30 Glamorous Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

The back may provide the largest effective space for tattoos, so here, you can easily achieve delicate and intricate designs. The back is also one of the most favorite body parts of tattoo artists because he can display more creativity. Of course, a larger tattoo size means you need to spend more time and money. And back tattoos may be a huge promise for everyone, so you must think carefully before getting this kind of tattoo. No need to worry, the effect of back tattoos will definitely be amazing. However, the premise is that you need to find a very experienced tattoo artist to fully show the details of the tattoo design.

Back tattoos are a larger category, which can be roughly divided into upper back tattoos, lower back tattoos, full back tattoos, back side tattoos, spine tattoos, and so on. The size and design style of the tattoo are the main factors that determine the type of back tattoo. So when you choose this kind of tattoo, you should first determine the size you need. You can use almost any element you like in your back tattoo design. It can be meaningful or just for decoration. The best tattoo colors are black and gray. Although everyone’s body is different, most people’s backs are more prone to sweat, so colorful back tattoos are easier to fade.

The back is one of the most popular body parts for women to place tattoos. You can easily hide it when needed. When you show it, it will make you more sexy and attractive. It is worth mentioning that the pain of tattooing on the back is lower than that of other body parts.

30. Red and black rose back tattoo

What an obsessive thin line rose, the minimalist design style makes it look so clear. The striking red and black color matching makes it impressive. The back position of the tattoo is just right. When you show it, it will make you more attractive.

Red and black rose back tattoo

29. Gorgeous wolf back tattoo

The huge wolf tattoo occupies the entire back, and the intricate and exquisite design details make this tattoo amazing. To give it a deeper meaning and more feminine, the wolf design element and the mandala pattern are perfectly combined.

Gorgeous wolf back tattoo

28. Beautiful butterfly back tattoo

If you only use a butterfly element to design a back tattoo, you may need to make it more creative, because only such a design will make it eye-catching. Do you want to wear a butterfly-back tattoo while ensuring the simplicity of the design? So this idea is what you like?

Beautiful butterfly back tattoo

27. Back tattoo combination

The body is the drawing board of tattoo art. The area of each drawing board is different, and the area of the back is definitely the largest. The content on the drawing board is up to you, so the back tattoo can also be composed of multiple small and medium-sized tattoos like this idea. The meanings between them can be related or independent.

Back tattoo combination

26. Black and white back tattoo

Designs that usually use contrasting colors to match colors are eye-catching. Different color combinations give people a great difference in visual perception. If you want your tattoo to be vibrant, then choose a bright palette. The combination of black and white represents fashion and simplicity, even the simple thin line design will make people feel amazing.

Black and white back tattoo

25. Popular symbol back tattoo

The larger back area provides more possibilities for creative tattoo designs. The perfect tattoo must have both meaning and a beautiful appearance. Just like this idea, some of these symbols have meaning, while others are just decorations. Based on this design method, you can incorporate design elements you like to make it more personalized.

Popular symbol back tattoo

24. Cute back tattoo

Bright orange and green light up the design and make the tattoo look sweet. The meaning of this tattoo expresses love for cats.

Cute back tattoo

23. Watercolor back tattoo

This tattoo design uses watercolor as the background to make the stylish and simple line tattoo more attractive and eye-catching. This is another design method that incorporates color. And in my opinion, the watercolor style is very suitable for designing women’s tattoos, because this style is usually more feminine.

Watercolor back tattoo

22. Geometric back tattoo

This tattoo has many elements, including circle, triangle, line segment, and so on. And in this tattoo, there is also a pair of sun and moon combinations. I think that tattoos that use geometric elements are more futuristic and mysterious.

Geometric back tattoo

21. Mandala back tattoo

Mandala is one of the most important elements used to design meaningful female tattoos. This graphic symbolizes a shrinking universe, usually it represents the balance between eternal life and all things. Just like this idea, the overall design is perfectly balanced between cool and gorgeous, and it looks very harmonious.

Mandala back tattoo

20. Decorative back tattoo

With the development of modern tattoo art, some tattoo designs may no longer have meaning and are only used for personal decoration. This type of tattoo is usually small in size and more creative.

Decorative back tattoo

19. Sun Moon Back Tattoo

The combination of sun and moon is one of the most popular tattoo design elements, especially in female tattoo art. This tattoo design incorporates abstract style and dark style. The sun releases energy and the moon tears apart the black night sky. Not only that, the detailed design of this tattoo is excellent, and the overall appearance is simple and exquisite.

Sun Moon Back Tattoo

18. Line outline back tattoo

The simple and elegant thin line abstract back tattoo makes it look charming. The deep meaning of this design may only be known to the wearer.

Line outline back tattoo

17. Sword back tattoo

The shocking sword tattoo with perfect color matching makes it look very retro. The depiction of the shadow details makes it extremely sharp. Placed vertically in the center of the back, when displaying it, the wearer will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Sword back tattoo

16. Lower side back tattoo

The magnolia is blooming, the gray color makes it look a little romantic, and the yellow stamens create a focal design. Placing a tattoo here, especially with floral elements in the design, will make the person wearing it more charming.

Lower side back tattoo

15. Upper back tattoo

A flower tattoo that blooms and grows in different directions. This design perfectly fits the curve of the upper back. Pink makes the tattoo design more feminine, and this idea is one of our favorites.

Upper back tattoo

14. Japanese back tattoo

The perfect Japanese tattoo must strictly follow the fixed color matching. The design style of this tattoo is realistic. It shows the beautiful natural landscape without losing important details. It is worth mentioning that light and shadow effects are also included in these details.

Japanese back tattoo

13. Eye-catching back tattoo

The eye-catching reason for this back tattoo is entirely due to the red sun. If you want to create a similar tattoo style, then you can get key inspiration from this idea.

Eye-catching back tattoo

12. Super abstract back tattoo

What is the best abstract back tattoo? This idea will give you the answer. Abstract style tattoo design may not be easy to interpret the meaning, but the appearance is amazing enough. And often the tattoo design that uses this style to the extreme will have a full sense of mystery.

Super abstract back tattoo

11. Tiger back tattoo

Two cool tigers, perfect contour shapes, placed on the best body parts and stunning details. This tattoo design looks lifelike.

Tiger back tattoo

10. Delicate back tattoo

When we talk about delicate tattoo designs, we usually think of small tattoos. For large tattoos, we may pay more attention to its overall appearance. In fact, more design details do not equate to exquisiteness. In my opinion, exquisiteness is more like an intuitive visual experience. When I saw this tattoo, I couldn’t help but think of the word. Whether it is color matching or detail portrayal. It is so perfect!

Delicate back tattoo

9. Heart Back Tattoo

The heart tattoo represents love and life, and it is a classic and traditional design element. When it is combined with geometric elements that represent modern style. This combination is unique and subtle.

Heart Back Tattoo

8. Dragon back tattoo

The idea of a huge dragon tattoo is shocking. This dragon pattern comes from the East, whether it is the design details or other matching elements, this tattoo is excellent enough. A larger back tattoo will cost more time and money, but let’s take another look at its effect. I think everything paid for it is worth it.

Dragon back tattoo

7. Snake back tattoo

This is not a single snake tattoo, but a combination of floral and sword elements. There are many tattoo designs similar to this combination and are loved by women at the same time. They seem to have become classics.

Snake back tattoo

6. Natural back tattoo

This back tattoo is absolutely elegant, all design elements (flowers, butterflies, and leaves) are derived from nature. Not only that, these elements are among the most popular in female tattoo art.

Natural back tattoo

5. Flower back tattoo

Flowers need to break through the soil before they bloom, so in this tattoo, the use of blue-gray ink illustrates this point.

Meaningful back tattoos

4. Meaningful back tattoos

Beautiful appearance and deep meaning are never contradictory. What we need to do is continuously optimize the design to make them blend together perfectly. The positive quotation and the sunflower representing sunshine and hope are the most suitable combination.

Flower back tattoo

3. Quote back tattoo

If you just want a simple and meaningful back tattoo and hope to inspire others through it, then quote tattoos are the ideal choice.

Quote back tattoo

2. Cool back tattoo

Cute, elegant, and gorgeous are the most distinctive features of female tattoos. But we also need a cool style, right? Dark tattoo style may be able to meet your needs. At the same time, use your favorite pattern into the design so that it can express your personal style.

Cool back tattoo

1. Tree back tattoo

The tree element not only has meaning, but the overall design of this tattoo also has another layer of meaning. The trunk is the core of the tree, and so is the human spine.

Tree back tattoo