35 Modern And Creative Designs For French Nail Art

French nails are so popular and recognized by most people. Although the trend of nail art changes at any time, the enthusiasm for French nails will continue, and it is likely to become more and more popular. This style of nails has long passed the test of time, and we must admit that it is one of the most classic nail art styles. If we can only choose one nail style, it must be French nails in my opinion.

There is another interesting story about French nails, that is, does it really come from France? There is no definite answer to this question so far. Some people claimed that it came from a French salon in the 19th century, while others said that this nail style only began to appear in the 1930s.

1. Abstract french nail

The two-tone irregular curve makes this abstract French manicure look elegant and at the same time it has some romantic flavor.

Abstract french nail