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48 Simple Acrylic Nails You Will Love

Acrylic nails are one of women’s favorite nail designs. Because of their elegant shape, they can make fingers look long and attractive. And acrylic nails are very durable and can last at least 3 weeks. Acrylic nails can be perfectly combined with almost any nail style, whether gorgeous or simple.

48 Simple Acrylic Nails You Will Love

Last year, the gorgeous design of acrylic nails was very hot, but the minimalist design style is still not outdated. This year, the fashion industry seems to have caused severe visual fatigue for gorgeous designs. More and more designs are starting to stay away from this style. Back to simple fashion.

But for simple acrylic nail designs, most women seem to be confused, and they can’t make a choice right away. Because most people are very worried that the simple design will make the elegant acrylic nails lose their luster and look very boring. That ’s right, when I tried “simple acrylic nails in the sense”, to be honest, I was very disappointed because the effect was really bad. They looked very “bored”, which wasted some money and energy.

So I started looking for the real “simple acrylic nail design”, and I found that simple acrylic nails do not refer to nail designs of pure color without any modification, which is very different from our simple nail design in the traditional sense . Because we usually think that simple nail designs only apply nail polish and that’s it. Simple acrylic nail design has very strict requirements for color selection. Bright colors do not seem suitable, such as bright yellow or light blue.

Because the bright color is the base color of acrylic nails, it is very easy to attract attention, but because there is no modification or only a little on the nails, it will make the nail design look very abrupt, and the bright color is not easy to be with your whole Make a match (such as the choice of clothes color or hair color). And some bright colors are not suitable for all occasions. So I exclude bright colors here. If you are very obsessed with bright colors and strongly want to use this color on simple acrylic nails, then I recommend using this color as a decorative color. Tips: If you use bright colors as decoration, you better not use other decorations (such as diamonds or other) on your nails, but only use colors as decoration.

I have collected and organized 48 simple acrylic nail design ideas that most women like very much on social networks. They contain almost all simple style acrylic nail designs. I will show them below. I summarized the simple acrylic nail design. It should use more conventional colors, avoid using brighter colors, and also need some simple decoration, such as: just placing a decorative diamond on the nail of a finger, or use some glitter Brightener is used in combination with nail polish. Another solution is to use contrasting colors as decoration colors, but you should not use any decorations at this time. Another simplest design solution is to choose a gradient color (up to 3 colors for gradient combination).

For ladies, beauty is holistic, not just makeup, clothing or accessories. This is why you choose simple acrylic nails. You can choose any nail design you like from these ideas throughout the year, without too much consideration of whether it matches with the season and clothing. At the same time, in my opinion, these nail designs will be suitable for any occasion, or you can adjust their length and shape according to your actual needs or preferences, hope these ideas can inspire you.

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