23 Outstanding Christmas Staircase Decor Ideas

Which room will you start decorating your Christmas home from? The living room or the bedroom? No matter where you start, decoration without dead ends is definitely the best way to get a completely festive atmosphere. So the Christmas staircase is also the most important part of it. You may decorate the area last. Because for Christmas homes that are almost finished decorating, staircase decoration can be used as a supplement and embellishment to the overall appearance. This means that the decoration becomes simple, but it must not be monotonous, so you still need the best ideas for inspiration.

From vibrant green to gorgeous gold and red combinations, from luxury to minimalist style. You can always find the corresponding ideas for the appearance effects you want to create. As time goes by, Christmas is getting closer and closer to us. Keep reading to check these Christmas staircase decoration ideas, and take action!

1. Colorful paper flowers

Please prepare countless toilet papers and dye them into your favorite color or palette with ink. Quietly wait for them to dry naturally, the gorgeous Christmas paper flowers belong to you!

Colorful paper flowers
Source: instagram.com/halfpaintedhouse/

2. Red berries

How do elegantly and naturally incorporate festive red into the decoration design? The answer speaks for itself. Real berries will have the best appearance, but fake berries are easier to maintain.

Red berries
Source: instagram.com/ashleynicoleinteriors/

3. Wreath suit

The wreath set is most suitable for decorating shorter stair railings. In fact, you hardly need to add other accessories after using the suit.

Wreath suit
Source: instagram.com/sagelantern/

4. Unique Wreaths

Use only wreaths to decorate the stairs to keep the look simple. If you want the effect to not be monotonous, then the wreaths should be relatively unique.

Unique Wreaths
Source: instagram.com/littlelattihouse/

5. Minimal

For those minimalists, I bet that this staircase idea that uses only delicate plant garlands to decorate is absolutely 100% perfect. Lush plants make people feel extremely comfortable.

Minimal and rustic
Source: instagram.com/dailefarrell/

6. Dried orange garland

Dried oranges are both good-looking and good-smelling. Compared to the minimalist style, I prefer this softly colored staircase decoration idea.

Dried orange garland
Source: instagram.com/themerrythought/

7. Stars

The stars are romantic and mysterious. This staircase decoration does not have green plants and bright colors, but because of this, it looks special.

Source: instagram.com/storiesof_home/

8. Luxury

You only need to add the corresponding proportion of gold to the green-based Christmas staircase decoration, and it will easily have a full luxury atmosphere.

Source: instagram.com/maxmademedoit/

9. Hanging Ornaments

Too many Christmas tree ornaments? Nowhere to hang them anymore? Don’t forget, you still have stair railings. These exquisite ornaments can also shine there!

Hanging Ornaments
Source: instagram.com/real_homes_at_christmas/

10. Brown

If you can’t wait to decorate your stairs, then this brown design may be suitable for you. Because it can not only perform well in winter, but it can also transition to Christmas perfectly. As shown in the picture, you will understand what I mean.

Source: instagram.com/traditionalsouthernstyle/

11. Christmas stockings

The Christmas stocking is missing? No! They are hung on the stair railings! Please do not misunderstand, this does not mean that Christmas stockings can no longer be used in other places. This kind of decoration design will only make the Christmas look of your home look richer and more interesting.

Christmas stockings
Source: instagram.com/brittanymacleod_/

12. Candlelight

If you want to make the Christmas stairs have a warm atmosphere, and have the best appearance effect at night. I think candlelight is indispensable.

Source: instagram.com/welch_house_1900/

13. Handmade Ornaments

I know, I know, handmade ornaments are a little hard to make. But if you want an absolutely special Christmas staircase, you have to work hard for it. Take a look at this idea, how exciting it is!

Handmade Ornaments
Source: instagram.com/melanieamccrindle/

14. White flowers

These white flowers have an unexpected effect. They look super eye-catching because they are in the green “grass.” This Christmas staircase perfectly presents elegance and magnificence before people’s eyes.

White flowers
Source: instagram.com/ourfederalfarmhouse/

15. Tree branches

Looks a little messy, isn’t it? But I can’t find a more natural and rustic Christmas staircase decoration design than this idea.

Tree branches
Source: instagram.com/edwardian_seaside_home/

16. Bow Knot

The glamorous big white bow easily keeps the Christmas staircase with only plant garlands away from monotony.

Bow Knot
Source: instagram.com/karinlidbeck/

17. Red and Gold

What is the most gorgeous color combination for Christmas? I voted for the red and gold combination. Of course, the silver and green in the decorative design cannot be ignored.

Red and Gold
Source: instagram.com/homewithsanaa_/

18. Silver atmosphere

What do you think of this staircase decoration with a silver atmosphere? Everyone’s answer may be highly unified, and that is snow.

Silver atmosphere
Source: instagram.com/fairytalefarmhouse/

19. Honeycomb Ball

Honeycomb ball is a classic Christmas decoration, it can make the appearance interesting and full of vitality. This ball is available in a variety of colors, so it will not prevent you from creating a personalized Christmas staircase.

Honeycomb Ball
Source: instagram.com/dottysdecor/

20. Natural look

In fact, the more natural the appearance of Christmas decorations, the easier it is to show the classic style. If you are keen on this style, then the Christmas staircase decoration design using various plants is your best choice.

Natural look
Source: instagram.com/helloflorauk/

21. Interesting garland

This simple red and white modern flower is fun. Why? Because it reminds me of delicious candy canes. Interesting accessories should be integrated into the simple design, only in this way can it exert the best effect.

Interesting garland
Source: instagram.com/jand_o/

22. Branch lights

Perhaps only branch lights can safely create a subtle nighttime atmosphere for the Christmas staircase decoration. The reason is very simple. Burning candles have certain potential risks.

Branch lights
Source: instagram.com/natasha_habermann/

23. Little Bells

Jingle bells hummed Christmas songs. These cute little things are one of the best Christmas ornaments used for stair decoration.

Little Bells
Source: instagram.com/_decor_addict_/