12 Energetic Dried Orange Ideas for Christmas

There are many ways to incorporate a lively orange for the festival. If you want to make the appearance look soft and natural at the same time, dried orange may be one of the best solutions. It is not only cheap but also easy to carry out DIY creation. Almost everyone knows how to make dried oranges, but using them perfectly requires some ideas to inspire. So we prepare some for you, let us see what these natural and elegant little things can do!

1. DIY dried orange decorative ornaments

Put some dried orange and cinnamon in a simple clean glass, and a natural desktop decoration item is finished! It not only looks beautiful but also emits a faint fragrance.

DIY dried orange decorative ornaments
Source: instagram.com/nostalgique.art/

2. Dried orange garland

This garland is very easy to make! In addition to the must-have dried oranges, you can also add some of your favorite elements to make it look personalized. Garlands can be used to decorate fireplaces, walls and window sills, and other locations.

Dried orange garland
Source: instagram.com/liv.and.bloom/

3. Dried orange flower

Like this dried orange flower, flowers with a special appearance are most likely not flowers in the traditional sense. However, it still provides bright colors and vitality for the overall space decoration. Considering its special composition, this flower is impressive enough.

Dried orange flower
Source: instagram.com/notsomodernvictorian/

4. Dried orange wreath

You may be able to make a dried orange wreath in a few minutes. If you think the color is too monotonous, add some dried grapefruit to blend the red into the decoration item.

Dried orange wreath
Source: instagram.com/_knioh_/

5. Dried Orange Christmas Cake

Natural and elegant Christmas cakes need to use plants and flowers for decoration. Now that there are greens and pinks on the cake, if you still want to add some lively bright tones, dry orange is the ideal choice.

Dried Orange Christmas Cake
Source: instagram.com/jenny_bakes/

6. Dried orange bedroom decoration

When you open your eyes in the morning, you can see the inspiring colors and smell the fragrance. What a great way to decorate your bedroom with dried orange!

Dried orange bedroom decoration
Source: instagram.com/non_09n/

7. Dried orange Christmas tree ornaments

Dried orange can further enhance the decorative effect of the Christmas tree, giving it an elegant and natural atmosphere.

Dried orange Christmas tree ornaments
Source: instagram.com/claudelcs/

8. Dried orange table decoration

This kind of decoration can be used as an eye-catching focus on the dining table. It is worth mentioning that orange can greatly increase appetite.

Dried orange table decoration
Source: instagram.com/setarehshb/

9. Dried orange gift box

The use of dried orange packaging gift boxes makes the appearance unique and impressive. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Dried orange gift box
Source: instagram.com/palanta.co/

10. Eye-catching dried orange decoration

Take a look at this minimalist but creative DIY decoration. Thanks to the bright colors, I bet it is definitely eye-catching.

Eye-catching dried orange decoration
Source: instagram.com/the.girl.with.cold.hands/

11. Dried orange tray decoration

Dried orange has magic power for two reasons, one is the material, the other is the color. It can make the tray decoration look very warm.

Dried orange tray decoration
Source: instagram.com/didba/

12. Dried orange wall decoration

If you are looking for a DIY dried orange project for wall decoration, this idea will give you inspiration! The design is simple and easy to achieve.

Dried orange wall decoration
Source: instagram.com/etsy.shops/