35 Modern And Creative Designs For French Nail Art

French nails are so popular and recognized by most people. Although the trend of nail art changes at any time, the enthusiasm for French nails will continue, and it is likely to become more and more popular. This style of nails has long passed the test of time, and we must admit that it is one of the most classic nail art styles. If we can only choose one nail style, it must be French nails in my opinion.

There is another interesting story about French nails, that is, does it really come from France? There is no definite answer to this question so far. Some people claimed that it came from a French salon in the 19th century, while others said that this nail style only began to appear in the 1930s.

Abstract french nail

Abstract french nailPin

The two-tone irregular curve makes this abstract French manicure look elegant and at the same time it has some romantic flavor.

Black and white French nail

Black and white French nailPin

French manicure with nude color as the base color is classic, and it looks good for long or short nails. The classic color combination of white and black is applied to the nails in a symmetrical manner. The design is not only creative but also cute.

Black lace french short nail

Black lace french nailPin

Lace is the tip of French nails. Although the length of this nail is short, it is still charming.

cute Cherry French nail

Cherry French nailPin

In recent years, cherry elements have become popular for designing nails. This idea is very suitable for wearing in the warm season.



The bright blue applied to the nail tips and hand-painted clouds make this French manicure look playful.

colorful French nail

Colorful French nailPin

Striking is the characteristic of French nails. The nail design with colorful colors brings this advantage to a higher level.

Creative short French nail

Creative short French nailPin

How to make short gel French nails creative, I think this idea can inspire you.

Elegant white French nail

Elegant white French nailPin

White and nude are the perfect and classic color combination of French nails. Based on this, the nail tip is designed in a creative way to make it look different. This idea is one of our favorites.

Eyes red french nail

Eyes red french nailPin

The red nail tip makes the design eye-catching enough, and the eye element at the bottom of the nail makes this long French nail look interesting and cool.

Gradient brown French nail

Gradient brown French nailPin

The gradual brown nail tip makes this French nail design always in a popular trend. The decoration of golden stars gives it an elegant appearance.

French nails are so versatile, it suits anyone, young or old. If you wear French nails often, then you will find that in fact you don’t need to worry about matching fashionable clothes. Even, for some people, they don’t need to wear a ring. Elegant and beautiful French nails are the most shining jewelry on their hands.

Honey French Nail

Honey French NailPin

The color combination and design used in this nail make it look like sweet honey. Charming, elegant and looks “delicious”.

Hot Chocolate French Nail

Hot Chocolate French NailPin

This year, nail designs inspired by food are becoming more and more popular, and are loved by most people. I bet that this design method will reach the top this year.



The tip applied only with white nail polish is too monotonous, so what about this irregular design? The idea is full of creativity, and the golden color makes it look elegant.

Luxury French nail

Luxury French nailPin

This long French nail is amazing. The marble and shiny nail tips make it luxurious and full of charm.

Metal color

Metal colorPin

Creative short French nails can also give people a sense of surprise.

Minimalist golden French nail

Minimalist golden French nailPin

Great nail design, if you are looking for a simple French nail that looks different from others, then this idea is exactly what you want.

One-third French nail

One-third French nailPin

The silver nail tips make it extremely dazzling in the crowd, and a third of the green nail polish is applied to make it look unique and creative.

Orange French nail

Orange French nailPin

Bright colors make French nails look more novel and in line with fashion trends. The nail tip design extending backwards makes it have a unique appearance while ensuring minimalist design.

Outline French nail

Outline French nailPin

This nail design is absolutely new, it breaks the classic French nail look.

Popular color combination

Popular color combinationPin

If you are tired of the color combination of classic French nails, then this idea will be worthy of reference. It looks elegant and low-key.

French nails are mostly in a very simple style, but its unique nail tip design is eye-catching enough that you will notice it anytime, anywhere. This kind of nail is perfect for women who like fashion and simplicity. Classic French nails are already great, but with the continuous changes in fashion trends, more and more women are looking for the latest and creative French nails, while keeping simplicity and keeping up with trends. So please take inspiration from these ideas and try your favorite design.

Punched French nail

Punched French nailPin

Are you looking for French nail designs that look cool and avant-garde? Please choose long acrylic French nails, punch holes at the tips of the nails, and decorate them with simple metal.

Purple French nail

Purple French nailPin

Classic floral French nails are great, but we still want some unique designs, right?

Rainbow thin line

Rainbow thin linePin

French nail designs with thin lines and rainbow colors looks vibrant.

Rose French nail

Rose French nailPin

The fluorescent-filled rose gives this French nail a unique appearance and charm.

Snake French nail

Snake French nailPin

If you are looking for a cool animal-themed French nail, then this design is a good choice.

Striking French nail

Striking French nailPin

The eye-catching color and irregular nail tips make this French manicure sure to be loved by most people.

Thin line butterfly

Thin line butterflyPin

The butterfly designed with thin lines makes this idea look simple and unique.

Tie-dye French nail

Tie-dye French nailPin

We have to admit that the compatibility of French nails is very good. It can be combined with a variety of aesthetic styles and performs very well.

Two-color tip

Two-color tipPin

The two-color French nail tip design gives us more creative choices while ensuring a classic look. The design in this way may be endless. If you want to make it more eye-catching, then bold color combinations (contrasting colors) may be best. If you want to keep it low-key, similar or complementary colors are the correct color combinations.

Zebra French Nail

Zebra French NailPin

If you are looking for animal-themed French nails, I believe you have seen many designs with leopard print elements. Want to make sure you are different from others? So do you like zebras?

Although this style of nails looks easy from the outside, the application of French nails requires a lot of experience. If you want to make this kind of nails at home, unless you are good at it, you need to practice constantly to exercise your feel. If the nail design you like is a bit complicated, we suggest you go to a nail salon to achieve it.

Unique black French nail

Unique black French nailPin

French nails with black tips usually look almost the same as white or nude classic designs. We choose black nail polish, just to make the design look cooler, right? If you think like mine, this design is what you have been looking for, so this black French manicure is unique.

Wavy Checkerboard French Nail

Wavy Checkerboard French NailPin

The design of this French nail is lively, so it is more popular among young people.

Yin Yang French nail

Yin Yang French nailPin

What a wonderful and creative design, this idea has brought us surprise and inspiration.



This design is very interesting. All the popular animal patterns are applied to the tips of the nails. Our fingers are like a zoo.

Shiny Polka Dot French Nail

Shiny Polka Dot French NailPin

The tips of creative French nails are not necessarily applied with nail polish, right?