20 Glamorous Christmas Makeup Looks

I know that before Christmas, many things are waiting for you to complete. This holiday is not like Halloween. Many people don’t realize until the day before Christmas that they have not prepared makeup on a specific theme. In fact, this is a normal thing, because you may have been so busy before that.

There is not much free time available, so we must make complex things as simple as possible. We have prepared some simple but charming Christmas makeup for you. Some look gorgeous and elegant, while others are somewhat dramatic. In other words, we hope that these makeup designs can meet the needs of almost all occasions. There is no need to worry about making mistakes, because these makeup looks use festive colors, and each one is impressive. Please try at least 2 or 3 of your favorite makeup looks until you find the one that suits you best.

1. Snow

Everyone hopes that there will be a heavy snowfall on Christmas Day, and then lie on a comfortable bed and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. That being the case, we should try to use such a landscape for makeup creation.

Source: instagram.com/emily.d_s/

2. Fresh green

Christmas means the arrival of the new year, and the new year begins in spring. Therefore, fresh and refined green is the right eye makeup color.

Fresh green
Source: instagram.com/tammytanuka/

3. Fun

If you want to create fun and unique Christmas makeup, then you should probably try not to use cosmetics. This irregular-colored confetti is the biggest highlight of this makeup. And the design is very personal.

Source: instagram.com/sarinafathimakeup/

4. Green and Red

It is good to blend the two colors together. Maybe you can also try to combine them, but each color is separated from the other, so the makeup design is more layered. The classics will never go out of style. Believe it or not, the combination of green and red can make people easily think of Christmas.

Green and Red
Source: instagram.com/makeupvari/

5. Simple but eye-catching

Do you want to maintain simple makeup but also want a bold and bold look? This silver eyeliner Christmas makeup can inspire you. You can also try gold, or use one color for each eye. It is conceivable that such a makeup design can be more dramatic.

Simple but eye-catching
Source: instagram.com/martmuah/

6. Golden

Regardless of any season or festival, the magnificent golden color can be used to design makeup for a specific theme. To be honest, this is a very common color, but it can always make people shine.

Source: instagram.com/allimakeup/

7. Candy Cane

The makeup design based on the candy cane is perfect for Christmas! This makeup look maintains simplicity and creativity.

Candy Cane
Source: instagram.com/larissaliiz/

8. Light green, purple and black

Mixing multiple colors of makeup design is a challenging thing. Of course, if you are creating for the festival, then please rest assured and boldly try. But don’t forget to choose the color that matches the holiday!

Light green, purple and black
Source: instagram.com/petite_mapy/

9. Gray

There is some white in this grey makeup, it looks more like a real snow scene. This design and the first idea are two completely different styles, and which one you choose depends entirely on your preference.

Source: instagram.com/drop_of_glow/

10. Wine red

There is no shortage of wine to celebrate the holidays, and the wine red Christmas makeup is full of a festive atmosphere. Not only that, but this color can also make you charming, this makeup design is simply killing two birds with one stone.

Wine red
Source: instagram.com/havrri/

11. Smoky Green

The bold smoky makeup is very dramatic. In other words, this kind of makeup can make you stand out at a party easily.

Smoky Green
Source: instagram.com/vim_school/

12. Rhinestones

When light shines on these rhinestones, their high reflective properties can make you eye-catching. At this time, the color and style of eye makeup have become less important.

Source: instagram.com/carrieebeauty/

13. Light pink

Sexy or cute is up to you. Light pink makes your Christmas makeup look sweet. Of course, you can also mix the two styles together, just like this idea, the hot red lips have proved to you.

Light pink
Source: instagram.com/drop_of_glow/

14. Smoked Brown

Many people may just need some uniqueness rather than overly dramatic makeup. Same for you? Then the smoky brown Christmas makeup is worth trying.

Smoked Brown
Source: instagram.com/drop_of_glow/

15. Blue

In your cognition, what is the true color of snow? White, gray, or transparent? Or blue like this Christmas makeup?

Source: instagram.com/petite_mapy/

16. Gold Foil

Are you looking for dramatic Christmas makeup? Look at this design that incorporates gold foil paper, it may be exciting. Please carefully observe the contour of the eye makeup. Have you discovered the uniqueness? I saw the golden butterfly.

Gold Foil
Source: instagram.com/mariannayork/

17. Red and Gold

Gorgeous gold and red matching together can make makeup look richer. Of course, this thick black eyeliner for Christmas makeup is also worth learning.

Red and Gold
Source: instagram.com/obraz_oblaka/

18. Yellow

This bright yellow illuminates the night of Christmas like fireworks.

Source: instagram.com/_evitize/

19. Rainbow 

What is the vibrant Christmas makeup color? Please try the rainbow color, you will be satisfied with it.

Source: instagram.com/claudiapreduca/

20. Shiny purple

The sparkling purple makes your Christmas makeup look dreamy and beautiful. If you want to create a more layered look, you need to incorporate other colors. It is worth noting that you also need to make the different colors transition perfectly and naturally.

Shiny purple
Source: instagram.com/zhaklin_naydenova/