20 Awesome Leo Tattoo Ideas

Which zodiac sign is born to be a leader? Without a doubt, the answer must be Leos born between July 23 and August 22. This sign is charismatic, articulate, and shining like the sun. Leos are very lovable and can easily gain their support and following.

There are many famous people who belong to this constellation, such as former US President Barack Obama and hot star Jennifer Lopez. In addition, Leos are also known for their boldness and courage, and people of this zodiac sign possess an enviable creativity. It’s not hard to imagine that Leo people must be proud of their zodiac sign. If you want to express this identity through ink, we have prepared for you the best design ideas that will make your Leo tattoo sparkle for you.

1. Custom Leo Tattoo

Unleash your inner lion and let your wild side shine with this incredible tattoo design. Whether you’re a fierce Leo or just love the majestic aura of the lion, this tattoo is perfect for you.

Mixed Leo Tattoo

This custom Leo tattoo is not just a symbol of your zodiac sign; it’s a statement of strength, courage, and independence. Wear it proudly on your arm, shoulder, or wherever you choose. Get ready to turn heads and hear the compliments roar in!