31 Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas From Simple to Luxurious

In some cases, the decoration atmosphere of the room can directly affect our mood (emotional health). The bedroom is a place for us to relax and rest after a busy day. Therefore, I think the decoration design of this space is more important than any area. There are many styles to choose from, but a modern style bedroom may be the best, and it has good applicability. Simple overall appearance, clean and concise lines, flexible and controllable atmosphere and pay more attention to practicality. This is why modern bedrooms are so popular.

From gorgeous and elegant white to inspiring bright tones, from super minimalist designs to cool and luxurious bedroom decoration schemes. These ideas that we have collected are applicable to everyone. It provides good practical functions while ensuring a beautiful bedroom appearance. Not only that, based on a simple modern style, you can incorporate more personalized designs and other favorite decorative styles to make your bedroom express your personal style and even reflect your life guidelines. Do you want to create an eye-catching decorative focal point for the bedroom? Then a creative headboard design or a unique color accent background wall may be what you want. Keep reading, these ideas will inspire you.

Geometric elements

Geometric elementsPin

When we talk about the modern style, we first think of simple and clean line design and geometric elements. Creatively, geometric elements are used to design the accent wall of the bedroom, and this style can be easily obtained. And by using different color palettes, you can change the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Green plant decoration

Green plant decorationPin

Take a look at this huge green plant, it is so fascinating. There are many ways to incorporate fresh colors into a white modern bedroom, and this idea is one of them. And this decoration scheme allows you to change the appearance at any time.

Neutral tone

Neutral tonePin

This hue is probably the most ideal choice for most people. Not only that, the neutral tones with perfect visual balance make it easier for people to feel a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Wooden wall

Wooden wallPin

Simple thin strips and cool colors are one of the keys to creating a modern style. However, some people may feel dull and cold from it. Then creating a wooden bedside background wall is a great solution, as well as arranging more light-colored furniture in the space. It can effectively neutralize this visual experience and provide a warm atmosphere for the bedroom.

Bright tones

Bright tonesPin

Want to feel the sunny and active atmosphere in your modern bedroom? Then please use bright colors. You don’t have to repaint the walls, change the bedding, or just add a few pillows. There are many colors to choose from, of course, please choose from warm colors. Yellow is one of the most popular colors, and pink also looks great.

Mixed modern style

Mixed modern stylePin

It is one of the biggest charms of modern style that it can be easily mixed with other styles. The choice of design elements completely depends on your preference, you only need to master the color matching. If you want to create an elegant decorative effect, neutral or more rustic colors are a good choice, and they should be complementary colors. If you want to create an eye-catching appearance, then it is correct to choose bright colors. The color combination can be a combination of cool and warm colors.

Super minimalist

Super minimalistPin

The bedroom is a space for rest. The simple design and soft color matching help to fall asleep quickly and maintain a calm mood.

Black and light

Black and lightPin

When using black to decorate the bedroom, even if other colors are incorporated, the overall appearance will inevitably be dull. Fortunately, if you want to neutralize this atmosphere to achieve a perfect balance, warm LED lighting will help us.

Leather bench

Leather benchPin

Placing leather furniture in a modern-style bedroom will provide a luxurious texture to the space decoration.

Fresh atmosphere

Fresh atmospherePin

How to get a fresh atmosphere in the bedroom? Use flowers and green plants to decorate a good plan. Of course, we have other options, such as the light green curtains of this idea. Not only fresh but also elegant.

Modern bedroom like a garden

Modern bedroom like a gardenPin

Plants are one of the most common decorative items when designing a space. A small number of plants can provide green to the bedroom. A lot of plants will make the bedroom look like a garden. You can imagine how pleasant and happy it is to get up every morning.



Want to incorporate bohemian flair into modern decor? At the same time, as few decorative products as possible? How about the blinds? This is a perfect compromise decoration scheme.

Cool and warm tones

Cool and warm tonesPin

If cool and warm colors are combined in a reasonable ratio, their effects must be amazing. However, the difficulty lies in what is a reasonable ratio? Many factors affect this number, such as the size of the space, the lighting of the room, and so on. Is there an easier way to combine this color? The answer is this idea. First of all, we should not use this color in large quantities. Second, please use low-purity colors.

Modern lamps

Modern lampsPin

If the size of the bedroom is small, it is difficult for us to decorate too much furniture or use too bright colors. This idea provides us with a modern style small bedroom decoration method, that is, choose modern and simple lighting fixtures.

Pastel tones

Pastel tonesPin

A modern bedroom decorated in soft tones will make people feel warm and comfortable, and this color matching is very helpful for falling asleep. Not only that, this combination of colors is very suitable for women because they are more feminine. Incorporating black into softness makes the decoration eye-catching.

Sweet modern bedroom

Sweet modern bedroomPin

Based on a simple modern style, a combination of lively and lovely bright colors is used to create a bedroom that looks sweet. This decoration is so admirable.

Practical and decorative

Practical and decorativePin

The soft and creative higher headboard is a perfect fusion of practical and decorative effects.

Inspiring modern bedroom

Inspiring modern bedroomPin

Inspiring bedroom decor needs bright colors. We want perfect and amazing looks, right? Then it is correct to use a small amount of color.


Coastal stylePin

As long as the furniture with clean lines can be considered as modern style. The bed and bench in this idea are amazing, magnify the space visually, and relax people’s body and mind.

Coastal style


How to incorporate coastal amorous feelings in a modern bedroom? The blue pillow is the key decoration, as is the glass table lamp.



Red represents enthusiasm. Using this color in a modern-style bedroom can create an exquisite decorative effect. Of course, don’t forget to add another color for transition, such as the gray in this idea.



Classic modern bedroom decoration, without any complicated design, looks clean and simple in appearance. The chandelier decoration here is eye-catching and provides some fun for space.

Enlarge the space

Enlarge the spacePin

This decoration idea magnifies the space perfectly visually, which is a scheme based on modern decoration style. The mirror is responsible for the horizontal distance, giving the bedroom more depth. The creative bedside wall decoration makes space look higher.



The decorative combination of hay and plants makes the bedroom that originally used dark gray and white as the main colors look elegant and gorgeous.



How to make the modern style bedroom more eye-catching? This idea is perfect practice. The main color is cool, the eye-catching decoration must be bright. Cool colors create a luxurious atmosphere, while warm colors make the space warm.

Luxurious modern bedroom

Luxurious modern bedroomPin

White, black, and wood colors are the most commonly used colors for decorating modern-style bedrooms. These colors are all classic, so the created look needs to be improved again with other colors. If you want to create the most unique bedroom decoration, then gray is also a great choice. Not only that, the large-scale application of this color will make the design more luxurious.



Thanks to the decorative design of the wall, the whole bedroom looks magnificent.



The wall and ceiling decoration styles and colors are the same, and the color matching of the overall design perfectly makes this dark modern bedroom harmonious.

Decoration details

Decoration detailsPin

No matter what style of decoration design, the perfect effect must require exquisite decoration details. Look at this wall, its color and texture are impressive.

Wood grain

Wood grainPin

Modern and stylish, elegant and generous, comfortable and warm. At least half of the perfect decorative effect of this bedroom is due to wood grain elements.



Use relatively uncommon colors to create a unique modern style bedroom. The gorgeous and charming blue not only creates an eye-catching bedside wall but also creates a calm space atmosphere and soothes the mood.