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32 Magnificent Wave Tattoo Designs

Waves contain mysterious and natural energy from the sea. If you stare at it quietly, you will feel true peace and tranquility from within. Of course, it is undeniable that the voice of the sea also played a role. Therefore, people’s interpretation of the meaning of wave tattoo designs is tranquility, harmony, natural spiritual power, and endless life. However, some people also convert wave patterns into symbols for body decoration only. Moreover, some people show off their hobbies or professions through wave tattoos. For example, sailing, surfing or adventure, etc. In conclusion, wave tattoos definitely deserve to be on your next ink list. The reason is that compared to animal series tattoos and flower series tattoos, this type of tattoo is definitely a special existence. In other words, a wave tattoo will get you more attention in the crowd.

No one guide can be made to include all styles. Still, there’s no reason to look at those outdated designs, right? So, all the wave tattoo designs in this guide follow the trend. From small to large, minimal to colorful. I believe that there will always be a design that can make your heart flutter.

1. Flower Wave Tattoo

Flower Wave Tattoo

Flowers blooming on the sea symbolize the spirit of unruly. The waves give the flowers the necessary nutrients to grow, and because of the flowers, the waves are different. They are tightly connected, both in design and in meaning.

2. Sailboat Wave Tattoo

Sailboat Wave Tattoo

I boldly guess that this sailboat and wave combination tattoo design represents the wearer’s interests and pursuit of freedom.

3. Rainbow Wave Tattoo

Rainbow Wave Tattoo

The colorful rainbow makes the waves look lively. In addition, free-flying birds make this effect even stronger.

4. Wave and Palm Tree Tattoo

Wave and Palm Tree Tattoo

If you need a tattoo design with a full tropical feel. Then, the combination of waves and palm trees will satisfy you.

5. Wave Planet Tattoo

Wave Planet Tattoo

This wave planet is the perfect product of imagination. Moreover, this tattoo gave us major inspiration for the creative combination design of waves and galaxies.

6. Wave cloud tattoo

Wave cloud tattoo

This unique wave tattoo is a highly custom design. Therefore, its meaning is completely personal. This tattoo means “The sea does not get wet from the rain.”

7. Wave Moon Tattoo

Wave Moon Tattoo

This wave moon tattoo design creates an illusion. In other words, it’s dreamy. The reason is that, according to currently known information, there is no liquid water on the Moon. Of course, not to mention the rivers, lakes, and seas.

8. Pastel Wave Tattoo

Pastel Wave Tattoo

This blue wave tattoo design is super soft with just some pink infused in it. I have to say, this sweet design fascinates me.

9. Dolphin Wave Tattoo

Dolphin Wave Tattoo

Naughty little dolphins dance carefree in the waves. This tattoo design expresses the state of life that people have always sought.

10. Wave Oil Painting Tattoo

Wave Oil Painting Tattoo

A timeless truth: the more niche the design concept and style, the more special the tattoo looks. I am sure that this colorful oil painting wave tattoo design will be impressive.

11. Wave Note Tattoo

Wave Note Tattoo

For those of you who love music creation, tattooing the notes on your body is a very proud thing. If you are also obsessed with the sea or waves. Then, this tattoo design is for you.

12. Wave Cup Tattoo

Wave Cup Tattoo

This small tattoo design is really interesting. The reason is that the artist cleverly put the waves into a wine glass. On the other hand, cup stems are replaced by palm trees. Such a design gives this tattoo a slightly tropical look.

13. Animal wave tattoo

Animal wave tattoo designs are a much sought-after category. There are two main styles. The first is to fill in the animal outline pattern with waves as a print. As the ink color changes, the appearance of the tattoo can also make a huge difference. For example, blue ink will give the tattoo a Chinese celadon style. The last is to use the waves as a background pattern for animals. This design is often used for animals that can fly. Because it can make the animal look stronger and more alive.

13.1. bird and wave tattoo

Bird and wave tattoo

13.2. wave dragon tattoo

Wave dragon tattoo

13.3. wave leopard tattoo

Wave leopard tattoo

14. Wave and Sword Tattoo

Wave and Sword Tattoo

If you only focus on one detail. Well, you may be missing something important. The overall look of this sword and wave tattoo design looks like a dollar sign. Such a surprising design. I can’t help but marvel at the artist’s amazing creativity.

15. Aquaman Wave Tattoo

Aquaman Wave Tattoo

The wave pattern usually makes people feel a good natural atmosphere. Truth be told, the same goes for this tattoo design. However, its symbolic meaning is power and authority.

16. Wave Brush Stroke Tattoo

Wave Brush Stroke Tattoo

This unassuming ultra-simple wave tattoo design becomes eye-catching and sparkling thanks to the embellishment of blue strokes. Please be good at using and trying this design concept. I’m sure you’ll get something amazing out of it.

17. Wave symbol tattoo on finger

Wave symbol tattoo on finger

Although the finger tattoo design is usually small in size. However, it’s still a big commitment. Over time, a slightly complicated design can easily make you regret it. So, I always recommend that you choose minimalistic symbols, or try to convert patterns into symbols.

18. Realistic Wave Small Tattoo

Realistic Wave Small Tattoo

This small wave tattoo does not lose wonderful details due to its size. It has to be said that realistic style can always make tattoo designs exquisite and extraordinary.

19. Japanese Wave Tattoo

Japanese Wave Tattoo

All you need to know is that pure Japanese tattoos feature sharp contoured designs and stunning color matching. This wave tattoo design has all the characteristics mentioned above.

20. Fire and Wave Tattoo

Fire and Wave Tattoo

We all know that fire and water are incompatible. However, this tattoo does it. I think that’s what’s interesting about design as well. A lively flame guides the direction of the waves.

21. Wave Geometric Tattoo

Wave Geometric Tattoo

This geometric wave tattoo design is a perfect personal badge. In addition, the open triangle will make people have infinite reverie. Plus, the blue ink gives the tattoo a retro celadon style.

22. Black Wave Tattoo

Black Wave Tattoo

The black wave tattoo design is undoubtedly cool, and it makes us feel the danger and oppression from the deep sea.

23. Abstract Wave Tattoo

Abstract Wave Tattoo

Abstract art styles are always imaginative and contradictory. So, this wave tattoo looks both soft and hard.

24. Wave Crown Tattoo

Wave Crown Tattoo

The orderly undulating waves look like a crown symbolizing power. The shadows in the design take the sophistication of this tattoo to a whole new level.

25. Cute Wave Mini Tattoo

Cute Wave Mini Tattoo

There is a surprise in this wave mini tattoo design. If you look a little closer. You will find that the dreamy starry sky has merged with the waves.

26. Wave Flow Tattoo

Wave Flow Tattoo

This tattoo design perfectly showcases the flow of waves from scratch.

27. Minimalist Wave Tattoo

Minimalist Wave Tattoo

In fact, minimalist wave tattoos don’t look boring. Because bright colored ink will make the design brilliant.

28. Personalized Wave Tattoo

Personalized Wave Tattoo

If you are a surfing enthusiast. Well, there is no reason why you should miss out on this tattoo design. In addition, this tattoo also implies the conquest of the sea and the spirit of adventure.

29. Mixed Wave Tattoo

Mixed Wave Tattoo

By mixing various patterns, you can get a completely personalized tattoo. If you know anything about tattoo trends, you will know that this design idea is loved by women. This wave tattoo is not purely ornamental. Flowers blooming at sea have a certain personal meaning.

30. Wave Landscape Tattoo

Wave Landscape Tattoo

What is the most spectacular wavy landscape picture you can imagine or take? In my opinion, it is the inspiration for the perfect wave tattoo designs.