30 Sweet Halloween Makeup Looks For The Happy Horror Season

The happy horror season has begun! Are you ready? Halloween is a large cosplay party. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to spend some thought. Costumes and makeup are the two most important parts. Today we focus on the latter. The ultimate horror appearance or the perfect restoration of the classic character image can make you win this game, but if you want to look more maverick, sweet style may be the best for you.

This is not difficult to understand. When the vast majority of people pay attention to the same style, another distinct and non-mainstream style becomes a unique existence. Of course, it will become more difficult to collect and organize this style of makeup design. We are lucky, even though it took more time than ever before, we did it! Thanks to these talented artists for providing us with inspiration. We hope these makeup ideas can make you have an unforgettable Halloween!

1. Mushroom Girl 

The brighter the color of the mushroom, the more deadly toxins. This may be a common opinion of all. The creative design of this makeup look focuses on the eyes. Although the appearance looks rich, after patient analysis, you will find that it is so simple.

Mushroom Girl
Source: instagram.com/atomicfic/

2. Well-behaved cat

This cute and well-behaved cat Halloween makeup will make you beloved by people. The beard can be difficult to make because it must be delicate and realistic. Only when this is met, the appearance effect will be perfect.

Well-behaved cat
Source: instagram.com/miseliaa/

3. Rainbow Rain

The eyes are like clouds, and there is a rainbow rain. This Halloween makeup is rich in colors, so its appearance does not look sad, but full of joy to celebrate the holiday.

Rainbow Rain
Source: instagram.com/lizcastm/

4. Halloween night

Do you have no specific role you want to play? Then the makeup design with the theme of Halloween night is worth a try.

Halloween night
Source: instagram.com/aliciamayartistry/

5. Joker

Compared with other scary makeup looks, this classic and basic Joker Halloween makeup looks a bit cute. Not only that, but a simple design is also easier to implement.

Source: instagram.com/makeupitzelb/

6. Half Angel and Half Devil

Do you want to be an angel or a devil? It all depends on which eye you open. This creative Halloween makeup is not only gorgeous but also full of fun.

Half Angel and Half Devil
Source: instagram.com/parmegmistry/

7. Cute handmade dolls

The appearance of traditional handmade dolls always makes people feel scared. But this Halloween makeup subverts the inherent impression. Talented artists incorporate heart elements and pink into the design to give it a lovely appearance.

Cute handmade dolls
Source: instagram.com/neocbb/

8. Beautiful Bat

Thanks to the purple shade, this bat-themed Halloween makeup is beautiful and attractive. I have to say that the design is really simple, almost not difficult for everyone.

Beautiful Bat
Source: instagram.com/wicken.frauja/

9. Jessica Rabbit

How do you feel about this Jessica Rabbit Halloween makeup look? In my opinion, it is absolutely vivid and delicate, and every detail is intriguing.

Jessica Rabbit
Source: instagram.com/jess_blends/

10. Naughty little ghost

Look at these mischievous little ghosts, they bring vitality to your Halloween makeup. White gives you some elegance again.

Naughty little ghost
Source: instagram.com/biagriffo/

11. Pumpkin theme

The design theme of this makeup look is pumpkin. For those who are keen on classic elements, it is absolutely exciting. There is one detail that needs attention, lipstick and eye makeup color should be a perfect match. In other words, don’t show the obvious color difference.

Pumpkin theme
Source: instagram.com/living_still/

12. Leopard print

Just add some gorgeous prints on your face, and you can become a sweet and sexy leopard girl on Halloween night.

Leopard print
Source: instagram.com/justinedivanna/

13. Minimalist Devil

I must recommend this minimalist devil makeup to you, it is unique and gorgeous. Compared with other classic designs, this makeup look is simple but has obvious differences.

Minimalist Devil
Source: instagram.com/stephmartistry/

14. Spider web

Eye makeup with bright colors will make you glamorous, while white spider webs are eye-catching. This makeup design is just right, it perfectly combines sweetness and sensuality.

Spider web
Source: instagram.com/monink.mu/

15. Cute clown

The prototype of this creative Halloween makeup is the clown. The design uses hearts as the main element, so it has a lovely appearance. It is worth mentioning that the unique lip makeup is very worthy of reference and learning.

Cute clown
Source: instagram.com/sandig_04/

16. Mermaid

Whether it’s color matching or detailed design, this mermaid makeup look is flawless. Especially the crystal clear lip makeup makes the overall appearance so sweet.

Source: instagram.com/bymafeforero/

17. The Exquisite Witch

Many witch Halloween makeup designs have a scary look, while other designs add specific symbols to the face to highlight the theme. In other words, witch makeup can be very personal.

This makeup is thanks to the Tencel lipstick, so it looks retro and sophisticated. Of course, the red skirt is also indispensable. To be honest, a simple design is most likely to be fresh in your memory.

The Exquisite Witch
Source: instagram.com/bbnca/

18. Scarecrow

Scarecrow is also one of the classic images of Halloween. Weaken the hand-stitched design on the face, and its appearance will change from scary to cute. This makeup design does exactly that.

Source: instagram.com/makeupbyshary/

19. Little Elf

The little elves may only appear on Halloween. Whether it is theme or design, this makeup look is relatively niche.

Little Elf
Source: instagram.com/bbmakeup_anz/

20. Gorgeous Angel

This gorgeous Halloween makeup is full of creativity. The eyes serve as the outline of angel wings, while rhinestones make the appearance more eye-catching.

Gorgeous Angel
Source: instagram.com/mfgmakeup/

21. Glamorous clown

This Halloween makeup uses the important characteristics of the clown for the eye makeup design. The right shade and lipstick color make creative eye makeup more stunning.

Glamorous clown
Source: instagram.com/shealeev/

22. Betty Boop

Halloween is a large cosplay party. In fact, you can choose any character you like without restrictions. Just like this makeup look, it presents the appearance of the classic animated cartoon character Betty Boop.

Betty Boop
Source: instagram.com/yung.planet/

23. Printed mask

This pink mask Halloween makeup is charming, and the print elements can be customized. Not only leopard prints, but petals are also one of the good elements.

Printed mask
Source: instagram.com/glamby_kat/

24. Butterflies

What does an elegant and gorgeous butterfly Halloween makeup look like? This idea will give you enlightening inspiration.

Source: instagram.com/janisecolonbeauty/

25. Pink shiny clown

The pink clown makeup is cute and fun, and the sparkling design will make you a star on the dance floor.

Pink shiny clown
Source: instagram.com/p_wichura/

26. Another pair of eyes

Halloween is a sleepless night, open your eyes even if it is a nap. How to do it? This makeup look may help you.

Another pair of eyes
Source: instagram.com/diana.paceana/

27. Stars

In fact, if there is no specific theme limitation, this star Halloween makeup is one of the designs I want to try the most. Its appearance is so gorgeous, even with some luxurious atmosphere.

Source: instagram.com/lostvegas_amandaclark/

28. Vibrant Queen of Hearts

Everyone is not unfamiliar with the Queen of Hearts, she is a symbol of evil. Even though the classic appearance is not scary, it does not have anything to do with sweetness and cuteness. This creative makeup design with rich colors will change her traditional image.

Vibrant Queen of Hearts
Source: instagram.com/beastieboya/

29. Dreamy Clouds

Fantasy Halloween makeup design is absolutely rare, this cloud-themed makeup may impress you.

Dreamy Clouds
Source: instagram.com/natalia.mup/

30. Flower Fairy

Do you choose a fairy or a flower fairy? Or do you want to use your creativity to combine the two? In short, no matter which one you cosplay, you will be cute and absolutely unique.

Flower Fairy
Source: instagram.com/andreitavendi/