role of this kind of wrist tattoo is for personal decoration, so if your purpose is the same, please incorporate more creativity into it, and always pay attention to the overall design.

Plant wrist tattoo

4. Floral Wrist Tattoo

The floral tattoo around the wrist looks soft and natural. Compared with the classic design, this kind of tattoo may cost you more time and cost of making the tattoo. But when it’s done, you will know that it’s all worth it.

Floral Wrist Tattoo

3. Moon bracelet tattoo

This wrist tattoo may not have any meaning, but its decorativeness is indeed one of the best designs. In my opinion, once you wear this kind of tattoo, you don’t need a bracelet anymore.

Moon bracelet tattoo

2. Flower Bracelet Tattoo

Another classic bracelet wrist tattoo, the flower is the most popular element in women’s tattoo art. You can’t go wrong when choosing this kind of tattoo. It not only looks beautiful but also elegant enough to effectively add charm to the individual.

Flower Bracelet Tattoo

1. Cross Wrist Tattoo

A simple wrist tattoo inspired by faith or religion. The smaller size is very suitable for women, not only for decoration but also meaningful.

Cross Wrist Tattoo