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17 Popular Cancer Tattoo Design Ideas

The Cancer tattoos in this guide combine current popular ideas and design trends, and trust me, each one fits perfectly with this zodiac sign.

Cancers are introverted, they are not good at expressing themselves. They are easily influenced by the people and things around them, so others see Cancers as emotional and see them as very dependent on others.

Cancer people may appear strong on the outside, but they have a very fragile heart. Emotional they often burst into tears because of some unforgettable memories. So, most Cancer tattoos look soft and have curvy lines, only a small part look hard and cool.

The mainstream and simple Cancer tattoos are mainly dominated by symbols, horoscopes and crabs. Sophisticated designs are a combination of these three. Of course, some designs also feature birth flowers, the moon, and water. It is not difficult to find that these element patterns are feminine.

Cancer tattoos for men often enhance the masculinity of the design by incorporating the sun. There are no absolutes, and as a woman, if you want to make your Cancer sign look more positive, adding a sun tattoo to your design is also one of the great ways to do it.

The designs described above are not all, there are still many amazing and unique designs waiting for you to explore, keep scrolling to discover your zodiac sign style.

1. Cancer Tattoo On The Ankle

Ankle tattoos are perfect for the discreet, and you can freely choose when to show them off. This design is gorgeous, both the thickness of the lines and the color transition are just right. Plus, the stars and moon also make this little horoscope symbol look different.

Cancer tattoo

2. Cancer Tattoo For Women

If you only need a symbol, but want the design to be feminine, using colored inks may be the only option, such as this pink constellation tattoo.

Cancer tattoo

3. Custom Cancer Symbol Tattoo

When you are getting a zodiac symbol tattoo, you may consider combining another zodiac sign, this sign may be from your lover or your family, and this is the whole process of getting a custom symbol. It’s simple, right? But it’s not easy if you want to make them blend together perfectly.

Cancer tattoo

4. Black and White Cancer Tattoo

I believe that everyone is aware of the strikingness of black and white tattoos, but the purpose of this design is not that. When this style collides with small tattoos, I get a subtle charm from it.

Cancer tattoo

5. Small Crab Cancer Tattoo

Small tattoos can also make you have all the popular design elements of Cancer. Check out this design! It contains a small crab, constellation chart, striking moon and charming stars. Of course, if symbols are added to the design, then it is one of the most perfect pieces.

Cancer tattoo

6. Colorful Cancer Tattoo

Any colorful design will make you feel more alive and the same is true in tattoo art. As a woman, when you want to design your horoscope tattoo using the crab pattern, choosing bright colored ink can make the design more feminine. Of course, that’s not the only way, keep scrolling and you’ll see another way, and it’s perfect for minimalists.

Cancer tattoo

7. Crab and Wave Cancer Tattoo

Since Cancer is a water sign, the combination of the crab and the waves in the tattoo design complements each other. In other words, with the help of water, you will gain more energy and become luckier. Let’s go back to the design, you can have waves as a background, but a perfect blend does have a better look.

Cancer tattoo

8. Minimalist Cancer Tattoo

A minimalist zodiac sign may not give you much useful inspiration because there are so many similar designs. But this small thin-line crab is definitely worth a look, and the curvy lines make it look very cute. In all honesty, simplifying complex patterns is not an easy task.

Cancer tattoo

9. Cancer Tattoo Behind The Ear

Tattooing a small, thin-line crab behind your ear is one of the best ways you can indicate your zodiac sign. Most of the time, people don’t notice it, but once they see it, I think this cute little crab will definitely make people remember you.

Cancer tattoo

10. Cancer Tattoo on Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos are relatively unique as many people believe that only tattoos that symbolize glory or are closely related to oneself should be placed on that body part. So, a Cancer symbol that looks a little special is perfect.

Cancer tattoo

11. Cancer Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos can give the design a feminine look. And, if you are using a birth flower, the meaning of the tattoo becomes even more profound. Often combined with flowers are minimalistic horoscope symbols, and a horoscope chart is another great option. However, the latter requires the help of an experienced tattoo artist to achieve satisfactory results.

Cancer tattoo

12. Cancer Constellation Tattoo

Regardless of the zodiac sign, they have two of the most classic and most used tattoo designs, the first being the basic horoscope symbol and the other a horoscope with more room for customization. Try adding your favorite or mainstream patterns to your ink work to make a tattoo unique. The most popular designs for constellation tattoo art are the sun, moon and stars.

Cancer tattoo

13. Cancer Tattoo For Men

The Crab represents Cancer and is usually found in tattoo designs for men. Just like this idea, adding a geometric tattoo to a design is one of the popular ways to further enhance the masculinity of the tattoo. Also, adding horoscope symbols to the tattoo can clarify the theme of the design.

Cancer tattoo

14. Simple Cancer Symbol Tattoo

“Less is more” is the most mainstream and popular design concept in recent years. I dare to say that when faced with the final choice, most people prefer a simple constellation symbol tattoo. The smaller size can be tattooed on any body part, which means you can control its visibility. And, controlling the thickness of the lines, you can choose whether your ink looks soft or bold.

Cancer tattoo

15. Cancer Tattoo On the Wrist

The wrist is one of the best body parts to place small tattoos, and the minimalist designs work best here. So, in my opinion, a constellation pattern of dots and thin lines is one of the most perfect pieces, what do you think?

Cancer tattoo

16. Bold Cancer Tattoo

Bold tattoo designs are great for men, but if the ink is colored then they also match women. Also, the more colors are used, the more lively the tattoo will look, everything is in your hands. Since Cancer is a water sign, two blue inks are used extensively in this design.

Cancer tattoo

17. Cancer Tattoo On The Back

Back tattoos have flexible visibility, which means that when you want to show off your ink, you can easily do it just by wearing a tank top. Of course, if you’re just tattooing a simple symbol on the back, it might not impress, so try adding something else to the design. Just like this idea, if you want to make the design feminine and glamorous, colorful flower tattoos can help you.

Cancer tattoo