35 Best Quote Tattoo Ideas For Women

Inspirational quote tattoos can provide us with a steady stream of power, and it may be one of the most meaningful types in tattoo art. Of course, the design of this type of tattoo is also very personalized. There are many similar quote tattoo designs, but what we need to know is that although the quotes are the same, they have unique meanings and stories behind them for each different person. One of the powerful ways to define your values and beliefs is to find quotes that resonate with you. It will set a standard and guide your life.

You can choose from many languages or millions of English words in the world, or do you want to make it more meaningful? Common sayings in daily life and a sentence in your favorite literary works will be the most suitable. An easy way to make a quote tattoo design truly personal is to combine the quote with your favorite design element or font. 

The number of words quoted and the font used is probably the two most important factors in determining the size of the tattoo. Although it may affect the quotation and the design will be a bit complicated, you can always include other design elements.

Faced with so many quoted tattoos, it is difficult to make a choice? I know this is very normal. Because once we get a tattoo, it will always be with us, not to mention this meaningful type of tattoo. An effective way is to find a quote that resonates strongly with you. Check out these ideas, whether they are about design or content, they will inspire you.

quote tattoo on arm

quote tattoo on armPin

Funny word quote tattoo design, cleverly describing the content with pictures.

quote tattoo on side body

quote tattoo on side bodyPin

If the content of the offer is long and you want to combine other design elements, then this body part is one of the good choices. Placing the tattoo here will look full of charm.

Color quote tattoo

Color quote tattooPin

Even though the quote is short and the size of the tattoo is small, the rainbow color makes it eye-catching and vibrant.

wrist quote tattoo

wrist quote tattooPin

Just like the content of the quote, this tattoo design uses the correct bold font style to make it look “strong”.

unique quote tattoo

unique quote tattooPin

This quote tattoo is a creative design, and the round shape makes it unique. Although the font style is simple, it is still eye-catching.

quote tattoo on ankle

quote tattoo on anklePin

Such a simple but creative design at the same time, this is an aesthetic tattoo. No matter it is placed on any body part, its performance will be good, of course, the ankle makes it look more elegant.

Dandelion quote tattoo

Dandelion quote tattooPin

Dandelion is a flower full of meaning. It not only represents a tenacious life but also represents dreams and hopes. Therefore, the design of the quote tattoo is perfect, and the colorful ink makes it look not boring.

quote tattoo with birds

quote tattoo with birdsPin

The combination design of bird element and quote tattoo is classic. Although this tattoo has multiple design elements, it still looks clear and concise.

Quote tattoo on chest

Quote tattoo on chestPin

Even if it is just a word, put it on the chest and it will look charming and elegant.

quote tattoo on neck

quote tattoo on neckPin

What is the best body part for placing words and short quotes? In my opinion, the neck is one of them, especially popular among women.

quote hand tattoo

quote hand tattooPin

For most people, getting a tattoo on their hands is a challenge. But in fact, it’s really beautiful. Because the surface area of the hand is limited, just like this idea, a word or super short quote tattoo is the best and wise choice.

Quote tattoo on leg

Quote tattoo on legPin

Are you looking for the best body part for a long quote tattoo? Please consider placing it on the leg.

Large quote tattoo

Large quote tattooPin

Want your quote tattoo to be noticed by others in the first time? Large tattoo sizes and eye-catching ink colors are the right way to design.

fine line quote tattoo

fine line quote tattooPin

Although the size of this tattoo is small and the simple design of thin lines is used, it still looks good and lively.

Two font styles

Two font stylesPin

There are many creative ways to design quote tattoos, and the use of multiple font styles is one of the most popular schemes.

quote tattoo on back of neck

quote tattoo on back of neckPin

The quote tattoo behind the neck is not only beautiful but also easy to hide.

Abstract quote tattoo

Abstract quote tattooPin

You can use any artistic style you like to design a quote tattoo to make it creative and personalized. The idea uses abstract aesthetics to make it not only simple but also romantic.

quote tattoos for couples

quote tattoos for couplesPin

What a great idea to use quote tattoos to express love between couples, the way to get it is quick and easy.

quote tattoo on back shoulder

quote tattoo on back shoulderPin

You can place quote tattoos of any size behind the shoulders and combine other design elements. Placing a tattoo on this body part can make you full of charm.

Long quote tattoo

Long quote tattooPin

Put a long quote tattoo on your arm so that everyone can see it and interpret the meaning.

collarbone quote tattoo

collarbone quote tattooPin

Most of the quotations are small tattoo designs. Small tattoos are very flexible and can be placed on any body part. The same is true for quotation small tattoos. Of course, there are always several body parts that are the best and most popular. For women, the collarbone is one of them.

Back quote tattoo

Back quote tattooPin

Thanks to the body curve of the back, there is no doubt that the vertical simple quote tattoo is the best choice.

quote tattoo with flowers

quote tattoo with flowersPin

Creative designs combining flower tattoos and quote tattoos are common, but how to ensure that their tattoo size is still small and looks cute, this idea will inspire you.

Vertical quote tattoo

Vertical quote tattooPin

The quote tattoo design on the arm is probably the most, and almost all design styles can be placed on this body part. However, the simple design may seem a bit boring. So how to make the quote tattoo on the arm look simple but unique? The answer is vertical quote tattoos.

Shoulder quote tattoo

Shoulder quote tattooPin

Although it is a small quote tattoo, the beautiful font style makes the outline look extremely clear.

Feather quote tattoo

Feather quote tattooPin

Feather has many meanings, usually associated with wisdom and courage. This design element is of great significance to women. Most meaningful tattoo designs will use it, and quote tattoos are no exception.

Free handwriting quote tattoo

Free handwriting quote tattooPin

The free handwriting font style makes medium-length quote tattoos look cute. I bet that most people can’t refuse this design style. This idea is also one of our favorites.

Cute quote tattoo

Cute quote tattooPin

The content of the quote tattoo and the source of design inspiration can be anything you like, such as literary works, songs, or brand names. As long as it is meaningful to you, then it is the best.

Minimalist quote tattoo

Minimalist quote tattooPin

Minimalist tattoo design is one of the most popular styles, and it is no exception in quotation tattoo art. If you still cannot determine what you want from the many designs, then this style will be very worth considering.

rose quote tattoo

rose quote tattooPin

Amazing creative tattoo design, a perfect combination of rose and long quote tattoos, what do you think?

red quote tattoo

red quote tattooPin

How to make a small quote tattoo design eye-catching? Creative design elements? Or red ink is also a good choice.

Arrow quote tattoo

Arrow quote tattooPin

The arrow tattoo design element represents the goal and direction, so if your favorite quotes have the same or similar meaning, it is very suitable for creative quote tattoo design with this element.

Watercolor quote tattoo

Watercolor quote tattooPin

To make the simple long quote tattoo look amazing, use a watercolor tattoo style to design a beautiful background for it!

Two-tone quote tattoo

Two-tone quote tattooPin

Creative quote tattoos in two colors and two font styles. Creativity is the only thing that has no limits.

Quote tattoo on finger

Quote tattoo on fingerPin

A simple quote tattoo design can also enable the person wearing it to fully express their personality. Placing it on the finger is one of the simplest and easy ways.