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20 Awesome Leo Tattoo Ideas

Which zodiac sign is born to be a leader? Without a doubt, the answer must be Leos born between July 23 and August 22. This sign is charismatic, articulate, and shining like the sun. Leos are very lovable and can easily gain their support and following.

There are many famous people who belong to this constellation, such as former US President Barack Obama and hot star Jennifer Lopez. In addition, Leos are also known for their boldness and courage, and people of this zodiac sign possess an enviable creativity.

It’s not hard to imagine that Leo people must be proud of their zodiac sign. If you want to express this identity through ink, we have prepared for you the best design ideas that will make your Leo tattoo sparkle for you.

1. mix style

If you want to get a Leo tattoo with a personal touch, the mix design is for you. Think hard and free your imagination to see what you really need. This tattoo design contains three element designs, the lion head and the constellation indicate the theme. The eye adds depth to the meaning of the design, as it symbolizes insight and dispels evil.

Mixed Leo Tattoo

2. Special

The design is so special that at first glance it’s hard to tell that it’s a Leo symbol. But look closely at it and you’ll be fascinated by it. This tattoo consists of stars, moon and a pattern that looks like a harp.

Special Leo Tattoo

3. Leo Tattoo on Back of Neck

The back of the neck is the best place to put ink that can identify you, so constellation tattoos are perfect here. If you think a symbol looks monotonous, adding a Roman numeral tattoo to your design will not only make the whole thing stand out, but the symbolism will be clearer.

Leo Tattoo on Back of Neck

4. Leo Tattoo For Women

Tattoo designs for women should have a unique femininity and this is easy to achieve, adding a flower tattoo to the design can do it.

Leo Tattoo For Women

5. Cute Leo Tattoo

A minimalist cat tattoo with lion hair is a creative design and its cute look will definitely make everyone obsessed with it.

Cute Leo Tattoo

6. Abstract Leo Tattoo

The kind of mystery and visual impact that abstract tattoos give people is always one of the best. Also, everyone will develop a strong curiosity and desire to explore with this style of ink due to the unique look.

Abstract Leo Tattoo

7. on Finger

If you are planning to get a Leo tattoo on your finger, don’t hesitate, the minimalist symbol is the way to go. The strikingness of a finger tattoo is good enough, but if you want to enhance it even more, try using thick lines.

Leo Tattoo on Finger

8. Leo tattoo with moon

Flowers are not the only option to make a tattoo feminine, the moon is also a good option. With different ink colors, you can add a personal touch to the design.

Leo Tattoo with Moon

9. Thin Line Leo Tattoo

Thin line tattoos are almost zero burden, so you can experiment with some intricate patterns, such as lions and constellations.

Thin Line Leo Tattoo

10. Leo Word Tattoo

We often see a certain symbol or pattern in horoscope tattoos, and people seem to ignore the simplest and most declarative horoscope word designs. I mean, if you choose the latter, you get a unique and niche ink relatively speaking. Depending on your style, using a font that resonates with you is the perfect way.

Leo Word Tattoo

11. Colorful

Vibrant and sunny is also one of the typical characteristics of Leo people, so colorful tattoo designs are perfectly suitable, especially for women.

Colorful Leo Tattoo

12. Leo Tattoo With Flower

Tattoo designs with flowers usually should not use complex patterns in order to make the theme clear, so in my opinion, a striking Leo symbol is the perfect choice.

Leo Tattoo With Flower

13. on Shoulder

Whether men or women, tattoos on the shoulder can make a statement and enhance one’s personality. And, it works even better if the tattoo has deep meaning or special meaning.

Leo Tattoo on Shoulder

14. Small Leo Tattoo

Small constellation tattoos usually consist of minimalistic symbols. Some people may want a more lively look, and the minimalist stars and moon can easily achieve this effect. We all know that one of the most noteworthy benefits of small tattoos is that they can be tattooed on any body part. For constellation small inks, they are great for tattooing on the arm or wrist.

Small Leo Tattoo

15. Cool

This cool ink work resembles a delicate ancient Greek sculpture. Although this is a neutral style design, I think it is more suitable for men due to its slightly masculine look.

Cool Leo Tattoo

16. Leo Symbol Tattoo

For symbols, a gorgeous design can touch people’s hearts more.

Leo Symbol Tattoo

17. Geometric Style

Geometric tattoos look edgy, and the intricate designs seem to hold the mysteries of the universe. This type of tattoo matches perfectly with the horoscope theme.

Geometric Lion Tattoo

18. Leo Constellation Tattoo

This idea is one of the most classic constellation tattoo designs, in order to keep the ink from looking bland, please make some of the stars shine.

Leo Constellation Tattoo

19. Leo Tattoo on Arm

If you are planning to get a Leo tattoo on your arm, I highly recommend considering a large size design. If you’re lost and don’t know what to include in your design, this idea will inspire you.

Leo Tattoo on Arm

20. Leo Tattoo for Men

In fact, I always think that black and white tattoos are best for men because this type of design is cool, serious and full of masculinity in itself. Looking at this lion lying on the ground, I can feel the danger and the power in it.

Leo Tattoo for Men