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30 Perfect Blue Nail Design Ideas

What’s your favorite nail polish color for warm or hot days? For example, bright yellow, soft pink, or cool blue? Well, it’s all up to you. However, I highly recommend you to check out blue nail designs, and you might change your decision right away.

There are hundreds of shades of blue for you to choose from. In the face of different periods and situations, I think the corresponding shades should be chosen, because the appropriate colors can effectively improve people’s moods. There’s no doubt that bright but soft blue has become a fashionista’s darling for this year when pressures continue to mount. Of course, there are still a few shades of dark blue that are always on trend.

It has to be said that blue nail designs are very friendly to those who are keen on minimalist style. Are you a little surprised? So am I. After I looked at nearly a hundred popular design examples, an interesting thing happened because I found that the design that uses blue is very pure. In other words, only a few colors and minimalist modern patterns can match classic blue perfectly.

Whether you like to keep a low profile or show off your personal style, you can find the perfect blue nails for you here. Plus, some fun design sets are waiting for you to try. For example, the beach theme. Without further ado, let’s jump into the ocean of ideas now.

1. Ocean Blue Nails

Ocean Blue Nails

Honestly, the best wearing scene for this nail design is the beach, and the creative ocean blue tip design will give you a good holiday vibe.

Bright but muted colors are the best shades of this year. Also, this type of color will make you feel relaxed and happy, and this blue nail design is just that.

2. Colorful Blue Nails

Colorful Blue Nails

If the base color of the nail design is light blue, it is fairly easy to add a colorful color combination to it. I’m sure the final look will surprise you.

3. Blueberry Nails

Blueberry Nails

I am sure this unique blue short nail design will excite blueberry lovers. In addition, choosing this design is also a great way to state your personal preferences.

4. Matte Deep Blue Nails

Matte Deep Blue Nails

While this matte dark blue nail is designed in a minimalist style, the unique nail polish effect makes them look quite gorgeous.

If your imagination is rich enough, I guess you might associate this design with the mysterious moon face.

5. Blue Print Nails

Blue Print Nails

This nail design adds blue to the design with hand-painted prints. The gold thread design enhances the overall appearance of the nails, but thanks to the right proportions, it does not steal the limelight of the blueprint.

6. Baby Blue Nails

Baby Blue Nails

I’m very confident in baby blue, I think this color will never go out of style, at least it’s still one of the best shades of blue this year. Also, it matches perfectly with the color of the sea.

7. Blue Marble Nails

Blue Marble Nails

If you are looking for a blue nail design that is elegant and stunning enough, then the marble style might be your first choice.

8. Blue Outline Nails

Blue Outline Nails

Nudes make any accent colors the protagonist, so the blue details in this nail design will make you the center of attention in the crowd.

9. Sweet Blue Nails

Sweet Blue Nails

It looks like some kind of sweet fruit due to the black dots in the nail design and the gradient blue from light to dark. As you can imagine, this blue nail design will arouse the curiosity of those around you.

10. Navy Blue Jelly Nails

Navy Blue Jelly Nails

Navy blue may look dull, but translucent jelly nails solve this problem effectively. So you can try this color carefree in any season.

11. Blue Glitter Nails

Blue Glitter Nails

The glittery blue tone nail design is full of magic and vibrancy and it looks like delicious ice cream.

This nail design will give amazingly different effects under different angles of sunlight.

12. Extremely light blue nails

Extremely light blue nails

This infinitely close to white blue nail polish is special, so the nail design itself is unique.

13. Nude and blue nails

Nude and blue nails

Dark blue nail polish is obviously not suitable for warm weather, but when paired with minimalist nude nails, it has no limits.

14. Royal Tea Blue Nails

Royal Tea Blue Nails

The noble royal tea blue is so mesmerizing that the pattern in the nail design doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

In short, this color matches any minimalist pattern or design flawlessly.

15. Blue-grey nails

Blue-grey nails

This chic blue-gray isn’t for everyone. If you want to make your nails look understated and composed, then this design is for you.

16. Blue and Silver Nails

Blue and Silver Nails

It has to be said that there are very few colors that perfectly match light blue. For example, white, nude, and silver. I know what you’re thinking, I don’t think it’s a good attempt to combine it with gold.

17. Matte Royal Blue Nails

Matte Royal Blue Nails

Few would say no to royal blue, one of the most popular colors in the blue family. Even the matte texture can’t stop the unique charm of this color.

18. Creative Blue French Nails

Creative Blue French Nails

Basic blue french nails need a bit of creativity in order to win people’s attention, so add some cute animal prints like this creative design.

19. Blue Butterfly Nails

Blue Butterfly Nails

I think adding color to a nail design with a blue butterfly pattern works better than applying blue nail polish directly. At least, this nail design doesn’t look dull and boring.

20. Blue Flower Nails

Blue Flower Nails

If you want to make blue nails look incredible then try this design with blue floral details.

21. Sky Blue Tone Nails

Sky Blue Tone Nails

Looking from left to right, the sky blue tone on the nails is gradually increasing. This seemingly simple design can effectively improve people’s melancholy mood.

22. Blue Stripe Nails

Blue Stripe Nails

The straight stripe pattern makes blue nails look dull, so it’s a good idea to spin them up. Plus, this design makes the nails look like refreshing mint fudge.

23. Glitter Dark Blue Nails

Glitter Dark Blue Nails

Glittering dark blue nails look like a starry sky. Undoubtedly, this understated design is dreamy.

24. Abstract Blue Nails

Abstract Blue Nails

Because the speed of information dissemination is getting faster and faster. Therefore, the similarity of nail design styles is getting higher and higher. So, you can add some mystique to blue nail designs with abstract art. Finally, use some gold foil to make it look gorgeous.

25. Animal Print Blue Nails

Animal Print Blue Nails

If you think sheer blue nail designs are too boring. So, let’s do some magic! Jump straight from the bright blue block into the cute animal print accents.

26. Vertical ombre blue nails

Vertical ombre blue nails

Compared to the classic blue nail design, the vertical ombre style makes your fingers look longer.

27. Glass Tile Blue Nails

Glass Tile Blue Nails

This beautiful and clear blue nail design like glass tiles will make your hands look very special.

28. Blue Gradient Nails

Blue Gradient Nails

Gradient art makes different blues dance cheerfully on the nail tips.

29. Hand-painted blue nails

Hand-painted blue nails

Admittedly, hand-painted patterns are complex art. However, it does make the colors more expressive.

30. Blue Gold Foil Nails

Blue Gold Foil Nails

Blue and gold nail polish may be a bad match, but it can be impressive when combined with gold foil.